Physical Fitness and Medical Requirements to Join Merchant Navy

Having the right grades and the passion to have a life at the sea will not get you a career in the merchant navy. In order to join a merchant navy course, you must have the physical fitness and medical requirements that are necessary to have a career on ships.

The candidate must be in good mental and physical health and free from any kind of bodily defect to interfere with the efficient performance required at the sea. Read on to find out if you are physically fit to join the merchant navy.

1.      Constitution

There should be no evidence of weak constitution by way of imperfect development of muscles or serious malformation. Weight below 42 kg and height below 150 cm will be rejected. The chest should be well developed with a minimum range of expansion of 5 cm.

2. Skeletal System

There should be no disease or impairment of functions of bones or joints, contracture or of deformity of chest or any joint, abnormal curvature of spine, deformity of feet like bow legs, knock knees, flat feet, deformity of upper limbs, malformation of the head, deformity from fractures or depression of the skull, fractures (healed) with a pin inside will be a disqualification.

3. Ear, nose and throat

There should be no impaired hearing, discharge or disease in either ear, unhealed perforation of tympanic membrane or signs of acute or chronic supperative otitis media or evidence of radical mastoid operation, evidence of disease of the bones and cartilage of the nose, nasal polypus or disease of nasopharynx or accessory sinuses. Loss or decay of teeth to such an extent as to interfere with efficient mastication. No disease of the throat, palate, tonsils or gums or any disease or injury affecting the normal function of either temporo mandibular joint. Individuals with severe pyorrhoea are to be rejected.

4. Speech

There should be no impediment of speech (e.g. stammering)

5. Lymphatic System

There should be no enlarged glands, tubercular or due to other diseases in the neck or other parts of the body. Thyroid gland should be normal.

6. Cardiovascular System

There should be no sign of functional or valvular or other disease of the heart and blood vessels. Electrocardiogram should be within normal limits. Systolic blood pressure should not exceed 150mm of Hg nor Diastolic above 90 mm of Hg.

7. Respiratory System

There should be no evidence of chronic or respiratory tract disease, pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any chronic disease of the lungs. X-ray of chest should be normal.

8. Digestive System

There should be no evidence of any disease of the digestive system and that liver and spleen should not be palpable and there should be no abdominal tenderness on palpation.

9. Genitourinary System

There should be no palpable and enlarged kidneys. There should not be any disease of kidneys. Cases showing alburminuria, glycosurea or blood (RBC) in urine will be rejected. There should be no hernia or tendency thereto. Those who have been operated for hernia may be declared fit provided:

(a)  One year has elapsed after the operation. Documentary proof to be produced by the candidate.

(b) General tone of abdominal muscles should be good and

(c) There has been no recurrence of hernia or complications with the operation. There should be no hydrocele, vericocele, spermatocele or any other defect of genital organs, no fistula and/or anal fissure or evidence of hemorrhoids (Piles), rectal polyps. There should be no active latent or congenital venereal diseases, undescended intra abdominal testicle on one side unassociated with hernia, provided the other testicle is normal and that there is no physical or psychological effect due to undescended testicle will be accepted. Undescended testicle is retained in inguinal canal or at the extra abdominal ring will be rejected.

10. Skin

There should be no skin disease unless temporary or trival. Scars which by their extent or position are likely to cause disability or marked disfigurement are a cause for rejection.

11. Nervous System

There should be no history or evidence of mental disease of the candidate or in his family. Candidates having history of fits in continence or urine or enuresis will not be accepted. Mental or nervous irritability, abnormality of gait, defective functions of cranial nerves, inco-ordination, motor or sensory defaults will be rejected.

12. Eye Sight

There should not be any degree of squint or any morbid condition of eyes or of the eyelids that is liable to aggravate or recur, pressure of trachome and iris complication sequela. Candidates must possess good binocular vision (fusion faculty and full field of vision in both eyes). Movement of the eyeballs must be full in all directions and the pupils should react normally to light and accommodation.
The vision should be 6/6 (normal) in each eye separately. Defective colour vision tested by Ishihara Colour Blindness Test is a disqualification.

13. Any other defect which in the opinion of the medical board will interfere with the individual’s efficiency as an officer of the merchant navy.

Note: The Above Information is provided by the Directorate General of Shipping, Merchant Shipping Act 1958.

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  1. Anish says

    6/6 vision in both eyes (without visual aids); no colour-blindness for Nautical Officer’s and for Engineering Officers use of corrective lenses permitted but the maximum permissible limits, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the better eye and 6/18 in the other eye, for Distant Unaided Vision. It will be an individual’s decision to do whatever is required to meet the requirement and as long as one meets the above requirement, he will be eligible for Merchant Navy.

  2. irfan says

    is there any entrance exam 4 joining GME course after BE, if yes then please provide details of exam.

  3. mohamed rafeek says

    i have that flat feet and knock knee problem…can i apply for merchant navy…….

  4. Phillip Robinson says

    Hi all, I’m looking into joinig the royal fleet auxiliary. But I have asthma but not took my inhalers for over a year. My doctors said I should be fine but will this in anyway stop me from joining ?, any help if aprechiated. King regards Phillip

  5. says

    I am suffering from nasal allergy(normal).Now an MBBS doctor is treating me to make hale.
    I want to be a mariner .
    Can’t I apply for being a mariner?
    please, tell me

  6. shreyabhatia says

    i wanna join merchant navy bt have 2.5 in a eye nd also have some sqiunt can it b currected??? reply asap

  7. Anish says

    Dear Shreya,

    Laser treatment is the option for power as you cannot join this field with the number. “Squint” Condition is not accepted.

  8. shidhartha says

    my eyesight is -1.75…cn i join merchant navy….plz rply as it is very important for me to decide my future

  9. Garry dhillon says

    Sir,if we got pass in medical tests and then after joining if we meet with an accident and fractured do we able to continue or we will declare !!?

  10. niraj singh says

    sir we have to give imu cet exam after pass out from mechanical engg?
    if not then which exam we have to give for joining in merchant navy?
    sir plzz reply i m waiting for it

  11. Anish says

    Dear Prince,

    As per DG shipping rules, a flat foot person is not eligible for admission in this field.

