How to become a Marine Engineer after doing Mechanical Engineering?

If you are a mechanical engineer and wish to get a job in the merchant navy, then you can do so by becoming a marine engineer using your mechanical engineering degree.

Mechanical and marine engineering courses have several subjects in common and this makes it easier for a mechanical engineer to get an additional degree in marine and open new doors of opportunities.

Moreover, with the present shortage of maritime professionals in the shipping industry and lack of quality mechanical engineering jobs in the market, taking up marine engineering is an ideal choice for those already having a degree in mechanical engineering.

Marine Engineer

How to Become a Marine Engineer?

The best part of pursuing a marine engineering degree after mechanical engineering is that you don’t have to go through the four years of rigorous engineering training, which a marine engineer has to go through. All you need is a one year specialized course.

A one year Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) course after mechanical engineering would give students the licence to enter merchant navy. This one year GME course is all you need to become a marine engineer after doing mechanical engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

However, there are certain requirements which one should satisfy in order to join the one year marine engineering course. They are as follows:

  • Graduation in BE (Mechanical) Engineering / Naval Architecture with minimum marks of 50% in final year
  • Must have minimum 50% marks in English language at 10th or 12th or in Degree Exam.
  • Must not be more than 28 years old

Institutes Offering Graduate Marine Engineering Course

If you are a mechanical engineer in India, there are several institutes that are recognized by the Directorate General of Shipping, India and which provide 1 –year Graduate Marine Engineering Course (GME).

Kindly note that each institute has different admission procedure, and thus it is advisable to contact the institute directly in order to get the right information about the course.

Some of the prominent institutes offering GME course are:

  • Vel’s Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai
  • International Maritime Institute Ltd, Greater Noida
  • Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Ltd, Kolkata (Direct Link: GRSE  (pdf))

To get the full list of Directorate General of Shipping Approved Colleges offering GME Course, read List of Institutes offering Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) Course in India.

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  1. I am a B.E Aeronautical engineering Graduate… am I eligible for GME or not…please let me know.

  2. Several Colleges in India Provide GME courses which includes Marine Workshop and additional training.

  3. sir I am a Aerospace engineering Graduate…am I eligible for GME or not…please let me know…

  4. Sir I am studying mechanical engineering 1st year after gme can i joint to work as an officer at ship

  5. sir i am presently studying mechanical engineering in final year,after completion of B.E i would like to join marine engg. .

  6. I’m interested in GME. But how about the placements????
    Is there is any colleges that can offer 100% placement???

  7. Dear Rishi,

    The current market condition is very bad. The current pass out cadets and engineers are waiting for almost a year to get on a ship. Most of them are paying lakhs to agent to get a job. Try to get in a college run by a ship management company like anglo eastern etc.
    Best of Luck.

  8. I am doing BE-mechanical engineering final year, now I am going to studying gme course one year it is a wright way or not? Pls guide me sir

  9. Sir, Now i am doing my B.E.(mechanical engineering) final year , and i want to join marchant navy , so
    which institute i should join for GME course, sir please tell me about some institute and there process to join?

  10. Sir, after completing G.M.E, once we get into on-board ship training does it mean that ‘its a part of job’…and moreover i am paying 6lakhs for both pre sea training and on-board ship training for alpha 9 marines services and they told that training is a part of a job? is that true?or 6lakhs i high? plz reply me sir….

  11. hello sir i am bala i am doing mechanical 2nd year after finishing final year i am intrest to join marine which course can i take what are all the procedure can you elaborate me thank you

  12. @ Bala. The procedure has already been explained in the above article. Do you have any specific question or doubt about the above subject?

  13. hello sir

    im 2014 fresh mechanical engineer i was looking for joning merchant nayvy what is is the correct procedure to be followed and what are the current jobs market for fresh mechanical engineers in merchant navy

    waiting for your guidance

    thanking you in advance

  14. @Tauqeer: The procedure is correctly explained in the article above. The current job market is in very bad shape as fresh passed marine engineers are waiting for 1-2 year to get onboard ship for training.

  15. hello
    may i know what will be the fresh mechanical engg salary after completing his pre sea training

    what is the current job market

    what is the cost of doing GME COURSE


  16. I recently attended a. seminar on marine engineering by a reputed training institute. They said the eligibility criteria for getting a license includes not having a history of greater than 6 back papers in your mechanical engineering course.
    Is that correct? Of all the places i’ve searched online, never have i come across such a rule.

  17. hello sir

  18. Dear Vimal,

    There are many private institutes which vary with the minimum marks criteria. You have to check them individually.

  19. Sir, Now i am doing my B.E.mechanical engineering final year , and i want to join marchant navy , so
    which institute i should join for GME course, sir please tell me about some institute and there process to join? n total amount of that course sir

  20. The shipping industry is going through a Job crunch. It is better to join a Company owned institutes like- Anglo Easter Maritime Academy, Univan Maritime Academy etc. Please contact the institute for all the other details.

  21. iam studying b.e.mechanical engg.3yr. After b.e.i do marine engg 1course its rigith r not pls explane me to hwo to join to marine engg. .it have any exam for marine engg. .pls help me. .

