Why Fake Job Agents and Scams Thrive in the Maritime Industry?

Last week we received a mail from a recently graduated marine engineer who became the latest victim of fraudulent job agents. The agent not only disappeared with a hefty sum of money but also wasted his one full year.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done!

The engineer has almost given up on his dreams and is planning to seek an alternate career path. This was surely not what he expected at the end of his four years of hand work.

Maritime Job Scam

The worst feeling we got after reading his mail was that of “helplessness”.

Honestly, we did not know what to reply.  We have received several such mails in the past, mostly from fresh graduates, who have already suffered or were fortunate enough to know about a fraud agent or agency before investing their money.

Every time we reply to such mails, we feel extremely disappointed. It’s a sad scenario out there, especially for young mariners. What is more sad to see is businesses thriving on their “misery”! There are several shipping agents and companies making good money out of this situation.

Later, while talking to the young engineer, we were shocked to find that he has received the reference of the agent from an online maritime website. On digging deeper, we found that there were dozens of such advertisements from fake job agents and profiles on the same website. It didn’t require much time to figure out that the website was over-flooding with such “scammy” advertisements and activities.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.56.51 PM

Although we were aware of such activities taking place in the maritime industry, we didn’t expect it from a website which was not only allowing such ads but also promoting them.

Several maritime jobs’ websites have cropped up online, especially in the last couple of years. Considering the financial woes of the maritime industry, it is difficult to comprehend from where do they get all the advertisements from.

We did a bit of research and found that many maritime jobs websites were doing the following:

  • Providing online platforms to job agents without checking their credibility
  • Selling personal details and resumes of candidates
  • Not providing descriptions and addresses of the companies advertised
  • Marketing scam job postings

Comments on FB for Job scam

Today, with a bit of knowledge it is easy for anyone to build a website and market fake jobs. Those doing this already know where to find the job-seekers online. If you are new to the online job search market it might be difficult for you to identify these fake advertisements at the first glance. Here are a few tips which might help you to identify such advertisements.

With the increasing menace of fake job agents and other malpractices, it was imperative for us to draw people’s awareness towards the issue. Social networking websites such as Facebook are brimming with such job scams. Fake profiles, fake contact numbers and fake addresses are some of the famous means for such fraudulent activities.

We also found that people involved in such malpractices also did the following things:

  • Imposing themselves as agents by providing information about vacancies in a particular shipping company. ( This is usually done through some of their “inside” contacts)
  • Faking themselves as company representatives and posting jobs on their behalf
  • Charging huge amount in return of a job placements without providing proper information about the offer
  • Providing job offers of merchant ships in the first place but instead they turn out to be small ferries or tugs when the candidate reaches there

There have also been cases in the past wherein agents have sent candidates to foreign countries for joining ships but kept their CDC and other important seafaring documents with themselves. They then made excuses that the documents were misplaced or lost. When the joining date of the candidate had passed, he was brought back to his home country saying that the ship has already sailed. Moreover, some agents have even failed to give back the documents to the candidates whereas others have given them back, but kept the fees received from the candidate stating that it was required to retrieve the lost documents.

There are many similar cases involving large sums of cases, broken dreams, and spoiled careers. Unfortunately, the number of such cases are rising with the increase in joblessness in the industry.

Are the Ship Management Companies Responsible?

Most ship management companies have a very transparent and professional hiring procedures for new candidates. However, there are a few who engage in malpractices, knowingly or unknowingly. Some of the common practices followed by these companies that have give rise to fake job agents are:

– It’s a common practice followed by many ship management companies to provide a joining date to a candidate prior to a month or two. As the date approaches and the candidate mentally prepares himself for the ship, the company says the joining has been delayed. In some cases, the delay seems like eternity to the candidates who are ready with their preparations and are just waiting for the company’s call. But then, the joining date would again get delayed by four to six months, and sometimes even a year. Needless to say, the candidate is extremely frustrated by now and has lost the trust in the company. He thus starts seeking other modes of placements such as job agents.

Ship management companies also sometimes give authorization to fleet managers/personnel for posting advertisements online or on maritime job websites. Some fleet personnel take this as an opportunity and post these requirements under fake names, providing their contact number or sell the information to an agent seeking a hefty commission in return. As the only aim for some companies is to bring in fresh candidates, irrespective of the ways in which they have been recruited, the hiring process becomes a lucrative business for a few involved in the process.

It is seen that most of the companies do not make extra efforts to check the background of the agents who are bringing in the candidates. Thus, many of them ask service charges from the candidates or get involved in some other malpractices.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are many more reasons as to why seafarers are not getting jobs.

Finding the Root Cause of the Problem

The job scam industry thrives and runs on a situation which is a product of several aspects. Though the prime reason can be stated as financial crises faced by the industry, there are many other reasons which can be stated as below:

  • Fake promises and improper guidance to the maritime students at the start of their career
  • Imbalance in demand and supply of mariners caused by increase in number of maritime academies and passing graduates and reducing number of jobs
  • Shipping companies reducing their fleet and number of crew members per ship
  • Lack of quality education and training. Maritime academies are churning out hundreds of marine engineers and deck officers, focusing on quantity instead of quality

While there is lack of jobs for young graduates in the industry, shipping companies are leaving no stones unturned to find qualified and experienced maritime professionals for higher ranks on ships. There is a dearth of  management level mariners as many are leaving the field for better opportunities on shore. Both these types of conditions, though ironically opposite, are worsening day-by-day as there have been no concrete steps taken by the governing authorities to resolve these issues.

Until some major steps are taken by the government to rectify these proples, fake companies and agents will continue to exploit the professionals and tarnish the image of the maritime industry.

Have you been a victim of fraud maritime jobs agents or websites? Has any of your friend suffered because of such scams? Let us know in the comments below.

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About Author

Raunek Kantharia is a marine engineer turned maritime writer and entrepreneur. After a brief stint at the sea, he founded Marine Insight in 2010. Apart from managing Marine Insight, he also writes for a number of maritime magazines and websites.