  12. niraj singh says

    sir, how much % is required in mechanical engineering for joining marine engineering
    sir plz rply

  13. says

    am doing final year be.electrical and electronics engineering and am intreasted in marine side is there any 1 year course for electrical…if there means give me the details about it..

  14. Jasvir singh says

    sir, i h’ve nasal allergical disease (temporary) in few condition ,is i’m eligible?

  15. Anish says

    Dear Jasvir,

    You should not have any permanent disability or diseases during the time of medical examination.

  16. harshit mahalwal says

    sir,there is minute defect in my eyesight
    right eye: cyl -0.75
    left eye: sph -0.5, cyl -1.25
    i’ll get it corrected by laser operation.Am i eligible for merchant navy after that?

  17. says

    Sir, after completing GME course, i will get a job straight as 4th engineer or do i want to write an exam for to become a 4th engineer

  18. Anish says

    @Vishnu: Once you complete the GME course, you need to do 6 month onboard training as 5th engineer on ship. After that you will be eligible for giving exam of 4th engineer (MEO CL IV).

  19. vishnu says

    I have two broken teeth ( incisor ), Can i join navy.
    Its my dream to become a member of indian navy.

  20. Anish says

    Dear Karthik,

    You can opt a job for Electrical Engineer Officer on ship after going through a Marine electrotechnology course.

  21. Anish says

    @ Vishnu- The above article explains the requirement to enter a MERCHANT NAVY career and not INDIAN NAVY. These are two different sectors hence t ( medical requirement also differs (more stringent for Indian Navy)


    SIR can I wear CONTACT lenes though my vision is not poor …..for betterment can i wear ??????

  23. C.Gopal says

    I have disturbed renal function with elevated creatinine level,3mgm% with reduced hemoglobin 10 gm% and ESR 45mm/1st Hr.I am living life without any trouble and have been sailing since last 15 years.Can I continue sailing?I have consulted three Nephrologists and all of them declared me fit to sail on ship.I request your advice.

  24. david says

    sir i have got a fractured in my right shoulder and now a plate is fitted and i am fine ! but is it elligible to continue my sealife or i should take the plate off

  25. himanshu jindal says


    sub: whether i should join merchant navy or not

    this year i will be done with my schooling and now i am interested in merchant navy

    #what things attracted me
    *good salary
    *4-6 month leave for officers
    *addition to personality by interaction with different nationality

    #point to be think of (disadvantage)
    *dangerous profession

    please correct me if i m wrong for the above

    according to u i should join merchant navy or not keeping above point as my views for joining merchant navy

    i would appreciate if u share some of your experiences after 12th & send me some important and informative links in my e-mail id which is

  26. kabir jadhav says

    I want to do carier in merchant navy after 12 th. Sir can you advice which are the courses. And I don’t want to do engineering.

  27. aniridh sharma says

    sir i have a weak eye sight
    left : 7.5
    right: 8
    cn i join merchant navy after a laser aperation.

  28. bharath says

    i had made permanent lens for my eyes recently so i am interested in electro technical officer (ETO) is that i am eligigble for merchant navy please reply

  29. vikas sharma says

    sir am smoking marijuana
    is this come in medical test carried out in merchant navy?????????
    plzzzzz sie reply me

  30. max says

    sir i have vericocele ,but there aren’t any complications ,i do everything normally ,shall i get it corrected .will i be disqualified

  31. Som Roy says

    I am 22 year male, and Have recently been through an operation in which my one testis has been omitted. Medically I am fit now but can I still join merchant navy ? With no medical or physical problem but do one properly working testicle fulfills merchant navy medical requirement ?

  32. shailendra singh chandel says

    Sir i got my CDC…and 1year back i met with an accident …now i am phyaically fit the problem is my right eye vision is low now…doc said it can be better by using specs…am i elligible for sail now as per ur knowledge…plss let me know..thanks

  33. Avinash Kumar Awasthi says

    Hallo Sir !!
    I have passed all the examinations of electro technical officer of ANGLO EASTERN MERITIME ACADEMY.But in medicals they have told me that i am color blind.
    Sir, I have a lot of expectations from this job and i am too much dedicated to this job. I have read that color blindness can be corrected by using corrective contact lenses.
    Is it allowed to give isharaa test wearing those correcting glasses??

  34. shrinath bhat says

    Sir right now i am doing diploma in mechanical engineering if i want to join merchant navy what will be my further career requirement to join.

    how can i apply to merchant navy

    waiting for your reply

  35. says

    Dear Avinash,

    As per the DG shipping requirement, the candidate should not be colorblind. Any kind of lenses are not accepted

  36. karthik says

    i have a defect in eye as -0.5 and i wear glasses wether i am elligible for marine engineering

  37. akash prasad says

    sir i am having fatty chests .height is 171 cms and weight is 75 kgs .so would i have any problem in medicals.

  38. yashraj says

    Sir i m intrested in merchant navy but i have a problam
    I have asthama will this in anyway stop me to joining
    I m very confused about this

  39. yashraj says

    Sir i m use only a rotahaler in a week only one time, my doctor said u can join merchant navy
    & what u say from this
    Plzzzzz reply me sir i m waiting for your reply

  40. yallaling says

    tell me the height, weight, chest requirements for electrical technical officer (ETO)………
    and i have small bend at my knees(knock knee). is it Ok or not…….

  41. says

    sir.. i have a history of depression which is very unfortunate….but recover completely …..can i join navy bcz now i have strong mental stamina as well as physical strenght

  42. muthu says

    Sir i completed my sslc with more than 40percentage in maths physics, chemistry and in english . But i am physically little unfit . Will i b able to join merchant navy

  43. says

    Dear Himanshu,

    The shipping industry is going through a job crunch which will be an addition to the disadvantage points. One more addition which I came across almost all of the seafarers after certain year of service is the lifestyle i.e. lack of family and social life.

    You can search all the related articles in our website under “Career” tab.

  44. says

    During the time of medical examination and psychology test, you should not have any permanent condition.
    “Where there is a Will there is a Way”. Good Luck

  45. says

    Apart form academics, Physical fitness is ann important criteria. You should be fit enough to clear all the medical and physical fitness test.

  46. says

    Most of the private colleges will check the BMI. As per DG shipping criteria, candidate with knock knee is not eligible.

  47. says

    Dear Yashraj,

    If you don’t come under the following DG shipping Requirement, you are good to go

    “There should be no evidence of chronic or upper respiratory disease, tuberculosis or history of this disease. X-ray of the chest should be normal”.