  22. sir
    after laser surgery,if my eye sight gets normal ,can i be selected&
    the above two academies u mentioned,can i get placed 100% surely at any market condition if i do gme course in them.
    plzz tell me the academy which i can be placed 100%
    and wat if to do 4 year programme plzz tell the whole procedure
    thank you

  23. now i am studying mechanical engineering. after 4year i want do join marine engineering. so what will do me

  24. Hello sir, i am a mechanical 2nd year student and i want to join marine academy after completing my graduation can u please suggest what can for making my carrier well settled ………………..

  25. Hey!
    I am Sajo and I am pursuing my B.E Mechanical 4th year.
    I recently attended a recruitment drive conducted by Samudra Institute of Maritime Studies.
    I cleared the written test and now I am waiting for my Interview and 16pf rounds.
    My query is if I am gettin into a GME Course in their college after paying a huge amount as my Fees whether I get placement or not.
    And,whether stipend is offered to all the trainees during the one year training period?
    Plz do reply!!!!!

  26. Dear Sajo,

    We do not have the exact placement record of this institute but I am sure it is not 100%.
    About the stipend, it depends on the company which hires you.

  27. The Procedure is explained in the above article. If you have any specific doubt, please feel free to ask

  28. hello sir!i am first year student of mechanical engineering,i would like to work as a marine engineer
    plz help me to choose the correct gme institute,thank you sir, im waiting for your guidence.

  29. i completed my B.Tech with mechanical engineering. I have got 70% in mechanical engineering. am interested in marine engineering.. how can i get job in marine engineering ?? plz mail to my email address

  30. YOU CAN JOIN SAMUNDRA INSTITUDE………THERE YOU CAN DO 1 YEAR GME COURSE…..FEES IS AROUND 4 LAKH,,,,,BUT GUD INSTITUDE…..IT HAS TIE UP WID executive shipping management,,,,,,so 100 % placement

  31. sir i hv done in mechanical engineering with 65.4 % aggregrate . my eyesight is -2.5 and height is 5 foot 5 inches… m i eligible fr gme course… is lesic surgery fr eyes is not the issue for my admission… plzz reply me

  32. sir,
    I would like to join gme course at cochin shipyard and would like to know about the placement and reputation of college.

  33. sir iam studying in b.e mechanical engineering how did i join the marine engineering what is the processure pls send the details

  34. sir,
    i am a graduate in mechanical engineering , i would like join merchant navy through direct entry ,
    could you please explain the procedure and relevant suggestions
    awaiting for your reply.

  35. sir i am studying mechanical engg,i have idea to join gme. if i study this i get a job or not.related to that any couse have to do while studying mechanical engineering

  36. sir í ám 1st year mechanical engineering then my ambination was þó become captain . please guide me sir

  37. Dear Anand,

    Since you are pursuing mechanical engineering, you can opt for marine engineering as described in the article above. You cannot be a captain as it is a position of deck department. You can become a chief engineer of ship’s engine room department.

  38. Sir,i want to ask that if i complete mech engineer and give GME and complete it i will placed. Or after marine engineer i don’t have to give GME i will placed.which is best one plz tell me

  39. sir, i want to became marine engineer but, i joined mechanical engineer so pls gudie me to study gme

  40. Sir,how many yrs will needed to become officer by completing b e mech eng?and salary of chief eng maximum

  41. @ Sachin
    You need to complete your 6 month training onboard to become eligible for CL IV exams. Once you pass this exam, you are an operational level officer.
    For salary of Indian officers, please read-

  42. sir let me know that which institute is best for GME within the range of 2 lack fees structure with 100% placement
    and is there scholarship scheme for OBC category

  43. I am a Mechanical Engineer from Bangladesh.As I am informed that currently there is no way(no matter if one completes his GME course) to transform from Mechanical Engineering to marine engineering..My questions are.

    1) If I complete my GME course from abroad or India, will I be eligible to transform?

  44. Dear Matin,

    In India, approved GME courses are available for mechanical engineer for becoming a marine engineer.

  45. in 10th class i have less than 50 marks, can i do marine engineering please inform me

  46. Dear Ashraf,

    10+2 marks are considered for admission from a recognized Board/University with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), with not less than 60% marks in PCM aggregate.

  47. Dear Anish sir,
    1). I would like to ask that is there any preference 4 marine engg over mechanical engg..4 the post for any job as an engineer.

    2). I have done mechanical and automation but I studied all the subjects of mechanical engg…will this degree create any problem ?

    3). I have heard about anglo eastern a lot…do they place on their ships for some specific period only or they place us again when we come after our vacation, as their r 6 months gap on 2 consecutive on board’s.

    Thnk u sir….

  48. Sir,is cut off there for admission of b tech degree collage in marine after 12 and diploma ? And if there can you tell good collages in Maharashtra.latest one

  49. sir i am presently studying mechanical engineering in final year,after completion of B.E i would like to join marine engg.