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  1. Hi,
    I completed my CDC from SSMA goa n after that I have been to mumbai at
    Several occasions all this shipping companies say give your resume we will be back some just say we can’t give you the form n ask for references.. But guess wat nobody bothers to call lol.. But yes some of the agents I came across call very regularly giving feed backs n the pricelist for U.S bond ship its 2.8 lakh, for for other F.G ships its 2.3 lakhs n NCV 80 thousand …
    Corruption at its best heights n in the most lucarative way…
    No hard feelings some things dont change n corruption here is as hard n strong n rigid like a bulbous biw

  2. In fact i have like 4 or 5 friends that have been scammed. I have been hired trhough a hiring agent and payed twice for the purpose but i make sure they send.me.the contract and airplane ticket first. And icontact ask if they are waiting for me and the airline to make sure its a true ticket then i send the money to the agent. Ive learned through my friends experience never to send money without being totaly sure. But jobs are.preety tough to find out there and as you say desperation makes you not think well which iw very sad for us seaferers

  3. ‘recently I met one prsn named basu he had a consultancy naming ultra marine consultancy and services in tankapani road, four square street, at bhubaneshwar, he intially took 10k from me 4 medical and charged 4200 for medical, and asked for another 40k and I paid said my company name as AHLER, again took 65K from my friend and said his company as evergreen, and after tym pass of 4 mons says pay 1lakh to another person and go, this is da situation plz save us fron fraud prsns lyk this when I asked 2 return money he asked regarding his service charge
    Later I ‘ll post his numb and id

  4. The situation is getting worsen. Even experienced maritime professionals are providing and referring new comers to agent. Thats the Sad part.

  5. Im dng my final year engineering now! Few days back, in our college we had got a campus interview from a consultancy company named “alpha 9 Marine services”! The company gave all pros n cons about the merchant navy! And conducted a written test n personal interview. Later many students wer selected n were asked 2 attend medical test! They charged 3000rps for it. And now they are telling 2 pay 6,00,000rps for the pre-sea training n onboard training after which they will get us a job in a leading shipping companies! They said, 100% placements guaranteed. So many students in our college are under tension and doubt whether 2 trust this company or not. So plzzzzz do clarify us al about this company. Whether this s a true or fake company! If u do so, we all students will b very thankful 2 u as u would save the future of many youngsters who r willing 2 join merchant navy!
    N these r details abt the company profile:-
    ” alpha 9 Marine services, B-707, Fairdeal House, Opp. St. Xavier’s Girls Hostel, Swastik Cross Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380009, GUJARAT, INDIA. Phone: 079 40034586 Mobile: 7874005400, 9825062876 Website: http://www.alpha9india.com Email: info@alpha9india.com

  6. Please note that we have never heard about this shipping company or service. I can bet you looking at the current job situation, even reputed colleges are not able to provide 100 % placements.

    Few queries you can ask to the company:

    – Where will be the training held?
    – Is the Training D.G. Shipping approved (mandatory)?
    – With which company they have a tie up (as they are claiming 100% placement)?
    – In the current job situation (where fresh marine engineers and cadets are waiting for 1-2 years to get a ship) how they will manage to give placements?

    Please note that in last 2-3 years, the Job frauds in maritime industry has increased drastically and many companies which claims to be authentic has fled with peoples money.

    Feel free to contact us any time for any further query and you can also tell us what “Pros and Cons” they told you about the maritime industry.

    In my Opinion- Do Not trust them until every details has been verified

    Hope this helps.

  7. Sir,
    I am freshly graduate marine engineer from Manet,Pune…This tym only 33 students out of 200 have got placed in my collage which is the worst placement record ever,I am unemployed but want to join only merchant navy…tell me some ways out to find job….i don’t want to become pray to agents.

  8. yeah.. so many agents are waiting to making money from us. They are cheater’s but there speech is like a honey they give only False hopes , Don’t pay to them . I Graduated frm AMET chennai, five of my friends lost money abt 3lak around… they alredy took loan for their studies & now they lost tis huge money …. think about their parents,,,,.? their carrier,,,,? so if any agents call u … say …Piss off”

  9. Dear Adarsh,

    In today’s job market, If they are claiming 100% placement then you definitely need to do a thorough background check of the company. You need to ask – How and where will they provide jobs? Where they will train you etc. If some institute or company is being highlighted as their partner in training/placement , do call the institute and confirm with them. I am not saying not to rely on the presentation or career program, which seems quite secure, but no harm in doing a background check if your parents are spending hard earned money and you will be investing a significant amount of time at their institute.

    We have received many queries from students like you and while replying to them, we have never asked them “not to join” but instead do a clear check on the company before making a final decision. Few days back, we receive a message on our FB page from one of the Alpha9 MArine service management team members-
    “Dear Admin,

    Greetings from Alpha 9 Marine Services!

    We have basically a company which promotes Merchant Navy career in India. And I have liked your page to get updated about marine industry. But I have seen many of the posts which are de motivating for a marine career aspirant. In fact I don’t remember any motivational posts on marine career. Why is that so ??

    Just this is what I felt. Sorry if I am wrong.


    This is What we Replied :

    “Thank You for sharing your thoughts. In contrast of your message, we always try to “Warn” the maritime professionals and shipping fraternity through our safety and career related articles (we never demotivate them to join the industry). Precaution is better than cure and in shipping industry, it can be really hazardous to the careers. Please do check our career and safety related articles (which we post in the fb page) on the following links-

    Please feel free to share your views. We always look forward to feedbacks and discussions.

    Thanks and Regards”

    We never received any reply till now.

    Marine Insight is here to help and to promote the Maritime Industry (with all due cautions). Please feel free to contact us for any doubts, queries or suggestions.

  10. can any one cnfirm about alpha9…
    alpha9 came to our college …nd i got recuirted…I should belive and invest my 6 lakhs in alpha9 or not…plz get me a cnfirmation….waiting

  11. Just check the above comment on alpha9. Why you guys are taking admission via a third party? Better directly go to a college as alpha9 is claiming they will place you in one of such colleges for training (correct me if I am wrong).

  12. i ve been selected in alpha 9 marine services now dey re asking us to pay 30000 aftr completion want to pay 600000. pls suggest me s dis company s fake or true

  13. sir i want join with merchant navy.i am in 12th standard. tell me is my decision right…and what should i do for sponsership for deck cadet. thank you

  14. Few months before i had got an email from some Jone Cook of cunard cruise line.he had askd for our resumes.I thought it was not fake and went ahead with the process and sent my resume few days later i got an interview questionnaire, which made me think that this was all true but then somehow i found out that this was a scam. But just to see i sent the questionnaire after few days i got the appointment letter asking for the date to book the flight ticket to london.I know it is fake and I wanted all the mariners not to fall for such fake calls.