  48. says

    Dear Akash,

    Most of the private colleges are not stringent with the BMI Ratio as during the training period, proper BMI can be achieved.

  49. says

    Dear Karthik,

    You can undergo laser treatment. Most of the private college will admit the candidate with spects and during the training period, they will ask to perform the laser surgery to remove spects.

  50. says

    Dear Monu,

    You need to apply for IMU-CET.
    You must have an eye sight -6/6. Laser surgery is recommended for candidate with spects.

  51. Ananthu says

    i have 3 root canal treatment and several cavities filling on my it will be a problem during medical test.

  52. shruti tiwari says

    sir m 4’11” in height.Does height matters in joining merchant navy?

  53. amarjeet lakra says

    SIR, i got a body TATTOO in my arm & wrist can join marine…?? SIR PLZ RPLY

  54. Amar Mane says

    Sir,i have a weak eye sight left 3 and right 2.5 because the operation of my eyes i what i join merchant navy after a laser operation? plz reply sir

  55. zain says

    Sir, im full fit acording 2 medical reqiirements n no eye,bone or height effecy bt building chest for 5cm expansion n completd pu.2 sci recent year 2014 n wana join gme aftr be.mech plz tel me can i get job after 1 year gme course on shop as engneer post wats the salary plzzz reply sir ,

  56. Akhil says

    I am doing mechanical engineering. I have eye defect only to left eye and it is corrected to 6/6 after wearing glasses. Am I eligible for merchant navy..

  57. says

    Dear Zain,

    Getting job depends on 2 factors:
    1. Your performance during the course duration
    2. Course provider ability to place you in campus selection

    The current job market is in bad shape hence you need to look at both the factors together for job surety.
    After successfully completing the course, you will be posted a junior engineer or 5th engineer (trainee position) and you can earn stipend varying from USD 200 to USD 600 depending on the company.

  58. Lokesh Pandey says


    My height is 6’1″ what is the required body weight and BMI for joining the GME course?

    My eyesight is -1.75 spherical and -0.25 cylindrical for both eyes, will I be able to join the GME course with this eyesight or should I go for a Laser operation?

    Thanking you in an anticipation.

  59. tanmay says

    Sir what if i got specs during th pre sea training course wud i be able to become deckcadet?

  60. Rashid says

    sir,i completed gp course…
    my right eye 6/6 left eye 6/ is normal….coler vision also my eye had finished for cattract surgery…am i fitted medical test?

  61. Sappy says

    Sir i am suffering from diabetes but not insulin dependant for blood sugar i am recommended by my doc to take 1 tablet per day & my blood sugar level is under control so please tell me whether i can join merchant navy

  62. sankar says

    Sir i have problem with cold weather cz in cold weather my condition is like asthamatic so sir can i eligible for join

  63. Akash says

    Anish sir i hav a tatto on my right hand and i am short sighted , does it matter sir

    thank you

  64. says

    @ Sankar:

    You must not join this field for your own health sake. Sometimes seafarers have to work on extreme freezing weather (-30 deg C) which will elevate and worsen your condition in no time.
    “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”- Mahatma Gandhi

  65. manoj says

    my two midle finger of right hand side is joint
    and i am with 67%) holder can i join the neavy

  66. says

    @ Jeet:
    Yes, specially when you are working in extreme cold weather.
    Companies always conduct medical test before providing job on ships, hence with this situation you may not get a job offer.
    If you develop asthma attack on ship, this will be recorded in your medical records and for the next contract it will be a problem to get onboard.

  67. Lokesh Pandey says


    My height is 6’1″ what is the required body weight and BMI for joining the GME course?

    My eyesight is -1.75 spherical and -0.25 cylindrical for both eyes, will I be able to join the GME course with this eyesight or should I go for a Laser operation?

  68. says

    The Universal BMI is taken in to consideration.

    for eyesight- 6/6 vision in both eyes (without visual aids); no colour-blindness for Nautical Officer’s and for Engineering Officers use of corrective lenses permitted but the maximum permissible limits, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the better eye and 6/18 in the other eye, for Distant Unaided Vision. It will be an individual’s decision to do whatever is required to meet the requirement and as long as one meets the above requirement, he will be eligible for Merchant Navy.
    It is advisable to go for laser treatment.

  69. RAHUL MEHTA says

    my weight is exactly 42 kgs….will i be rejected in medical????plz reply i m goin for the medical test in the college in 2 days so need to be sure about it

  70. Randhir says

    Can i join merchant navy if bone of the leg is affected in accident.please provide me answer I shall be thankful to you.

  71. anil says

    sir, can you plz tell requirements of eye standards for deck side and what are the tests will be carried out for eye test…thank you

  72. says

    Dear Randhir,

    Yes, only If the fractured bone does not interfere in your daily activities (assuming you have taken proper medical treatment).

  73. says

    @ Anil:
    6/6 vision in both eyes (without visual aids); no colour-blindness for Nautical Officer’s and for Engineering Officers use of corrective lenses permitted but the maximum permissible limits, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the better eye and 6/18 in the other eye, for Distant Unaided Vision. It will be an individual’s decision to do whatever is required to meet the requirement and as long as one meets the above requirement, he will be eligible for Merchant Navy.

  74. akash says

    Anish sir u have told tat we can get lazer treatment at later stage ……wen is tat later stage sir

    thank you

  75. Lakshmi Narayanan says

    I was gone through left Hand fracture surgery before 3 years.Now i think i am fit.can i able to join merchant navy

  76. says

    @Lakshmi Narayanan: IF you can do all the normal routines from your hand, you are eligible. The final decision rests with the medical examiner.

  77. ankur says

    sir i have two tooth with root canal but no problem in chewing is i am fit to join merchant navy for gme course and what is requirement for teeths?

  78. Deepak joshi says

    although i am fit for my medical test but still can u tel meh that if i would have problem regarding my teeths i have done root canal of my front teeth and filling of one molar teeth.
    Would it matter at tym of medicl test

  79. says


    Unless there is no loss or decay of teeth to such an extent as to interfere with efficient mastication, you are eligible.

