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Fast rescue boats

What are Fast Rescue Boats?

Fast rescue boats are essentially specialised high-speed crafts, which are smaller and used extensively for response and rescue operations in water.
logistics risks

What are Logistics Risks?

For a successful transaction of buy-sell or vice versa, all logistics risk factors have to be considered, managed, and countermeasures executed leaving no room for error.
imu cet application

A Guide To IMU CET Exam 2024

IMU CET is an important exam for aspiring maritime professionals in India since clearing it is mandatory for entering the Merchant Navy. Know more about IMU CET examination inside the…

Maritime Law & Logistics

Nautical Law What is UNCLOS

Nautical Law: What is UNCLOS?

UNCLOS is an acronym for the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea. The convention is also sometimes referred to…

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Maritime Safety

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Maritime Electrical

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