  15. Sir Alpha 9 Marine Services came to our college for campus recruitment yesterday. they said we have to pay 30000 before they give us Offer letter from the company where we are placed. and we have to pay 6 lacks for a 4 month training (Pre sea) before getting on board ship training for 18 months where our stipend will be 25000-70000. and after completion of program the 18LPA is offered.
    They said the offer letter will be given to us before the 4 month training, so we dont need to be tensed about placement as 18 LPA and the company where we’ll work on board after 4 months will be mentioned.
    i just need to ask you whether to take it or not as many people on this blog have asked about this company. and the company was opened in 2012. so should i trust it or not.
    Reply ASAP.

  16. This institute Global Pacific Shipping & Marine services in New Delhi……….is it genuine or fake?
    Any info?

  17. Pls guys go to the dgshippin.com and check the details of courses for merchant navy…if u are from electrical,ec,automobile or mechanical brancha then go to the ignue site and give there exam….after that u can join merchant navy,..there are so many fraud companies like alpha9,phoenix..thepse are fraud companies…so pls check dgshipping site.

  18. Hi,

    Just saw your detailed article about fake agencies operating in this industry. Thank you for sharing the detailed and enlightening information. You have really well studied about the agencies and their operations which are fake.

    Now, if you can name some agencies which are real and who deliver as per their promises. Or if there is no role of an agent in this business, then tell me in detail about how can a B Tech (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Instrumentation, Automobile etc.) join Merchant Navy ?

    You can definitely suggest us some names of Shipping or RPSL companies whom this people can contact directly for sponsorship without paying any premium OR suggest some academies where anybody can get admission with guaranteed sponsorship from the company again without paying any premium charges for the same.

    We would be thankful to you if you can share this information.

    Thank You.

    Roshan Govindan

  19. hay i want to know the same about alpha9 marine. the HR told us that it is dgshippi approved but its a training institute so what will be the reason that he told us that before paying 600000 we get the offer latter.

  20. Dear Roshan,

    There are many colleges and companies who are willing to admit mechanical, electrical engineers in marine engineering courses under the guidelines of DG shipping. Manet, TOLANI, AMET, GEMA, AEMT, Cochin shipyard etc. are few of them.
    Answering your second Part of the question, I will not use the term “premium” charges rather call it illegal service charges which unapproved agents and even some small ship management companies are taking from the fresh seafarers. (We advice all the aspirants to avoid any agency, company or 3rd party which are not approved by DG shipping) The Crew Branch Circular 2 dated-08th May, 2007 under the headline -“Employment on board Merchant Navy ships only through DGS approved Recruitment and Placement Service providers” says:
    As per Merchant Shipping Act, 1958, the Central Government has made rules called the Merchant Shipping (Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers) Rules, 2005 with a view to provide a mechanism of protection for Indian seafarers working on Indian and Foreign Flag vessels. These Rules provide necessary safeguards for repatriation of Indian seafarers in the event of their being stranded or during such other exigencies, when the ship owner fails to discharge the duty of repatriating the seafarers to the home port of the seaman. Further, these rules authorize the Seamen’s Employment Offices, with the permission of this Directorate, to issue licence, to regulate and control the recruitment and placement services of seafarers. These rules also intend to protect Indian seafarers from the failure of these recruitment agencies in meeting their obligations and to ensure that no fees or other charges for recruitment or placement of seafarers are borne directly or indirectly or in whole or in part by the seafarers.

  21. Dear Purushotam,

    “No Need To Worry”!!!! Please be worried as you are investing a big amount and you are not even sure of this decision.

    Fact 1: I have been sailing since last seven years and no company pays you 18LPA working only after 4 months. Thats a big lie or they forgot to mention the duration it will take to earn this big chunk.Also you need to get placed in a foreign going ship with minimum tonnage and power requirement as per DG shipping to draw such handsome future salary.

    After the completion of an APPROVED Course and Training (you need to make sure the institute is approved by DG shipping else all efforts are worthless) you will be placed as trainee engineer and as per the current job scenario you will be getting a stipend of 300-600 USD. You need to sail for at least 6 month to become eligible for giving MEO CL IV exam. After passing the examination (which will at least take 6 to 12 months), you will be posted as 4ht engineer on a ship and you will earn around 1600- 2600 USD depending upon the company. You must sail for at least 12 months to become eligible for MEO CL2 exam which takes at least 12 to 24 month to clear. Once you clear MEO CL2, you can sail as 2nd engineer and earn aroung 5000-8000 USD again depending upon the ship type and company. To get the mentioned 18L package ,you need to be a 2nd engineer onboard FG ship. Hope this clears the situation.

    Please trust your senses and do a background check of the company. We are not saying this company is a fraud rather we want you to be more careful as this decision can make or break your career.
    Feel free to ask all your doubts and do read other comments in this article for your reference.

  22. Dear I am 3rd officer having UK coc and Indian cdc but unfortunately my background from rating.it’s a big pain I ever have always being a seaman officer.from last I was signoff more than a year Bcose of some family issue .now I try so many companies but result is zero.and after I got very disappointed and got agents in line .One of online agent shipping name singtrans marine.they selected me I was very happy.they made their websites and so many mail I’d but they ask me around 1200 USD in advance and made quiry and find out that its a scam.and I save myself.Still I am searching job but nothing until today.kindly let me know if anybody have in their hand.thanks

  23. Hi,

    If you are saying that you have never heard about “alpha9 marine service” then there should be no question of inquiring or asking them any questions. As you have never heard about this company it would not be a genuine one. Right?

  24. I have same query as LINGARAJ

    If u got any wrong information about this consultancy company named “alpha 9 Marine services”!
    Send it to me

    Contact me..on this email I’d …


    Must remain in contact

  25. Hey friends who are call by ” Alpha9 Marine Service ” …
    I have the same query as u have ….
    If u get any wrong information about “alpha9 marine service”…..
    Must inform me..
    Must live in contact ….

    My I’d: driftking00005@Gmail.com

  26. hello,friends
    i have also selected by alpha 9 marine service, and i have same query as you about alpha 9 marine services, if you found any wrong information alpha 9 please must tell me. give me advise about i should join this alpha 9 marine services or not?