  50. hello sir
    i am btech mechanical 2012 batch passout. i would like to join merchant navy. what is the correct procedure for joining mechant navy

  51. is bsc in ship building and repairs is a gud profession ? sir can you explain me what is it all about. My friends told me that the career has no scope with respect to marine engineering. i have qualified imu cet with a gud rank but i scored only 59.9 % in 12th. i wanted to join marine engineering coz i know lotz about it. bt i have no idea about bsc in ship building and repair. sir please guide me. tell me which one is a better career option.

  52. i am doing mechaincal engineering. i am in the 1st yr. can i join marine engineering in the 2nd year. is there any way.

  53. “tell me which one is a better career option.” – It entirely depends on your preferences and state of mind.

    Marine Egnineering will have better remuneration compared to ship building.
    Shipbuilding career has its own advantage and you can earn good remuneration at later stage, and of course it has one added advantage- It’s a shore job.

  54. No- You cannot. Either join it from the 1st year of 4 years Marine engineering course on basis of your 10+2 PCM marks or you can continue your mechanical degree and follow the procedure explained in the above article.

  55. iam studying b.e.mechanical engg.3yr. After b.e.i do marine engg 1course its rigith r not pls explane me to hwo to join to marine engg. .it have any exam for marine engg. Pls help me.

  56. Sir m studying in 12th with pcm (UP) my maths is weak plz give me suggestion for get into marine engineering and wich course is the best..

  57. Sir I completed mechanical engineering but I have 5 back papers .. I will b clearing it by next attempt but is it possible for me to join the 1 year are sea training program me in any institution? Plz help me out with my quarry..

  58. Sir…. I m studying 7th sem Mechanical and i am interested in marine field.. but the problem is
    i met with an accident 4 years before,which was severe injury for my left elbow
    operation was successful and my hand is perfectly alright now now im going to gym as preferred by doctor.
    Am I eligible to join marine engineering…?

  59. Sir during recruitment on ship whom are preferd by companies 10+2 marine engg or else B.E. Marine engg???

  60. Sir,
    I have applied for Graduate Marine Engineer in Shipping corporation of India.
    I the advertisement, it is written that the job is not guarenteed after 1 year training.
    The training fees is 4.00 lacs.
    Since it is a PSU, what are the chances of job after training ?

  61. @ Ashwini,

    Deserving candidates are preferred irrespective of “degree” background

  62. @ Manoj:

    If the injury is not permanent and you are able to lift loads like any other normal person, you are eligible.

  63. Is there any advantage of doing 1year GME after BE Mechanical over the basic 4 year marine engineering after 12th ?

  64. Sir,
    I have applied for Graduate Marine Engineer(GME) in Shipping corporation of India(SCI).
    It is written that the job is not guarenteed after 1 year training.
    The training fees is 4.00 lacs.
    Since it is a PSU, what are the chances of job after training ?

  65. Is there any entrance exam or rounds for selection of college…… Pls let me know…pls

  66. Dear Sir
    I am in my final year of Aeronautical engg degree course from gov. college and have diploma in mechanical engg.
    After completing my degree in Aeronautical engg, Would I be eligible for GME course ?
    Please do reply.
    Thanking you

  67. sir,i am graduate in btech. M.E. (80%) .What salary i can expect in merchan navy and how much time i have to spent on during job

  68. sir I am studying mechanical engineering 3rd semester in laec in bidar after completion of BE I would like to join marine engineering for job…

  69. hello sir,
    I am doing BE in mechanical engg.,and i want my career in merchant navy or in any other field related to shipping… so can u please tell me that is there any other course related to this?
    and what if i don’t want do GME course can i get a job in merchant navy if i am a mechanical engineer?
    please answer me with my queries
    please do answer its a humble request as i need your guidance.


  71. Dear sir,

    I have engineering for 3 years college and i worked 10 years for shipyard in Kuwait city . now I am here in sweden but i have not gott help to this goverment and i want to complete my engineering.

    I hope to help me for this problem in order to become full engineer.
    I therefor wainting you to your help.

  72. Sir I am Student of 7th sem mechanical engineering now am interested in Marine Navy What Can I do……..????


  74. sir , i am in 4 year of mechanical how to apply in marine .what i have to do this . please give link for that site .thank you

  75. sir,
    what is the syllabus for gme entrance. And will you please suggest me some books plz.
    reply fast

  76. Respected sir
    ,I am Deepika ,right now iam in 2nd year of manufacturing engineering course.Can i become a marine engineer? Do girls are fit for this job ?

  77. You need to have subjects equivalent to mechanical engineering for getting in this stream. Of-course, girls are fit for this job (you need to pass physical and medical examination).

  78. Sir,
    If an individual persue his/her Marine Engineering in a foreign country( Abroad ) for example in U.S as an international student.
    Does he/she ‘ll be allowed to do work there ? or he/she ‘ll selected in Campus Placements ?.
    As mentioned in official sites of Public Colleges of U.S ( SUNY, USMMA, Texas Maritime ) that international students are not eligible of getting U.S Coast Guard License but they are eligible for doing their UG/PG Courses in colleges mentioned above.