  80. Ritesh says

    sir i got 57% in pcm in intermediate so can i join any deck cadet course.And also i hv secured 58% in my Bsc(zoology)

  81. mohammed says

    I have different numbers of vision in both the eyes. My right eye has 0.75&my left eye has 2.0 .but I have a nice physic and height 6 feet.
    Can I b eligible.

  82. says

    sir i smoke cigarretes. i want to join marine engineering. i can evan quit it. i have a strong desire of being a mariner. i have qualified imu cet. sir please tell me am i elligible?

  83. Arfat Modak says

    Plzzz suggest me that I have some spots on my pennis so can a join merchant navy

  84. says

    @ Shikhar,

    “I can even quit it”. what you are waiting for?? Yes, smoking can affect your career as seafarer. Every time Before joining a ship, you will go through complete medical examination.

  85. says

    @ Shritesh

    Some institutes allow the candidates to perform the surgery during the course period. It’s better to do the surgery before joining the course.

  86. sunny says

    i already sail in one ship dr has approved me by eye side 6/12 & 6/6 in specs. it is eligible or not.
    please sir give me a best sugfestion

  87. Saurabh Tripathi says

    i have done my and my age is i eligible for GME course?and sir if i am eligible then how to apply for GME course?and after completion of course will i be getting job instantly or i would have to wait?please help me out sir by clarifying my doubts

  88. Pratham Joshi says

    i am having colour blindness. is there is any chance for my selection ?
    if not,what can i do to get selected ? i want to proceed with this stream only in my life.
    please sir give your point of view about this

  89. Karan Rao says

    Is overweight a issue for joining the 1 year Graduate Marine Engineering Course?

  90. Shauryamittal says

    sir, i wear specs and wish to join merchant navy after my laser operation of my eyes but i have gone with the 1st stage of my dengue last year n i am 18 years old will i still be able to join merchant navy after 21 years of my age…

  91. dhiraj says

    I am operated for appendix near by 9 years ago and i not have any problem now … I am eligible for deck cadet hnd in nautical science

  92. ANVERSHA.AR says


  93. pranav pandey says

    sir my doctor had done my ear operation because so can i join marchant navy . no defect in hearing (normal)

  94. shivraj rathore says

    I have a question….I have no other physical problem but one thing want to ask that my chest’s skeleton is little bit ahead from normal size due to accidental case in childhood ….but this is not taking any problem to me…can you please tell me sir that can this be called a defect in medical test of merchant navy ??

  95. prashant kumar singh says

    sir i have spondylosis LV5 with grade 1 spondylolisthesis and spina bifida LV5 sv1..i was declared un fit for NDA 124 i want to join merchant navy.currently i am in 7th sem mechanical engg.please tell me m i medically fit to join merchant navy?

  96. sunit says

    Sir my eyesight is -4 I wear glasses will I still be able to apply plz .plz.plz..tell me sir…I want to join ..

  97. says

    @ Prashant Kumar:

    This is what DG shipping Requirement says for Skeletal System: There should be no disease or impairment of functions of bones or joints. The candidate should also be free from any contraction or deformity of the chest or any joint. There should also not be any abnormal curvatures of the spine, deformity of legs and feet like bow legs, knock knee, flat feet. Neither should there be any instance of deformity of upper limbs, malformation of the head, deformity from fractures or depression of the skull. Healed fractures with a pin inside will also be a disqualification.

  98. Isaidhasan says

    Sir I am Isai. I would like to join GME course. But i am a chronic heart disease patient. Then after doctors treat to replaced my heart valves on 29.05.2009. But my Medical Report all are normal now. Now i am eligible for GME COurse ,,,,

    Am waiting for Your ans ???

  99. aryan singh says

    i have sewelling in my foot from 8 years but i have no problem from it can i join merchant navy ……..please ans it is very important

  100. Sarath says

    sir I have completed b-tech in electrical engineering with 62%. I want to know the procedure for join merchant navy. please help me.

  101. aryan singh says

    sir i have a minor swelling in my foot from 8 years but i have no problem from it can i join merchant navy

  102. Vivek Tiwari says

    i want to know dat which xams shud b given for entering merchant navy and are there govt. colgg. for M.Navy …. ??? if so den which r they
    and if a person had rickets in his past and a chest is now 36-40cm cn it b applicable

  103. Manohar says

    Sir, I was seriously injured in an accident and it left me a lengthy scar on my arm which may be around 5cm wide and 12 cms long. Will this diqualify me in medical test?

  104. says

    You should be able to do all the normal activities with this hand and if you are not experiencing difficulty of any type, scar is not a problem and you are eligible.

  105. christopher says

    I am physically fit for job, but I want to know how good is the placement in India if I go by any agents like alpha nine and other. And how much it cost for totally GME course as I hve finished mechanical engineering.

  106. says

    @ Christopher: Alpha9 has been a controversial topic in our blog. Since it is a third party, you will be charged much higher than the normal college fees. About the placement, if Alpha9 is getting you admitted in a reputed college, it will be the college responsibility and not Alph9’s to get you placed and even if they claim to provide 100% placement, it is hard to digest unless it is given in black and white.

    Cost of GME course vary as per institutes. Do contact the colleges your are interested for admission for fee details.

  107. says

    @ Vivek:
    – You have to give IMU CET and after passing this exam, depending upon your performance and rank, you can choose from govt. and private colleges.
    – Govt. College: Marine Engineering Research Institute (Mumbai and Kolkata)
    – At the time of medical examination, you should not have any bone/skeletal deficiency

  108. says

    @ Sarath: You can join as electro technical officer (ETO) after attending few courses and giving the COC examination.

  109. aklesh singh says

    respected sir i m doing btech mechanical engineering my avg percentage is 60 so i will get job after completed my degree on this percentage

  110. sanjeev sharma says

    hi sir,
    i want to join as a ETO …….
    As i did an B.E in electrical….. bt my confussion is that i had an accident so my left hand got fractured bt now its fit n i can do all the normal things even i can lift the weight also as much as doctor say to lift.. …. is am eligible for …. :)

  111. vaibhav says

    sir, i am pursuing degree in mechanical engg. i had an operation for tonsils after 12th. am fine now. can i opt for GME…?

  112. says

    sir my doctor had done my ear operation because in my ear one bone is damaged but i can hear like normal person and i am in class 11 right now so, can i join marchant navy after passing 12 class.

  113. says

    You cannot get a job on ships with mechanical degree, you need to complete a GME course to become eligible to work on ships.