  27. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i have also selected by alpha 9 marine service, and i have same query as you about alpha 9 marine services, if you found any wrong information alpha 9 please must tell me. give me advise about i should join this alpha 9 marine services or not?
    my e mail id : vivekprajapati82@yahoo.in

  28. hello,friend i have also selected by alpha 9 marine services…..and i have same query as you about alpha 9 ,if you found any wrong information like it fraud or not.please tell me.
    my email id : vivekprajapati82@yahoo.in

  29. Subject: fraud and fake contract papers of company
    My Name: Pawan Kumar Baraiya
    My Contact No.: 8306167927
    My City: bardoli
    My Complaint Against: sumeet singh / manpreet kaur
    sumeet singh / manpreet kaur’s Contact Details: 9004179075
    Complaint Category: Employers/Employees
    My Complaint Description:
    Dear sir, I am pawan Kumar baraiya residing at gujarat would like to inform you that I have done merchant navy course from delhi and have paid to one agent named sumeet Singh Rs 57300. His mobile no is 9004179075. He came to my contact through one of my friend who was my classmate and has given me contract papers for 12 months with ocean tankers pte ltd. And now I have confirmed those contract with company and company told me that this are fake. Now I told him to refund my money back. He is telling me that do whatever you want I won’t give a single penny back. And he is not even receiving our calls. We are middle class family and this amount worth a lot for us. pls guys dont be the victim.

  30. Have you or anyone heard of RAK Training Ship (RTS) Sindbad based in UAE ? Is it a legitimate training school ?

  31. im on board coastal ship what i hve repuire for indian engine watchkeping exp 6 and half month . And where to get tar book

  32. alpha marine services is indeed a big scam , why not these people cannot understand it is fraud and i personally feel there is no harm in saying the truth instead of asking them to do back ground check and stuff. it is clearly a big fraud and no one complained about it and the college allowed the cheaters to interact with students, only india such things can happen people approve them self to get cheated and scammed . dont pay just simple as that and 18 lpa is a bigger bullshit so dont not join i think i am late but when ever such discussions raise in future this should help if anybody is asking you to pay move away . dont bribe but it is hard for indians to get accustomed to be honest. but please try jai hind

  33. Hi,
    I am 24 yrs old.i have completed my btech in electronics in college which is AICTE approved .I am willing to join merchant navy as there is lot more to learn and earn as well.Besides btech in etx l have also completed diploma in electronics after 12(pcm-80%) have good marks in english 10+12.

    So my question to all mariners in marine insight is,

    Should i really go for it..?

    Am i eligible to merchant navy as an officer in engine cadet..?

    If yes,

    whom should i approach without falling prey to fraud agents?

    Most eagerly awaited for your sensible reply,

    My regards

    thank u.

  34. The first thing I can say looking at the comments of candidates that they need to learn How to TYPE IN PROPER ENGLISH.

    Companies don’t want illiterate or semi-literate employees, even at the lowest level. And let’s face it, a seafarering career is still regarded as a good launch pad.

    Don’t screw it up by being too lazy to type like an educated person, instead of a three-year old mashing the keyboard.

    Some of the comments-
    “and after tym pass of 4 mons” No.
    “They are cheater’s but there speech is like a honey they give only False hopes” No.

    Referencing comments from another article here, but come on, language like this and you expect people to employ you?
    “sir wat u hv said here s d real truth … nd m too facing the same prblm … hv dne pre sea training abt 8 months ago .. and still nt placed anywhr yet … as u said institution hd promisd 100 % placment wen v joind thr .. bt nw they dnt shwng any interest to plc us ” Hell no.

    If you want people to take you seriously, start acting mature. You’re not kids anymore, don’t write like them. For shame.

  35. hi I am a deck cadet still struggling to get a job !
    I was in mumbai for a year I have gone to all the companies with my resume but the reply was pay me in lakhs and you will be flying the following day ! street agents specially fraud with fresh cadets ! but companies like univan and Oriental shipping offices asking for 5 lakhs with some fake exam shows the administrative working in the shipping industry . government should impose some regulation on these companies through cancelling. there licenses . even rpsl registered companies asking for 3 lakhs to give placement . a pillar cannot survive without trust and truth honesty and shipping industry is lacking that ! hope some solution will be found for these problems in future .

  36. Thank you sir for your help.One more request sir, can you please send me the list of DG approved shipping companies of india.

  37. Dear Swapnil,

    Please note that DG approval is required only for institutions and not for companies. The company should have RPSL no. if they are operating in INDIA

  38. Thank you sir for your help.Can you also provide me a list of DG approved shipping companies of india.
    Thank you once again sir.

  39. Cruiseline Ship Management Pvt. 75/2, Commercial Complex,
    Nehru Nagar (East), Bhilai,
    Bhilai, Chhattisgarh 490020

    This is a fake company.In their website in bold letters they show that they give pre sponsorship for students and after completing the dns course they will be placed in world best shipping company. I had completed my dns course from sailor maritime academy,Visakhapatnam. december 2013 but till now this company has done nothing for my onboard training.This maritime college is also doing forgeries with student. They take lots of money for the dns training and till now they have not placed a single student.I want that somebody should take strict action against the college and manning company. when I call in their number they just say to wait.my request to all future student is that to not take any admission through this agent.
    I want help to take my money back from this company. and want compensation from the college and the company. if not then they should place all student in shipping companies as per dg shipping rules and give rpsl companies to all student.for proofs the website of the company can be seen.please tell me where I can file a complaint against this fraud.I will be very thankful to you.

    thank you

  40. Sir i cleared written test and personal interview of alpha 9 marine service yesterday and they have asked me to undergo a medical test on sunday by paying Rs.3000 with the documents like marks sheet,photographs.. If we get placed then we need to pay them 6 lakh rupees to get a training in academy which is DG shipping approved. After 12 months of training there will be an on board training for 6 months for which a stipend of 25000 will be provided. So sir please provide me exact information about this company and wheteher it is worth paying 6lakhs?
    please sir reply soon.
    Thank you

  41. dont pay money for a job or even joining a maritime course better is to get sponsor simple way and there are options better than crying at end

  42. if the company give there RPSL number then can we trust them and their placement promises.please replay me…..

  43. Sir,regarding complaint about west line ship management pvt ltd.they dont have any rpsl number.they told that its a ship management company and rpsl is required only for ship owner company
    They also send me the list of vessels name and student who has already got placed in 2014.neither of the vessels are from india.my question is sir how far they are trustable???