    Urgent Help Required


  79. Excellent way of explaining, and nice paragraph to get information about my presentation topic,
    which i am going to present in institution of higher education.

  80. dear sir ,
    i am doing marine engineering in a nonn dgs recognized college what should be my next step?

  81. sir i have completed b tech mechanical eng. now i want to join gme course and iam planning to opt for either anglo eastern or samundra .sir plzz can u suggest me the best college from these 2 where i can get assured job with good salary .

  82. sir I want to do marien enginering , sir is it can become a good carrier for me,, after doing mechanical what are the steps for this carrier , it will be costly or not….

  83. Anish sir, I m B.E Mech n I wanted to join GME but I had operation when I was 8 years old. But I am all fit till today… In physical test I will be selected or not.

  84. Sir I am doing aeronautical engineering 2nd it possible for me to do GME after completing my course.

  85. Sir, I have eyesight, but I am confident and have huge interest in marine engineering. Because of my eyesight can I never become a marine engineer.

  86. dear sir,

    im mechanical engineer and now days working in a shipping company as trainee mechanical engineer, i don’t have any marine certificate so what i do for become a mariner. which course is suitable for me. please reply as soon.
    age – 29 yr

  87. Sir, I need to work in a marine it’s possible to study after 3-4 yes later currently I’m Doing mechanical engg 3rd year

  88. Sir, I am doing machanical engineering 1st year.
    I want something is new in machanical field.
    And I want a job form my talent after 3 years

  89. Sir I have passed mech engg & I have taken to admission in GME but my teeth are not good,open bite teeth for permently.good teeth are necessary for GME or not.teeth are included in medical standard 2000 or not.pizzazz reply sir

  90. Sir I have passed mech engg & I have taken to admission in GME but my teeth are not good,open bite teeth for permanently.good teeth are necessary for GME or not.teeth are included in medical standard 2000 or not as per rules.plzzz reply this email id-

  91. Sir….I am doing in mechanical (7th sem)…I have vision problem in right eye but the other one is alright…so can I be eligible or not??

  92. sir, my 12 pcm marks r less than 60%,i have completed my BE mechanical engg, but i am interested in marine engg, what is another options to join it …plz rpy sir ..

  93. Please sir…suggest some ways for being a part of marine life after completion of…
    I just can’t stop thinking of anything else besides it…
    Isn’t there any concession in case of there physical standards….especially in case of eyesight…

  94. Sir i got 58% in mechanical engineering.Sir i wanted to know that if i complete my gme course from a college which is giving admissions to students who are scoring less than 60% in me graduation,will there be a good future in merchant navy as an engineer for me as i got less than 60% in my graduation

  95. sir i am in last year mechanical student sir i like the marine engg
    the requirment gate exam for marine engg ?
    and tell us sir which month the forms are availble in sites ?
    & tell us admission process for marine engg in college ? & any form on web site for get admission ? & name of site tell us sir ?
    and sir i have specs then can get admission in marine engg ?

  96. Sir , i want sponsorship from a company , i am joining 2015 march GME batch in Garden reach shipbuilders & Engineers. What should i do to get sponsorship from a shipping company

  97. Sir what Iis difference between 4 year marine and 4 year mechanical and 1 year marine engineering? ??

  98. sir i am a girl persuing my bachelor in mechanical engg. i want to take gme training in samudra institute ,mumbai it possible sir??? if not !! pls sr…
    give me some options for other colleges with best placements

  99. what is the process of marine engg. after complete B.Tech in mechanical engg. ?

  100. sir i am a boy persuing my bachelor in mechanical engg. i want to take gme training in samudra institute ,mumbai it possible sir??? if not !! pls sr…
    give me some options for other colleges with best placements

  101. Sir I got a drop in 1st year mechanical engg.(be) but at that tym was not knowing abt it … I had taken a re-admission in first year if know I will complete this mechanical engineering in 4 year would I am able to be get eligible for gme course …

  102. sir,
    i completed my diplomo in mechanical engg.with 60% marks can i eligible for merchant navy…please tell me if yes so how what is the procedure//……………

  103. Dear AnishSir
    I m doing BE in electronics engineering
    So am i eligible for marine engineering or Gme ???
    Sir pls plss help me out

  104. Hi I am doing mechanical engineering my question is
    Are there any universities in u.s.a that provide the GME 1 year course like in india

  105. sir I have 48% in BE mechanical is there any chance of joining course pls help….or any other in navy I belong to st category…I really like navy stuffs or marine pls do reply

  106. sir i have just given my 12th board exam(2015) so can you plzz explain the steps for joining marine engg….

  107. Sir ,
    i have doing mechanical engg is gng of 2nd year yet to be complet sir ..and i have interseted to do marine engg .. after completing my b.e mechanical engg ..if i do marine engg surely i can get a job after completing the marine course (or) its very tough to get the job after completing the marine engg sir

  108. sir i m doing my btech 3year i hv intrest to do marine engineering (gme) . but some people saying that their was less job faciltiys nd u hv to be in 6 months in ship and 6 months in land is it right … plz clarify my question ….
    waiting for ur reply

  109. sir,
    what if sm1 had drop of a year during the completion of the degree of Be mechanical,bt is desperate to join the Merchant navy ?
    Is that candidate allowd to join the merchant navy???
    does he hv to work accordingly to join the field…?