  114. sahil markanday says

    i have completed my engineering in electronics and communication ..
    now wants to join merchant navy as carrier .. can u help in details about the electrical techincal course and approved colleges and their entrance exam …
    i have cleared my degree with 65% marks .. plss give some suggestion and help me out for it ..

  115. sohail says

    I have completed my be mech with 70% marks and want to join merchant navy. But my weight is 110 kg and height 185 cm.
    Am I fit to join? I don’t have any other defect oder than my weight. Pls reply

  116. abhishek says

    sir i have swelling in my left feet from 10 years but i have no problem with this, can i join merchant navy? sir please reply….

  117. solomon says

    some body who suffered from hepatitis b and got treated from it can the person be allowed to apply on a ship.

  118. vivek tiwari says

    sir i want to join merchant navy any how
    is there any exams held for deck cadet in navigation branch
    sir, listen to me i had a rickets in my childhood
    and M.N. is my passion i want to join it plzzzzzz give me a best advice how can i b selected for dat medical
    plzzz support me sir…..
    and sir imu cet exams are been conducted … plzz tell me the dates when i have to apply for the forms ….
    plz help me coz i dont have anything else to do …
    plzz plzz plzz help me out about my fitness ……..

  119. says

    sir ,
    After 12th with 70% marks in pcm. and 3yr off gap afer 12th can i join merchent navy on the basis of 12th qualification??????

  120. rohit says

    am I eligible for merchant navy if I get my lens removed by laser treatment plz tell its very important for me

  121. Nikhil says

    Sir i had inguinal hernia surgery 8 months before..
    i cant lift more weights
    and i sometimes feel low pain in that regions if i lift more or stand for hours.
    will i be eligible
    i m in final year of, ME..
    cgpa of 8.05

  122. SOLOMON says


  123. solomon says


  124. Akash says

    Hello anish sir …Am studying 12 th right now n i need more requirements of the colleages and is it compulsory to write compettive exams …as am a banglorean seeking for your help and guidance sir ….please do help me !!!!

  125. says


    At the time of medical and physical tests, if you are detected with any one of these disease- Hap A, B or C, then you are not eligible for the course. It is better to get completely treated before applying.

  126. srujan says

    sir i had gone through heart surgery when i was childso is it causes for disqualification?

  127. says

    i m suffering from mild depression n my medicines are continued for about 5 years but now i m mentally good n now doctor said that no medicines r required……so should i able to join the navy

  128. pradeep verma says

    sir i am studying class 12 can i apply for maerchant navy on the basis of my claa 10 marksheet i have no medical issues

  129. Talha says

    Sir i m a son of army person and i got 60 percent marks in 1st year with fsc engineering
    I wear spectacles because my eyes are weak
    Can i join???? Plz tell me as early as possible

  130. Solomon says

    sir am already a student of a marine engineering course,i am not suffering from Hepatitis B i suffered from that when i was a child,But the doctor said i was fully treated there is no longer a treat of it,But the doctor is our school physician she gave me a medical certificate certifying me okay to carry on with the course,But she said each time i go for test it will be seen only the Hepa B becos even though u are fully treated each time u go for test it will appear but that is not a problem since am a healthy carrier and i cannot transmite it to another person,am married but my wife and children are free from it.Sir pls give me your advice is okay right if i go onboard.thanks

  131. says

    Sir i am milan choudhary . Since my teenage when i got to know about merchant neavy , i was just eger toh get into the sea life . before few day when i heard about i got depressed because i am having knock knees . I want to get in sea life any how please suggest me any solution . I can do any thing to get rid of it . Surgery or exercise or evry possible effort . Please reply for me sir .

  132. says

    @ Solomon,

    As per Rules of Medical Fitness Examinations for Seafarers under STCW 2010- Hepatitis B comes under mandatory blood tests. Every time you are ready to board on ship, you have to go through these tests and if you are positive in any of them, company will not allow you to get onboard.

  133. mohiuddin says

    I am operated with ulcer surgery 4 Years back, now iam alright completely, can I join? Pzz reply me sir.

  134. laxman says

    Sir, iam having some oil burns (scars)on my right side of my body from my childhood, am i eligible for merchant navy .please suggest me
    Thanks in advance sir

  135. laxman says

    And these burns didn’t made any disability for my body. Will dg approved doctors allow for giving me the sea fitness?
    Plz suggest me sir

  136. Solomon says

    Thank you sir from Solomon,i hear your advice sir thank u very much,but sir i have something to tell u sir about my situation sorry for disturbing you sir,Sir pls the doctor said i have being fully treated from the Hepatitis an certify me okay with a medical certificate but the doctor said that each time i go for medicals it will always test positive that is the nature of it but am just a healthy carrier so is not a problem but am still worried if company doctors will accept me alike that sir pls sir what is your advice for me should i continue the course or quite.thanks u sir pls waiting for your reply.thanks God bless for all your support

  137. karan says

    I have pectus carinatum (chest disorder commonly known as pegion chest)..and I am doing 12th withdpcb(physics,chemistry,biology) so how can I joinn merchant navy

  138. Golam Saruar says

    Sir, can anyone join in this profession if he had athmas(as doctor’s treatement, it was fully reliefed) in past.

  139. amit says

    pls sir do rply its vry important for me..
    i had an accident in my childhood and because of that my left testicle is a bit smaller than the right testicle but there is no such problem like hydocele..sir kindly rply that will it create any problem in selection and medical test in merchant navy…????? pls sir rply pls pls pls pls pls

  140. mayur sasaniya says

    hii sir,
    i am student civil engineering, and i want to join navy but i have a problem of broken hand, and i make hand surgery,that problem is not affect on my physical or mental fitness so can i join?????

  141. amit says

    sir i am mechanical engineering student and i wear specs of power -2.25.. will it be accepted for merchant navy? or i have to go for d laser treatment.?

  142. Raaj Ahuja says

    I m a student. I hv specs with a no. -1.75 and -2.0
    can i join merchant navy after Laser treatment.

  143. Smit agarwal says

    M a sailor holding chief mate ticket can u please tell the exact bmi requirement its urgent for me

  144. says

    @ Sandal:

    NO. The qualification requirement for Class VI COC is different. However, a electrical officer in Indian Navy can become electrical engineer in merchant ship after getting ETO coc.