  44. Sir….tell me about global Pacific shipping maritine sea services pvt.limited Mumbai…. They told me that we will give u placement… Tell me that this company is fake or not…..

  45. Kindly please list one more company in your blog

    alphamariners and vrmarine
    Both sites are controlled with ambiguous personnels posing as master mariners and selling ideas of jobs placements etc

    please mark both websites are FAKE WEBSITE

    Alphamariners has been lodged with complaint at dubai police and internet cybercrime team.


  46. Alpha9 Marine services came in our college on 17th September 2014 and recruited some of the students from our college.( Proudhadevaraya Institute of Technology, HOSPET). Sir i Want some more Information about them. Please help me if you can? Is that an genuine company or not? And sir Have found many of your reply :Mr Anish” saying that its a fake company.Sir I want to Inform Each and Every Students that they have opened one more fraud company on the name of ” SacRos Marine Manning Pvt Ltd” which I Have found online while browsing internet. Both the address of Alpha9 Marine Services and SacRos Marine Manning Pvt Ltd are same, They are planning to cheat more people by using differnt name of the company and doing cheating with innocent people. SO PLEASE BE AWARE

  47. @ Rishi: Why don’t you directly approach the college instead of another company playing as a mediator (they will charge for their service from you and not from the DG approved college). During the time of placement, their are chances of college and the 3rd party blaming each other for responsibility of placement and you will suffer in the process.

  48. Sir please help me by knowing that west line shipping management pvt ltd in ahmedabad is fake or genuine

  49. I’m from tamilnadu… West line ship management s company r agency….? Any senior students from west line were placed r not..? How s west line…? Plz reply frndz

  50. Hello sir. Yesterday we had a presentation for campus placement on “join merchant navy” by
    SacRos Marine Manning Pvt. Ltd.
    B-901, 9th Floor, Fairdeal House,
    Near Swastik Cross Roads,
    Opp. St. Xaviers Ladies Hostel,
    Ahmedabad – 380009.
    They have asked for 6 lac fees for training. Sir can you give any guidance about it..? As this agency is just 3-4 months old. So please reply soon.

  51. I am madhav sai. I have done b.tech in mechanical engineering. I am very much interested in merchant navy. In that way for GME sponsorship i have applied for cruiselineshipping management pvt.ltd.
    Website http://www.cruiselinefoundation.com
    and they have called me for interview. Can any one tell me is that fake company or a good one.

  52. @ Darshan: If you are interested in joining merchant navy, better to approach a reputed college. It is not advisable to join this field with the help of a 3rd party which is not approved by DG shipping.

  53. Respected Sir,
    This is Vikrant From kolkata.
    I have applied for Springdale Maritime Academy (SAMET) in Bhugneshwar. I have been selected for Deck Cadet course under UK (Liverpool John Moores University) system. I waanted to know whether this institute is genuine or not. I have done all backgroung check and also checked for DG approved and IMU approved. I am unable to get to the conclusion whether to join or not. I am afraid for the money which i will pay for the course (6,90000). Please do help me.
    Yours Thankfully.
    Vikrant singh.

  54. Phoenix sea services limited came to our clg for placement.It is asking 4000rs for medical fee and pay 6.5lakhs for training.Is this fake company or not??pls reply fast

  55. pls tel me about
    cruiceline ship management pvt ltd.
    office no. 404 , pentagon 2, Magarpatta city, Hadapsar
    they are asking 5.5lakhs for one year training.

  56. please suggest me good institute for electrical students and please tell me the difference between eto and tme courses.global pacific institute in delhi is approved from UK not by DG shipping.is this course is good for my career? and if not please suggest me an institutes in India with job security.please guide me.I shall be very thankful to you.

  57. Phoenix sea services came to our college for campus recruitment process.
    They have given overview about the company and asked to pay 4000 rs for medical test and 6.8 lakhs for selected students while joining in that company. They recruited more than 80 students from our college.
    They said they will give Pre-Appointment job letter from the before joining in the college after paying the money.
    Is this company is Real or Fake???
    Can i trust this company???
    Please reply for my question.
    Is Phoenix company is Real or Fake???

  58. Dear Anish sir.!
    I read all the above comments some of students asked about the company “phoenix sea services pvt.Ltd” you not responded them please tell us about this company it is genuine or fake.they selected some students when recruitment drive is held by VTU Karnataka,for engineering atudents they told us same as detailed in above comments like we have to pay Rs 4000 towards medical test and 6 lakh for pre sea training and they told 100% job assurance please suggest about this company we are waiting for your replay and detail of company is.
    Head Office: Flat No. 403, 4th floor, Shiv Gaurav Estate,
    Bhagwaghar lay-out, Dharampeth,
    Nagpur – 440010 (M.S.) India
    Telephone : +91-712 – 2523880 / 6697555 / 6698555
    Mobile No. : +91-992-337-7704
    Business Associate Inquiry >>
    Fax No. : +91-712-6612267
    E-mail : info@phoenixsea.com
    Corporate Office: S-6, 2nd Floor, Richmond Plaza, 10 & 10/1,
    Rajaram Mohan Roy Road,
    Richmond Circle, Bengaluru – 560025
    Mumbai Office: Under Renovation

  59. Plz suggest me amet university or Coimbatore marine college… Which one is best for eto course???

  60. Sir,
    Alpha9 Marine services from ahmedabad conducted a test and personal interview and they selected students from our institute and I’m one of them. They called us for medical test with documents(mainly mark sheets) with charge of 3000rs. after clearing that medical test, sometime after we’r informed to submit DD of 25,000rs. as a deposit or for assurance of joining. Then they posted us a job offer letter, it mentions that we have to pay 6lakh. Rs. for pre-sea training and on-ship training. They haven’t mentioned any name of academy or company yet, reason given was due to some privacy problem. Company told us to come with us while joining institute after completion of our degree.
    Please, help us;
    1)whether we should proceed further of not?
    2)Is this company is fake or real?
    3)We don’t know how to contact and whom to contact directly for admission in DG-shipping approved institute directly.

  61. Hi I am a cadet got fraud by Mediterranean navigation pvt. Mr irfan smile parker and mr aditya shukla are the director..who had done scam with many students. They took 2 lacs from me …its a rpsl company 283. Now there office is close. I dnt know why the dg is giving rpsl to these type of people. Frnd beware of these fraud geeks. already many complain are done against them on police station. U know the mumbai policethery nvr investigate. I am helpless. Plzz help me. These people are roaming freely in mumbai without any afraid . Plzz help me.