  110. sir, i have 59.8% in 10+2.
    Am I eligible for GME.
    And currently I am pursuing my B.Tech from Mechanical branch, i am in 2nd yr.

  111. hai sir.. this is vamshi perseived b-tech ,specilization electrical . recently i came into contact with SEA RISE MARINE .institute . is it the good one.. they are assuring a100% placement .. for ETO course . they are giving a bond paper .. should i belive that .. please help me ….. anish sir .. as if this is not a good institute then i will plan for a masters in u s … so i would be very thankful if u reply to me.. please show me the way

  112. is there any career opportunity for 33 years old to study marine transportation

  113. Sir
    Is there government institutions for GME courses. Education if there please give the information about government institutions and requirements for getting a admission into the institution

  114. sir,
    Is pcm percentage is considerd for selection in gme course after completing btech from mechanical engineering with above 65% aggregrate??
    please reply !!
    I’ll be waiting for the answer

  115. Sir. i have completed mechanical engineering. in diploma so planning to do marine engineering………..can i be a chief officer in future ????????…….do u have any tips……

  116. Sir I am Studying B.E Machenical 1st year.sir I weard the spex I will Eligible to GME or Not?
    Please reply..!!
    I’ll will be waiting for your information.

  117. Gud morn sir…am micheal…compltd b.e
    (mech er.) in 2014 passed out…& am
    compltd certified automation er.
    nw am i eligible to work in ship…bcoz
    am post my resume on cruise job
    portal..nw some agency called me for
    intrview …nw thy r told tat am selctd
    in shiping company as asst mech 4th
    rank er.
    so it s posible or not sir…bcoz i didnt
    do any stcw,cdc,gmdss,preseas…
    so 1nly am asking u sir..plz provide me
    d details it vil help our generation 2
    fimd fake ppls sir…just help me wit ur
    reply sir

  118. Sir I am just planning to pursue mec engg.After that will I be able to continue with marine engineering

  119. Respected sir I am a fresher student completed my diploma in mechanical engineering in the year 2015 only … so is there any course related to my profession in marine field

  120. Hi sir, my name is subrata and I am a final year student of mechanical engineering. I want to be hotel service engineer in cruise ship.
    Plz guide me about which course I have to do for this position?
    And what is the meaning of “IMO 111/2 ” certificate?
    Sir plz reply me as soon as possible…….
    Thanking you in advance……..

  121. sir am completed my diploma in mechanical engg and I would like to do the marine engg course of 2 years and am a fat totally my weight is 95 and I don’t have a any eye sight and am perfectly alright can I eligible for doing the course r not sir

  122. Hi Sir….im doing B.E mechanical engg 3rd year in an ordinary college in madurai,Tamilnadu..then after completing my degree how can i applying for 1year marine engg program…

  123. Sir
    I am doing B.E. in mechanical final year. I got 49 in ssc am i eligible to join GME. Plz sir if not what should i do.

  124. sir i see your terms for fullfill form of this course,in ssc i got only 45 marks in english and your institute required 50% so i am elligible to fullfill form for your institute if yes so plz replay me on my email
    your faithfully
    patel kalp

  125. sir
    after finishing this 1year gme course and training shall I get the job in any ship.The most people are saying that we need high recommendation for getting the job.

  126. i am persuing final year in mechanical engg
    .can i join marine engg.will you please provide detaill guidance.

  127. After 12th i want to become a deck officer for that which courses i need to do?plz reply sir i am eagerly waiting for your response

  128. hi i am study in shipbuilding engineering department 3rd year .after 1year can i get a job?

  129. sir,i am pursuing my mechanical engg .after machanicl engg how can i be marine engg and whats the procedure

  130. Sir now I’m sty in 3 rd year in mech engg..sir I want to join academy after complete in B.E bt sir plz mi at the time of admi only last year % are required to admi.above 60% bt sir 12the are s required to join merchant neavy one year coarse

  131. i completed in mech n without GME course can’t i go as 5th engineer in ship

  132. sir
    Are there any government recognised institutions for GME courses. If there please give me details for joining into the specific institutions and fees details.
    kindly waiting for your reply sir.

  133. @anish sir
    sir i m doing btech with electrical branch and m in final year.. but i want to join merchant navy so what is d procedure for dis.. and also i was suffering from spinal TB but now it is completly cured so m i eligible to join???

  134. sir,i had completed diploma in mechanical engineer and then completed b-tech mechanical,i am elgible this cource or not! because i am not studying intermediate like 10+2.

  135. Sir, I want to know that is great eastern shipping good to make a career as a marine engineer

  136. After in computer science .i do marine engg 1course its right or not pls explane me to how to join to marine engg. .it have any exam for marine engg. .pls help me. .