  145. navneet dubey says

    Sir,plz tell me , i have got little problem of stammering(there is no stammering problem when i singing a song).so sir can i join navy after completing my engg.(mecanical).

  146. haidar shaikh says

    I have a skin disease ,psoriasis from last 5 years and I have stretch marks on my chest and stomach…I have done B.E mechanical and want to join marine engineering…but i m in so stress because of my skin conditions there any solutions for me to join merchant navy as an marine engineering…plzz help and reply soon

  147. abhi says

    sir I am doing mech engg. but has low eyesight I wear glasses of 4.5 both eyes . can I join merrchant navy as an engineer.. and if no .then tell mme what to do please sir .

  148. saif ali sam says

    My left leg thigh bone was broken ..
    Now I have Rodd in my leg ..
    Can I eligible or not..
    Plz plz plz.. Tll me..
    I’m removing rod . then can I join..?

  149. faizaan memon says

    Respected sir,
    i m continueing 12th sci (PCM) i have a dream to become a marine engineer, i m from small taluka but my eyesight have +0.75 can i be eligible for this .sir pls reply comment its the only step to select a brighter future….

  150. says

    It won’t be problem while you are in the training institute. It will be considered when you are going to join a ship at later stage.

  151. karthik.J says

    Sir I have completed my B.E Mechanical Engineering with 71% of marks.I have an eye site power of about -3.5. Will I be eligible with spex after GME.? Or will I be eligible after doing laser treatment…? I kindly request your good self to guide me. Thank you…

  152. Prashant says

    Hello sir in medical checkup for gme teeth is check or not my teeth .And if i am completed mechanical engineering from private deemed university is eligible or not for GME

  153. marshall says

    Hi. Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide. I have a few concerns/questions. First are kidney stones a disqualifying condition? Second, are umbilical hernias a disqualifying condition? Also you mention every time you go to a ship you have to pass a medical exam. Is this just when going to a new ship or every time you start a new hitch? What types of tests do they perform each time? Again thank you for your help.

  154. lovenivesh says

    Sir I have been passed 12th with biology subject n get 62% on it. Can I join this field??????please reply me

  155. Ashutosh Tiwari says

    I have Exophoria. Am I medically unfit for Electro-technical Officer Post ?
    Waiting your reply.

    Thanks in Advance

  156. Noorulsalam says

    Am stdyng B.E mechanical I have little laser operation in my stomach….its problem for merain engineering

  157. Varun Hegde says

    Hi Anish,

    I’ve all the physical criteria matching…
    I’ve got no such diseases in any manner and my eyesight is fine…
    I’m 6′ tall, 87kg weight, well built

    I’m in B.E automation and robotics course (pre-final year at present )

    Will you please guide me regarding the best suitable job at merchant navy for me?
    And how I need to join it?
    Please help me

    Thank you

  158. Akkirock says

    I had my Apendix operation 10 years ago
    Am i eligible for Merchant Navy.
    My age is 17.5 nad no other diseases

  159. prasad shinde says

    sir, im a student of 11th science (IT) will u plz suggest me what to do next ? iwant to make an career in merchant navy

  160. vivek says

    Sir i had once fit. When i was in 9 Std …..after taking medicines doctor says that i will never get this ”fit” diseases again…can ..i.apply…in merchant navy…….pleaz….reply…?….from that day i didnot get “fit” again….pleaz..reply…can.i.appl for merchant navy

  161. venkadeish. s says

    hello sir I am venkadeish my eye sight both are different both are less power now I am studying B.E mechanical 1st year. I am going to do laser operation for my eyes for same power after that can I eligible for apply M.E marine

  162. Adarsh says

    Sir I am 5’11 95+kg 6/6 eye sight no colour blindness gud binocular vision sir but I am semi flat footed can I join navy or not

  163. boddu.Rajababu says

    sub:whether i suitable for to join in merchant navy
    sir,recently i completed a btech course in electrical engineering,but iam physicalally challenged candidate(orthopedical handicapped-OH) i can walk perfectly,i have interest to do job in merchant navy

  164. raj says

    Sir i have been from an eye opretion because i got slight cut on my eye lenc and there is a slight mark in my lenc now but my vission is clear can i join merchant navy

  165. khudaidost says

    the cmh declared me fit last year but this year they said you have squint problem in one eye but your vision is 6/6 and all are according to rule and i do not have any trouble can i join military college please tell me.

  166. JAY says

    dear Sir,

    I Have completed ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING and diploma in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION and my one eye vision is less than 6/20 it cannot be rectified by any of glass or lens. I would like to find a job marine field what i have to do to get a job in a ship, Do i need to complete any course for that. I am 28 years old, Please give me the details and please guide me to through a proper path

    Please help me any one, Thank you

  167. satish says

    sir , Panis size does matter in defence during medical examination because of I have small Panis
    plz reply

  168. mani 😃 says

    hi sir I have got hand fractured to my hand would I be eligible for merchant navy

  169. Falahuddin says

    Sir I have done BE mechanical.
    I live in AHMEDABAD, Gujarat.
    Are there any Institute in AHMEDABAD or near. What is the fees structure for course and what will be the sallery as a fresher.

  170. ashok kumar mahato says

    sir i am good athelete. i can run very fast. so far i did not have faced any problem with my leg. i have knock knee. but i do not have any problem with this. i am physically very fit. m i eligible to undergo pre sea training program after completing my in mechanical engg. ?

  171. HAMEED N says

    sir joining merchant navy is my childhood dream and i have Completed My B.E MECHANICAL..
    Actually i have a doubt that my left hand index finger is amputed, will i be admitted to do GME course..please reply asap..hoping for a gud reply..thank you in advance..

  172. sadiq Quraishi says

    Hi i am MD (physician) from kazakhstan in 2011 our degree is aqulent as a MBBS in india complied my internship in December 2014 and now im working as a residence doctor at privet hospital but i wanna be a part of indian navy. So where and how i will apply.. please suggest me a way to join indian navy as a medical officer

  173. ajmal muhammed says

    I have got some problem with my sinuses. Am i eligible for gme?? Pls reply..

  174. hitesh patil says

    sir,i m in 12 std and i have a tattoo in my left hand… Can i elligible for marchent navy….n any exam for this

  175. Ayaan says

    Dear Sir,
    I am in final of B.E. in Mechatronics. Can I pursue my further studies in Merchant Navy or Marine Engineering.