  62. Rahul plz contact me ! 07757933427
    Need to talk about Irfan Parkar … Its urgent

  63. Irfan Ismail parkar has took 50,000 from me but not provided sail … he is not returning money ..

  64. Hi , Can u please tell me about GLOBAL PACIFIC & MARITIME SERVICE ..is fraud instiute or not..reply

  65. There is this company SeaSpan. This is one of the most corrupt companies in India. They hire people through agent. Agents charges multiple lakh rupees and there is heft commission of SeaSpan HR department in this. And then there is high chance of SeaSpan rejecting you in their so called formal interview. Beware!

  66. Many sponsoring Ship companies ask cadets to sign bond worth 4-5 lakh rupees. And then they don’t provide joining date for ages. Is candidate still obliged to offer bond and not look for job elsewhere? What if someone joins other ship? How strong is the legal case when BOND is not followed?

  67. Respected sir,
    Certain mushroom centres in nadia district of west bengal is claiming to give job in merchant navy in various cargo ships & also in dockyard.Have to have a training. for 45 days in which company will pay the stipend amount of 15000-17000.Not a single penny from the pocket of Candidate.
    Only Candidate WILL HAVE TO FILLUP A FORM WITH Rs200 from these mushroom centres after which they will get placed the candidate in the aforesaid company.
    Is it a fraud trap or it is ok.Can it be trusLtable.
    Please let me know.

    Subhasish Chatterjee

  68. Never heard something like this….looks dicy. Please collect more information regarding the same before joining such institutions.


  70. Respected sir,
    Greetings to you.Sir is it easy to clear the exams(COC) of 4th engg.
    Also can you tell me something about the present scnerio of placement as a Merchant Navy and facilities for the Merchant Navy.

  71. Sir m shruti… N recently I have witnessed my friend going through a very rough time. Even he has been cheated by an agent..
    I just wanted to know what if he wants to join on ship again. I mean where he should go n apply, to whom he should trust n some precautions as well..
    Please sir help me out really need your help…..

  72. Respected Anish sir,
    I went through all your comments these are really good & helpful.Now pls help me… I have applied for GME in Anglo eastern maritime academy & samundra institute of maritime studies.
    1) which is good for career growth & offers.
    2) AESM have a good no. of ships (350+) as shown on website. So is it true that I’ll have assured job after vacations?
    3) on an average how much time do we have to spend onboard & offboard per year?
    4) can you provide list of companies offering paid leaves & institutes owned by them in India?
    5) Last but most important…my eyesight is nearly -5. Am I eligible??

    Please reply asap…am waiting

  73. im selected for west line management.. I hv cleared my interview… now they r asking me to pay 6lakh for training…
    plzzz tell me is this company trustworthy r not..!!

  74. I am in btech final year .Few days earlier a recruitment company named Cruiseline ship management pvt. ltd from pune came to our college and 23 students including me were placed so I want to know whether it is a fake company or not? Or we will get 100% job gaurantee after doing GME

  75. I got trapped from an online job offer and we lost 10,0000/ RS , i understand many students lot their money

    Beware of such fraud, request you to kindly give a helping hand in tracking or blocking this . so that other can be saved from this.

    you may get similar job offer like this

    we received the email from this email id and deposited amount on below account

    +91- 8860418984 (CREW MANAGER)
    MAKE CALL BETWEEN (11 a.m to 6 p.m) office timings

    apt. VIVEK KUMAR bank account details

    Name:- VIVEK KUMAR
    Account number:- 235801502456
    ifsc code:- ICIC0002358





  76. Sir i got cheated by dgn maritime they told that it was deck cadet course but it was deck rating and honduras based. .moreover thy are showing name of shri Mahavir marine services . how to get money back plz help me

  77. Dear Sac. You can approach your nearest police station and DG shipping office for registering complaint against them

  78. Hello Anish Sir,
    According to my knowledge West Line Ship Mng pvt lmt is a type of company which gives training to students n provide job opportunities in other shipping companies…
    Is this type of companies exist??
    west line is not DG shipping company.. can v trust this company??
    Sir, Wt is ur opinion abt this type of process..?

    Please help me sir…

  79. Hello Anish Sir,

    Pls help me to know about West Line Ship Management Pvt Ltd they are not DG Approved and does not have RPSL number but still owning 67 ships . can we trust them ??? Is it okay to manage vessel without RPSL sir??? I am confused sir they have no previous batch sir for reference.

    Sir help me please to decide

    Anyone join from there batch ?????

  80. Sir,
    Sea rise marine academy ,bhubneshwar gave me 100% placement guarantee.
    Please tell me whether is it fake or real?

  81. I got selected in “West Line Ship management private lmt”… Can any tell me anything about this..whether it is proaud or not…I was selected in an interview conducted at my college itself..pls suggest meme

  82. Sir,
    I applied a online form for seafarers at http://www.seafarersindia.com
    My exam was held in Vipul Trading centre sohna road Sec-48 gurgaon.
    Now they told me that i cleared my exam and personal interview . Now they demand for Rs170000 for admission.
    My family thought that this is a fake and frod company and there is no sureity of job.
    Now tell me that what i do .
    Are this really a fake company and if no then what is the suriety of my job after my training and after spend a lot of amount of money?

  83. @Sawan Kumar @Vishal These are all fake shipping companies…….please do not take what they say. Fraud

  84. Anybody know about ‘Torhan Ship Management’? some days before I got a mail saying that opening for freshers are openand told me to send all certificates to them.They have 2 3 conditions,we need to take flight ticket,30000rupes deposit.both flight ticket cost and deposit will give back at the time of sign off.

    To conform I need to take ticket u to singapur and send to them.