  137. Sir..i got one surgery in my face at above leftside of my teeth in that place a tumour had located but i got surgery and took that but during surgery they cut some bone also that’swhy the bone is still not grow and also i did take one tooth from my it possible to join in graduate marine course. Now i am doimg BE mechanical 3rd year.

  138. Hi sir i am placed with Bernhard Schulte Ship Management,through Vishwakarma Maritime Institute,Pune, the pre sea training is of 12 months and on board training of 9 months, how is the college and company compared to Anglo group and Great Eastern??

  139. @Akash; Its good that you got a placement. It is a good ship management company but with smaller ship numbers than anglo group.
    If you have any query, please ask at out forums- as this is an off topic question for this article

  140. hello
    i am a mechanical fitter now working in Saudi Aramco. how can i become a marine engineer..? i have a diploma in marine mechanical fitter
    if u don’t mind plz give the answer by a email my

  141. Sir,

    My age is 27 and I am really passionate about career at sea . I would like to know that is there any disadvantage in joining shipping so late,as my age is there anything like shipping companies prefer candidates with much lesser age. I went for an interview of great eastern , they put me into waiting list as my Interview was not good In final calculation of marks one of them asked me that will I be able to study at the age of 27.
    Plz reply I am a bit demotivated.

  142. Age is no bar to follow your passion. You might find candidates younger than you at senior position but if you love what you do, that wont be a problem. As far as I know, their no such “Age” preference. Its all about the performance.

  143. I have completed my in mechanical but I have interest to join the marine plz give some suggestion.

  144. sir, i want to known, if i don’t have 50% marks in english, so i am eligible for marine engineering or not please reply as soon as possible.

  145. I have completed my BE in mechanical. I want to study marine course of 16 months .can u plz suggest me the clg name and the fees structure???????????????????????

  146. @SUMEDH: Check this article-

    For Fee structure, you need to contact the colleges. For any further queries, please post your question in our forums-

  147. Sir. I am a final year mechanical engineering student. i am too passionate about joining the merchant navy . I had a fracture in my right hand which was healed by a small pin inside but i am fit right now. Just let me know that if this wont be an obstacle for me in pursuing my dream?

  148. The guidelines and the criteria which is given above is informative and precise. There are also job opportunities in mechanical engineering but still if one decides to complete marine engineering one can follow the above directions. Also training in marine engineering can be done if not graduation in marine engineering.

  149. I am a graduate mechanical engineer and want to join merchant navy…please help me…is there any course fee for a year course or any sponsorship program.If there any sponsorship they what is the procedure to get??And also tell me the minimum course fee..thank you

  150. Hello,Sir I am the student of final year B tech mechanical engineering.and ii want to become marine engineer .I am in last this semester I HAVE INDRUSTRIAL TRAINING so where I take this which trainingis best and helpful for me to joining marine .So tell me please .
    thank you

  151. Sir, i m frm tamilnadu.i m be mechanical ..i lik to pursue gme courses which college is the best to suit me in placement activities

  152. hello sir i am pursuing final year mechanical engineering i wan t to join in marine engineering , and my question is this one year specialized marine course having any trades ? having means what are they, how it was their and by this how the career will be design? thanking u in advance sir

  153. sir the percentage in english have minimum 50% in 10 class or 12 class….ya in both class must have 50 % in english sir please tell me thanks

  154. @Karan: With Mechanical degree as a background, you cannot become a ship captain. You can join Engine dept. though.

  155. if a candidate securing 59% in pcm aggregate in 12th & in all other cases he is eligible with mechanical engineering…is he a eligible canddidate for gme courses???
    reply back plz

  156. Sir my final year in mechanical engineering sir my % is 10th & 12th and degree is more than 50% but 10% in english is less thane 50% sir any chance i am join one year course for marchant navay and after join a job for marchant navay plz suggest the college and fee for one year

  157. Sir
    Any sub courses in maraine .in mechanical trade.i want to do the course for work in offshore in riggs.

  158. @Rajesh. The normal cutoff % is 60%. Still you can check with different private colleges as they might consider your case

  159. Is there diffrence in sallary of a regular marine engineer and Graduate marine engineer after mechanical

  160. Hi Sir, I am Little bit confused for joining College for GME course. I got selected in 2 institute
    Which is best for GME , Cochin Shipyard or Anglo Eastern??

  161. sir,i’ve completed engineering with mechanical department.i want to join merchant navy with mechanical degree,can i do that,without GME course.please inform me.

  162. Sir ,I have an eye sight of -2.5 am i eligible to join for gme after mechanical engineering….. Will pls give me a correct information about that

  163. Should I get direct admission for GME cource in any college wwithout the personal interview and other aptitude exam if yes then please suggest me the institute.

    Plz reply

  164. Sir, which is the best ship management company? Anglo or great Eastern or Bernard Where there is less waiting after the gme course

  165. gme entrance exam ????

    now I’m doing 4th mech 2sem how to apply gme entrance plzzzzzz help me sirrrrrr

  166. Hello sir my name is Mohammed Anas I’m in mechanical engineering diploma in 2nd year so is there any scope for shipping route

  167. Better to go with those having different shipping fleet and maximum numbers of ships.
    Cannot comment on the wait time for any of those mentioned as it varies depending upon the number of candidates and available ships.