  176. aarav says

    Sir I have been passed 12th with biology subject n get 62% on it. And can i join sir plssss reply me plssssssss sir

  177. Yash Mistry says

    Sir. I want to join merchant navy but i wear glasses. But due to my efforts removing it my recent glass number was 0.75 and recently in found out it has reduced to
    0. 25, So is there possibility of me in joining merchant navy… do tell Me… Thank you

  178. ANIKET MANE says


  179. akhilesh kumar says

    Which hospital, we can medical test for admission in merchant academy. Govt or privet hospital please…… sussgest me

  180. prajwal rastogi says

    Respected sir,
    I just wanted to know which academy suits me for doing bsc nautical science course and after completing the course is their any job guarantee given by the academy.
    I fully stands on all the requirement and eligibility criterias.
    Is ima of chennai will be the best institute for me???????
    Please answer me for upper points on my id-

  181. prashant says

    Respected Sir i have a small hole on my both ears cover but hearing capacity is not that much poor….
    So Can i join merchant navy…
    Plllls REPLY….!!!!!

  182. Parshant yadav says

    Sir I got 95 percent in tenth in cbse bord and my age is 16 year so please tell me that i an able to join mearchant navy.please reply me this because this is my aim of life

  183. arshad khan says

    presently im in … after dat can i apply for the marine .. can i now to which course can i apply for it

  184. Arjun says

    Hello sir, i have just completed my 11 and I m thinking to serve for my nation by being in navy. I have spectacles with 4 and 5 number
    . I want to know that what course should I do for being in navy. Beside spectacles I m totally fit.

  185. Naman says

    Sir i have eyesight problem of 4.5 in both eyes can i join merchant navy after laser surgery

    PLease reply soon coz i love to stay on ships


  186. devansh kanwar says

    sir i want to join merchant navy bt i wear 0.75 no. spectacles.plz tell me that am i elegible for navy or not..

  187. jatin sharma says

    my all things are perfect to apply for merchant navy but will they check reproductory system

  188. mohammad javed says

    Hello sir,
    Currently i am doing my presea course for deck side….but due to an eye infection my one eye vision decreased to 9/6 nd the other with 6/6…. will that be pissible for me to continue further…as because ..the vision is clear when seen from both eyea opend…

  189. jehiel says

    Sir pls. Help me i have plastic surgery in my head last 11 years can i be a nautical ?

  190. jehiel says

    Sir good day i gone plastic surgery in my head last 11 years can i join merchant navy? Pls. Help sir pls.

  191. Visakh rajendran says

    Sir, I am having a slight bending on my nose apart from that theres no problem.I am wearing spectacles of power -0.75 on both eye. can I join merchant navy Hope for your reply.

  192. Sujit Lanje says

    sir, my weight is 45kg and height 165cm can i eligible for merchant navy. reply please

  193. Shubham kumar says

    Sir my weight is above 70 kg ,so can i join merchant navy..
    I really very like this job..

  194. pankaj says

    Hi Sir, I want apply for anglo eastern academy GME course through sponsorship so i want to know about how and where to go for sponsorship and without sponsorship can i join or not.

  195. david cooke says

    hey im david age 19 fit n fine ready to kick ass done vd my +12 in MEC am i still eligible for d merchant navy……..dat my only dream keeping me alive hav a tattoo on a back and a tiny star in my wrist not visible if covered by a watch……. any suggetions plz let me know would b alot off help to me n ma carrer..

  196. nithesh says

    I am doing my 12th rightnow and my passion is to get into ships and become a deck officer ,I have stich scars on my left forearm, right hand knuckles and forehead.
    I have a vision of 2.5 I consulted the doctor for LASIK laser treatment and they advice me to do it when I turn 18 and said bringing 6/6 is possible …
    So will I be permitted to start the course before my operation with a doctor certificate. Pls help me

  197. dhruv says

    Respected sir,
    I have no medical issues. It is just that I’m 18 years old and my height is 5″11 but my weight is 90kgs so can I apply for merchant navy

  198. Prashant Gupta says

    Sir, I am having a long sightedness eyesight problem but if i will undergo with lasik operation i will be perfectly ok other than i am not having any medical problem and one more thing i have gone operated 9 years ago for hernia operation. but after that i am not having any problem.. Am i eligible for DNS course please tell me i am worried i m having exam on 9 of this month i am not able to understand should i undergo for lasik before medical or after medical.

  199. Abhi Shelar says

    Respected sir.
    tattoos allowed in sir?.
    please tell me sir. thank you

  200. Roht Patel says

    Sir with my right eye Sph 3.5 Cly 0.50 and axis 65
    And left eye with Sph 3.5 Cly 0.5 And axis 100
    am i eligible for merchant navy my vision with specs is 6/6 for both eye

  201. huzefa says

    Sir I smoke cigarettes. Does it matter for the physical and medical tests ?
    I gave my 12th

  202. ATHARV NIKHARE says

    Hello Anish sir, I have 6/6 normal vision with specs. I have -1.00 in my right eye and -0.5 in my left eye. Am I eligible for Merchant Navy?? Sir, please tell.

  203. Nilesh Kol says


    I want to get admission in marine engineering. I am appearing in 12th I have compartment in one subject but I’ll clear it. The result is announced in July. So , is am able to apply for in marine.kindly please suggest me the good colleges for this course.

  204. Sourav says

    Sir i go through turbinate reduction surgery in jan 2015 for sinus polypus now it is fine i appeared for imucet and my rank is 1728 can i get ad in imu colleges plzz reply

  205. Sourav says

    I also have -2.0 spects in both eyes can i still get ad in imu colleges in marine engineering

  206. pritanshu says

    Dear anis sir,
    I have a permanent small tatoo on my right upper I am eligible for medical test in merchant navy? Please rply sir plz

  207. B.KIRAN KUMAR says

    My name is kiran kumar and i applied indian navy and my height is 173 cm and my weight is 53 kgs.Iam eligible for that or not sir.Is that any rejection in medical examination for less weight sir.