    Is it fake ? anybody please help me

  85. Sir, i have been selected for the course of GME at SCI (MTI Powai). They have guaranteed for on-board training of 10 months.Just wanted to ask that….after i clear 4b exam and get COC will i be guaranteed a job or not(sci has not given the guarantee of job)……if not what are the chances.Thank you……plz rply

  86. Sir…. Plz tell me about DGN Maritime Academy,Noida,New Delhi… Here is the Url http://www.dgn.co
    Is it fake? Plz help me sir… Plz answer i will be thankfull to u. If u tell me about this Academy before 1st april2016… As they are calling me before 1st April… Help sir

  87. Sir,
    I have also been scammed by a job agent from Pune, Maharastra. His company name is Star Tankers Management Pvt ltd run by Awadh BIhari and Co. These things wasted my 2 yrs and 3,00,000 rupees.
    I am helpless and clueless of what to do and how to do. I am very depressed and my family condition has gone to worst. Please suggest what should I do and if there is any oppurtinity please please mail me at prashantranjan1212@gmail.com
    It will be very very helpfull

  88. @Himanshu: This is not a DG shipping India Approved institute. This college is affiliated with MERCHANT MARINE OF HONDURAS hence you will not get Indian CDC. The ranking of honduras COC is far below and it will be a big problem to get a job with such COC in future.

  89. Dear Sir,

    DGN Maritime Academy at Greater Noida Delhi…..is given 100% Placement grantee…Training Periods first 04 + 18 Month .And Training Fees is 200000 (for STD-12 Science-PCM)….we have not any idea in marine…But interested in job..so….please suggest its beneficial for admission…..i presently study in BE Mach..at Gujarat….so please suggest…which is better way for me,…..

  90. sir,

    I have gone through all the comments about West Line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., and still confused whether it is trust worthy or not. I am a final year B. Tech student from VIT University, Vellore. The company visited our college on 1st April, 2016. They took written test and followed by interview (though i hardly believe they would have checked papers). Since I gave both and got selected as well. I have given lot of company exams and interviews and what I feel about this company was like they were just doing formality for test and interview. Interviewing 4 students at a time. Asking questions about states and capitals of India, names of PM and CMs, etc. This shows that either the company desperately need employees or they are just trying to cheat us. They have selected 65 students from our college. All have got their offer letter. Now we have to go to their head office in Ahmedabad for medical check up and to receive final appointment letter (on a 100 Rs. stamp paper) with a sum of 30,000 rs. advance fee and 3000 rs. for medical check up.

    I searched about the company. It was established in 2005 but started their shipping business in 2014. The company do not hold RPSL no. I called to the no. provided by company in my offer letter to inquire about the RPSL no., they told me that they had already applied for the same and will get RPSL no. within 1 month.

    Based on all the reviews and comments, I am still in dilemma. Need some more suggestions. Please suggest what would be the best option for me, whether to join the company or not.

    thank you


    Sandeep Verma

    Email: ssandeepnic@gmail.com

  91. hi,
    i got placed in alpha 9 marine services in a recent college placement held in bengaluru. they have offered a package of 18 lakhs after training for about 12 months .but i have some queries if anyone have a knowledge about this please share here it will help to save family and other friends recruited thanking in advance,
    i have following doubts if anyone have solutions please post here
    1.registered or not
    2.training institute
    3.ur record of placement
    4.why 6 lakhs
    5.4 lakhs loan and on what basis
    6.what is gurantee that i’ll be placed after training
    7.many reviews are saying it’s a fraud company.
    8.name of academy which i’ll be training.
    9.is it degree or just a trainig.
    10.is marine industry a safe carrier

  92. sir, DGN MARITIME ACADEMY is fack or a real. they said me that it is college of famous transport company of Shri mahavir marine service. so i want to know that it is fack or real

  93. Dear sir ,i have call from DGN maritime acadamy that my admit card is on her website ..i was shocked because i never applied for such form ..plz reply me is it fake or not

  94. Sir i got a oppurtunity to join at gp rating in shri ram marine institute new Delhi but they ask for 2.5 lk for course fees and 1 to 3 lk for onboard shipping. So did I have to join it or not and I is correct way of processing

  95. recently i was trapped by a fraud agent..i am an engine fresher cadet looking for a job since 2013…i got a call from an agent name sumit upadhyay..he told that he is speaking from silvoca associates rpslkol005…he also offered a job letter in written..he gave me his ac no 53510582669 of standard chartered gurgaon..my father is a labour..i deposited 45000..he told me that joining is on 4may 2016..now he switched off his cell no response onlandline no…pls guys help me out of this issue.. i am in depressed

  96. dear sir ..
    i have filled the form of merchant navy in 2015.. and my exame was held on 20 march 2016 in chandigarh. sir after giving the exame i have got a selection letter from the website aimnet… sir i want to ask that DGN MARITIME ACADEMY is real or fake because they tell the training fee about 2 lakh for 4 month training and after that 4 month trainig 18 month training will held on board… sir plzz tell me what should i do.. and the training will starts from 1st june 2016…

  97. We do not have any review of this company. Please check one of the above comments as someone shared a bad experience with this institute. 18 month training cannot be done at a stretch and need to be done in two contracts hence they need to place you onboard in two ships.

  98. Sir can please tell me about cruiseline ship management pvt. Ltd. in pune Whether it is fake or not


    whether this company is fake or real please guide me

  100. Sir please tell me about cruiseline ship management pvt ltd in hadapsar pune.

    I am really confused to join it or not because its a huge investment of money and time. I don’t want to get disappointed later.
    Need ur help.
    Plz mail me.

  101. I m selected in dgn maritime academy …guys will u plzz help me is this academy right or fake ..??? Guys plzz help me …
    Is this a fake academy ..they are saying for 100% placement..

  102. @Swapnil:
    They provide Honduras CDC (low value amongst other CDCs), It is not authorised by DG shipping INDIA. In future, you cannot approach DG shipping in case of any problem or issue. It is approved by JAS-ANZ. 100% placement is a big commitment- Please ensure they do it on a paper with time duration of providing you the placement. Various cases has been noted that institutes are providing 100% Job guarantee but not mentioning the time period to oblige that (candidates have to wait for years after passing out) and no mention on type of ship in which the training will be provided, as it is very important to decide the future course and exam eligibilities.
    For any further query, please post your questions in our forums: https://forums.marineinsight.com

  103. Sir is phoenix sea services a fake agency or is it genuine as it is going to come to college for recruitment

  104. swetank kumar
    sir,sea rise marine ,bhubneswar says get 100% placement.is this right or wrong

  105. sir i got a call today from alpha sea services and they asked me to pay 2.5lak for services charges and they will give me a job.they also sent me vessel details also- IMO-9298193,GRT-21329,Vessel-SEA SHARK ,etc it is FAKE or REAL sir

  106. Hlo I got mail from Shri Maritime one lady speaking she said me give me ur college and 10 mark sheet send me photo copy then she said ur selection will be based on ur mark…Then tomorrow she said to me u selected and pay money 500 rupess in SBI Bank after tat ur application form will be distributed and ur training will be 1 or 3 months based on ur whatever u want…Then she called me almost 4 time pay money….So it’s fake or real … Without any xam test direct how they can select ….Still am confusing…

  107. Is Westline shipping agency is a valid agency?They conduct a campus drive in our college,they selected me ,iam mechanical engineering final year graduate,and they ask 30,000 for registration and 6,00,000 for 2years course fee.Iam confusion is it is a valid or not and will they provide job assistance….Please give reply….