  168. Hello sir,
    My name is Mohon Karmakar now I’m doing diploma 6th semester in mechanical engineering . after diploma can I join GME course….

    plz reply

  169. My self Mohon Karmakar I’m mechanical engineering diploma in apering. Can I join which marine course

  170. hlw sir m 10 pass nd my percentage is 70 nd i am going to join pre sea course from tht course can i be captain

  171. sir,
    iam studying b.e automobile engineering.
    and I like this Marine field so I got a job.
    any degree or course studying became a Marine engineer.

  172. sir,I am studying final year part time BE (mechanical engineering). can I joint GME course.

  173. Sir, I am pursuing 3 yr course to mechanical engineering after diploma in civil engineering,
    Can I do GME course to marine engineering,
    Plss sir give me reply.
    Pls sir pls

  174. Sir, I pursuing 3yr course in mechanical engineering after diploma in civil engineering.
    Can i do GME course to marine engineering,
    Pls sir reply me
    Pls pls pls sir

  175. Sir,iam persuing my BE in mechanical[1st year] Mangalore Marine college and technology…There is a GME course available here and iam thinking to do it after my BE in mech…can u tell me about the salary and placement if i study in MMCT..plz thanks..

  176. Sir,I am studying BE-MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 3rd year and i want to study GME. So give some information about this course and top colleges in india.

  177. how can i join marine mechanical engineering ( B-TECH )BY ELIGIBILITY OF DIPLOMA (MECH )

  178. Sir i am studying in BE Mechanical Engineering in 2nd year after i will studying at GME. So some information give about this course

  179. Sir,i didn’t get about eye eye sight is -3.5 but I have good percentage in all academics.can I get any opportunity to get into marine field

  180. Same as Ananth said sir I didn’t understand about eye sight in your article can you plz tell the upper limits of eye sight.
    My eye sight is -3
    10+2 – 93%
    So plz inform me can I enter into marine field.

  181. Sir,
    I am a mechanical engineering student and I have a drop in my 3rd year. Can I apply for the GME or PGDME course. Am I eligible for the same with a drop year?

  182. Sir, I have done my in mechanical and my hieght is 5’5 inch can I get job in marchant navy.

  183. Sir ,I have Completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering.I Want job In Merchant navy.

  184. sir i have complited my B.E Mechanical, if i don’t have 50% marks in english at 10th, so i am eligible for marine engineering or not please reply as soon as possible.

  185. hello sir I have completed BE mechanical engineering. I want to join merchant navy. After completing GME course successfully is there always a vacancy for a marine engineer?

  186. hello sir Now I am doing BE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING final year. I have an idea to

    join GME course . so sir can you tell is there any scope for that course .

  187. Sir what is the difference between a marine engineering student and gme cadet..we paying 14 lakhs for 4 years and gme are paying just 4 lakhs for 1 year and coming as fifth engineer..what makes us different.if there is no difference what is the purpose of having a seperate marine engg instead we can have mech engg and 1 year gme…plz clarify my doubt…sir..

  188. sir, i am studying 3rd year mechanical engineering i want to join in GME course shall i write GME entrance exam

  189. Sir,This is gowtham doing final year mechanical engineer.i am joining GME, what are the process of joining GME?.I am really interested marine job.

  190. I am purrsuing final year BE mechanical engineer If I join gme next year will I placed in ship after completion of gme please clarify and any other concession are avoilable for 1st graduate tell me in detail

  191. I am still pursuing mechanical engineering from pune university. I got a drop in my 2nd year. Can I apply?

  192. Respected sir, I’m an final year BTech student.The branch i am in is mechanical ptoduction.Its not purely mechanical,but most of the papers are same..(not going deeper on thermel related paper)
    I want to know my possibility of joining the gme course??
    Am I capable of joining the course?

  193. Sir
    This is Pranesh doing final year DME.I am joining GME, what are the process of joining GME?.I am very interested marine job.

  194. sir,
    i have completed my btech from mechanical engg. last year. and i started my job at delhi last yr.
    now i want to go for GME course.
    kindly suggest me, is there any option of non attending or correspondence mode so that i can continue my job too??
    if yes,,/ please suggest me the respective institutions also..

  195. Dear Sir,
    I am a mechanical pass out student in the year 2016 having70-80% , but I could not secured 50% in English (in 10th,12th) , I have a dream from childhood to join merchant navy or marine officer. Can I fulfil my dream????

  196. Sir i m doing diploma in mechanical engineering and i want to be a Marine engineer, so what i have to do for becoming marine engineer.
    Please let me know it sir.

  197. @Biranchi: These are the DG shipping requirements. Do check if any institute may consider your case. The only problem you can face later when passing out and applying for CDC

  198. sir

    I am doing first year mechanical engineering.I would like to join for GME. Can i apply for this coarse after third year

  199. sir iam doing mechanical engineering. i want study GME(Graduate marine engineering). and i need fees detail of this course and scholarship , job sallery.pls tell me sir

  200. Sir , i completed mechanical engg. I’m interested in doing GME for shipping field.but i didn’t write entrance for IMU 2016.Is there any other way to join for this course.