  208. Shekhar says

    I have qualified IMUCET 2k15 and I amliving in Rajasthan. As there are no DG Shipping approved doctors here in rajasthan I am in a grave dilemma as to what should I do because I also have my entrances that would end by 6th June; the last date of registering for IMU CET counselling being 19th June leaving me in a high risk of failing to get every thing done in time. Please suggest what should I do.

  209. Abhishek Anand says

    Hello Sir,
    I am willing to do MBA from Indian Maritime University, I am qualified in the entrance test. Is der any requirement of Eyesight. I use the glasses with the POWER of -1.0 in both eyes.
    Kindly assist me out soon.


  210. bunty meena says

    Is bow legs are allowed in merchant navy ? Or After surgery of bow legs can we join merchant navy?


    Some gap between my chest so i am eligible for merchant navy plz guide me

  212. Bhavesh Rai says

    Sir I am 12th passout I have a accident in 10th class so fracture my left hand and operation rod in my hand but I have second operation to bring out the rod and my hand was totally fit and fine so I am eligible for merchant navy course please reply me sir fast to choose our career in marchant navy ! Thankyou sir !

  213. mohit thakur says

    Sir i have a scare on my chin and i have a problem of tonsil but its a temporary one so sir m i allegible to join in merchant navy as a engineer..

    Sir plz give me ans…

  214. mohit thakur says

    Sir i have a problem of tonsil but it happenes normally twice in a year and i have a scare on my chin so ,M i elligible for merchant navy in engine department or not ??

  215. shivam says

    sir im totely fit but one problam my chest unfit bone afot so what can do join a marchant navy

  216. Akshay Govind says

    My left eye vision is 6/6 and my right eye vision is 6/9..more precisely its -0.25 error in my right eye and can’t be corrected by any surgical methods as per my doctor.Any chance for me pursueing DNS course?

  217. laraib says

    Sir I m in hsc science with p/c/m/b
    And how I appgy to merchant navy on as a commander post plz suggest me b coz I m student………???
    Plz help me…

  218. ramesh says

    I want to join navy merchant but have got operation iam cured now but have stitch mark on eye!!!! What to do? Can I join???? Plz show me a way!!!!!!!!!!

  219. chetana says

    Sir I want to know about offshore jobs!!!! They too need 176cm height????? How to join off shore job & what are its requirements & qualification?????

  220. shivam rana says

    i am totally fit but i have no 3rd rib on chest resion for my tumor opration but after opration i am totally fit so what can i join marchant navy plzz give me answer sir

  221. suraj sahu says

    sir, i am suffering from amblyopia in my right eye, am i eligible to be a mariner.

  222. dipak says

    sir i have complete 12th exam with 52℅ in commerce. can i apply merchant navy.

  223. chirag says


    I have 3 tattoos on my body 1 is on my neck and the other 2 is on my arms and this year i am planning to do GP Rating so please guide as i am li”l bit worried about my tattoos if i will not get select because of my tattoos. please tell me if i am eligible or not for the course?

  224. Jatin says

    Sir , I have cleared AESM exam interview and have been asked to carry out LASIK surgery, however acc to doctors I can easily carry LASIK but have minute ptosis and even so small that it is not worth to get treated for so will I be able to pass through test

  225. Manu says

    Respected sir,
    On my shoulder skin I have a minor skin burn(first degree),do this will get effected for joining in ship…Presently I completed nautical science .

  226. dikshit says

    I have little bit drooping in my right upper eyelid but I have exact 6/6 vision of both eyes. can I join merchant navy?

  227. krishna says

    i have a gap of two years between 10th and 12th class m i elligible for marine engineering??

  228. Akash ingale says

    Sir , isa my dream , but my height is 159cm/5.2inches and my eye sights are also not good bt I”ll perform an lesser operation,after the treatment of eyes may I join………..

  229. says

    @Jatin: Raise this issue with the college management. They will be the best source to seek assistance on this matter.

  230. says

    Dear Manu,

    It should’t be a problem. For further queries, please post them to our forums-

  231. saksham says

    anish.sir ,



  232. shivam says

    Sir im passed in intermediot with pcm79%marks. Bsc.appering with pcm . What is better trade for me . But last two year i m suffring with spnndrolytisis l5 s1. I can apply. I m very excited to join as a deck officer. Pleasr told me.

  233. ranit choudhary says

    I have just cleared graduation( with honours) and i m desperate to get into the merchant navy. As per my eligibility i decided to start up with gp rating. But i have ‘-3.5’ power in my eyes. Moreover i smoke cigerette somtimes. Can i join for the desired post after undergoing an eye surgery?

  234. rajesh says

    My son wants to join navy. He is from the commerce stream with no physics and chemistry in 12. I need ur suggestion for which post he can opt for and which college in india would be best. My son literally has a lot of passion to join merchant navy.. please contact me.

  235. says

    Please do check the age restriction. You need to apply for deck cadet course. If your back condition is severe, better to avoid the trade as the nature of job will worsen your condition. Best of luck

  236. gurman says

    sir i have +1.0 in my right eye and 0.5 in my left eye , am i eligible to do DNS course at IMU? , or a nautical science degree in any nautical institute?

  237. ranit choudhary says

    Sir please tell me whether i could join as a deck cadet?? I m very desparate to go for merchant navy..

  238. raj says

    Sir, i am helpless about my hailoss dont know if its the water or safety helmets so do you know anyway to prevent it?

  239. Kumar says

    Sir I had undergone operation due to head injury 6years back but know I’m fine and no problems related to that
    I’m I able to join Merchant Navy
    Please reply

  240. Himanshu saxena says

    please throw some light on,, USE OF CORRECTIVE LENSES FOR EYESIGHT IS PERMITTED BUT THE MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE LIMITS, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eye for distant unaided vision.

  241. Rushikesh Dangare. says

    Dear Replier,
    I have height 162 cm.M I eligible to joint merchant navy? Please reply as early as possible.
    Thanking in anticipation !

  242. Ashley says

    Sir , I am in the 12th std and i want to join the merchant navy but i get a cold off and on. I have visited an ENT recently he said it was a mild sinusitis problem and medication is goin on will it be a problem in the medical tests during my admission?
    Kindly reply
    Thank you


  1. How can I go on a sea voyage?

    I’m a Deck officer working for Maersk line onboard their Container ships. You do sound passionate about the sea life. It is indeed an amazing experience to wake up in the mornings to find ourselves floating in the middle of nowhere. Navigational watch…

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