  108. Dear sir,
    The west line shipping management
    has come to our college on 22-02-2017 to recruit students.totally 15 members are selected.we have completed medical test.they told that during march (21-25) you have to come ahmedabad to pay fee pf 30000.aftet that for training pay an amount 600000.
    Is this good or not.
    I mean is this job fake or real.
    Thanking you.

  109. hi
    westline ship management is an RPSL APPROVED company with RPSL no. MUM-381 which can be verified from the DG shipping website also.I myslef am working with the company since 2 years and they are very helpful.

  110. You can trust westline. I am also working with them . . . It is a RPSL approved company with RPSL no. MUM-381.

  111. Sir, can a RPSL compamy ask me for money as “placememt charges” ?? i have been asked 3 lacs for this company. i am not going to pay but just want to know if there is any rule regarding asking money for placement.

  112. Dear Sir, On the look out for my son’s career opportunities after class 12 I had asked him to sit for CET 2017 through IMU. As he got around 700 rank, & I was guided through someone to apply for SCI_MTI conducted Diploma in Nautical Science leading to Bsc in Nautical Science under Shipping Corporation of India. I need you guidance about this career as I am told that SCI trains the candidates & provide career opportunity in SCI in Merchant Navy. The course demands initially around Rs. 3.5 toRs. 4 lac for 1st year training either at Tuticorin or Mumbai SCI Marine Training Institute. After 1 year they are required for 18 months on the ship training under stipend scheme & then after completion of 3 to 3.5 years he will have to sit on exams to clear. Please guide / review this career & should we opt for SCI-MTI option for training & career. Also guide whether one should go for Marine Engineering in IMU run college at Kolkata, chennai Mumbai or Bsc NS through SCI_MTi as career prospect . Need your guidence at the earliest since have to take decision also because a substantial amount has to be deposited.

  113. I got a call from dgn institute of marine studies u.p . I wnt to know that what is the reputation of this institute whether it actually helps me in getting job. Are placement done in this collge or not.

  114. Hi Guys,

    can some body please tell me if “Good Result Marine Services” rpsl= mum-324 is a genuine or fraud company? they are asking for 4 lakhs. I am a fresher

  115. I am 17 years and 6 monts old…….i have 6 month experience……..i am eligable to make indian cdc……now i have micronesia cdc……

  116. I was fooled by a person who run a fake merchant navy school.He told me first I have to pay 2 lakh for the course and after ending the course his school will give placement in FG going vessel but at when course completed he asked again extra 1.5 Lakh for placement,but at last I refused to give extra 1.5 lakh.so he did not gave me placement But he fraud me first 2 lakh,so I want help sir, please help me I don’t have money now to take placement and for first 2 lakh my mother sold land for my job,and that is the only land we had sir.give a placement sir through your website maritime union I made a account there sir,My name is Ravi Bus was, Email-ravib7506@gmail.com

  117. Dear sir,
    The west line shipping management
    has come to our college on September 2017 to recruit students.They are saying that they are RPSL company and have to pay an amount 600000 for Job. Can RPSL company ask money for placement as per DG shipping rules. Some are saying No some are saying yes. I am confuse. If I want to confirm same with DGS how I can contact DGS and whom should I contact and where should I contact.

    Please help

  118. @Hari: Do check the DG shipping website for Valid RPSL against their name. I have never heard about this company. Be cautious.

  119. My complaint is against alpha 9 marine services https://marine.alpha9india.com
    Roshan Govindanme and my friends are the victims of him
    He came to our college saying that he’s a agent who will place us in reputed companies like Maersk great Easter etc
    And demanded 6 lakh from us
    Promising your salary will be around 18 lakh a year
    At the time we didn’t know much about the field, as he had come to our engineering college we thought he was genuine and gave him the money . I did ETO course as I am electronics background in engineering

    We paid him the money and were waiting for the job he kept on saying 5-10 days you will be in ship..
    This went on for 6-7 months ..
    Later he gave a 2000 get ship in which he promised I would be working as a trainee ETO I’ll be having senior ETO to train me..
    When I reached ship I was devastated.
    He had sent me to Dubai as a wiper not as a ETO ..
    With great difficulty I came out of there..
    And asked for the refund
    Now he’s not giving the money back..
    He did same with my friends….
    I have all the proofs to show him as a fraud
    Can you suggest what I can do about this..
    It’s a matter of my and my friends carrier

  120. @Veekshith: For any kind of fraud, please approach NUSI, MUI And local law enforcement authority (file an FIR for fraud).

  121. To master the basic knowledge of the industry, you are able to acquire teaching through plans offered by
    a nearby educational panel.

  122. Zion Marine Engineering is a fake company. They are advertising jobs and afterwards they communicate to the candidates that their cvs have been pre-approved. Then, they invite the candidate to a interwiew in their Office in London but, the candidate has to pay in advance the trip, using their travel agency named Asta Travel Limited,
    1 Molesworth Street,
    London SE13 7HB, United Kingdom.
    Tel: +44 203 807 6411
    Fax: +44 203 807 6411
    Website: www. astatravel .io Travel
    The amount paid in advance is promised to be reimbursed at the arrival to London.
    If you try to call Zion Marine Engineering you never be succeded and there is only one number in the site: www. zionmarie . co. uk
    Why they ask for the travel payment with more than one month in anticipation?
    Why the phone number is always unavailable?
    Very strange indeed…

  123. I am selected electrical supervisor in al marine Sanpada,al marine sanpada fraud r doing good

  124. Amul: Never heard about them. If they are demanding money from you (for travel, visa, medical or any other purpose) it might be an alarm. Please make sure the company is registered with the ministry of external affairs – overseas employment dep.

  125. Hello
    Could you help me is the global shipping master ltd UK a right or fake company?
    They ask me for an UK visa fee.

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