  201. Sir, I am pursuing btech mechanical 4th year,am interested in GME , are girls eligible to do this course?

  202. Hi sir,
    As of the answers for quires i believe you have answer for my confusion too…
    I am Mohamed Ayub sk, pursuing final year in B.E. mechanical engineering, i meet all eligible criteria mentioned except yet to complete engineering degree, which i am pursuing now.
    A consultancy called “alpha 9” had come for college placements. Conducted a written and personal interview yesterday, and i hav been announced as i cleared it by a mail, and have been called for a medical fitness test on 27th this month.
    They have mentioned a fee of 6L for complete cource of 12months training in academy and have guarenteed placements. In PPT they did show certificates of assurance. BUT i have no trust in this consultancy…. I feel like i should talk to those who hav been placed by this consultancy.
    CIN: U74910GJ2015PTC082093
    should i continue with them? Or not?
    I even want an opinion of what would it cost me if i do the cource GME if not through consultancy? And how is the situation in the jobs in merchant navy… Would i get job easily if i do this cource?
    Whatever the info. U provide… I ll b lot thankful….. Please
    If possible… Mail me please

  203. Sir Now Iam Studying 1st Year Mechanical Engineering Can I Join Marine Engineering 2nd year After Completing 1st Year

  204. Sir,I completed my BE in mechanical engineering and I wish to do GME
    My aggregate is 52%(taking new marks of the 2 backs which i had cleared long back)
    But my main worry is i have 49% aggregate taking the first attempt marks for calculating the percentage…
    So,the question is does the university take first attempt marks or the passed marks to calculate percentage??
    Plz help me

  205. Sir I am pursuing mechanical 4th year i am interested in GME,
    can you help me related to fee, how many fee investment in GME after and how many year GME course after

  206. Sir, now I m in final year (M. E) degree, I also attended diploma in Mechanical Engineering after SSC. And I didnt get through 12 so wheather I m eligible to join GME or not.
    Also i have eye power of -2.5 . Waiting for your response..

  207. Hello, Anish! My name is Ijaz Ahmed. And I’m currently pursuing my B. Tech (1st year) in Mechanical Engg at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala.
    Firstly, a big thank you for this well-written article. Crisp and to-the-point. And also for taking your time to reply to as many queries as possible. I have one of my own, and please do reply if you have time.

    I understand that B. Tech handles the engineering aspects of a ship and not the other section i.e. navigation, docking, loading cargo and so on. What I am aiming at is the Captaincy and not the Chief Engineer. Is that possible with having a B. Tech in ME? Or will I have to go for other courses once I am done with my B. Tech? And if so, what course would I have to do?

    Once again, great work on the article ! Thanks !

  208. Sir I completed B.E. with machanical engineering with 76%
    I’m interested for GME. but I don’t earn 50% marks in English. So plz tell me have any opportuniti for me to join the course of GME.???

  209. Sir if i pursue gme from the colleges of the companies like samundara, eastern anglo then there is surence of job in the firm or not.

  210. Sir I am doing mechanical engineering 4th year running ibam also got 86%in 12 th how did secure career In this field 100% and which cource is better and what is reputer institute giv. Or private please suggest me

  211. Sir I am a final year b tec mechanical student I have heard that some companies offer sponsorship for studying GME course .Is it true if yes what are the procedures for availing those sponserships

  212. Sir: my 12 (pcm)marks is 54% & I am complet BE mechanical with 60% can i eligible for 1 year gme course.

  213. Sir:after 10 standard I completed diploma mechanical engineering than I completed my BE MECHANICAL my question is, for 1 year GME course are I am eligible or not.
    And sir in the application form there asking the details of 12th standard,but I have diploma certificate is it accpect are not.

  214. Yes you can surely join. Look for colleges providing “B.Tech. Marine Engineering – Lateral Entry” and make sure that they are approved by D.G. Shipping, Govt of India.

    Also, note that some colleges may not have ‘Lateral Entry’ program and you may need to join from first year.

    The eligibility requirement is 55% in last year of diploma course. Find more here –

  215. Hello sir, my name is Shaikh Rehan. I’ve completed my mechanical engineering this year and is looking forward to have a career in Marine engineering.
    I’ve so applied to some colleges for gme (vishwakarma maritime studies, pune, great eastern maritime institute, lonavla).
    I want to know whether I can do gme course in UK or any other country.

  216. sir whether be mechanical with GME has the same value like to the BE marine engineer(4 year course)?????????

  217. Sir i have 45 in maths,69 in physics and 77 in chemistry then sir could i get best company or college

  218. sir actually i am interested in dns and i have 45 in maths 69 in physics 77 in chemistry could i get best company or college

  219. Hi, I’m abul Kalam from Bihar I have completed b. Tech in mechanical 2016, I’m interested to join in merin engineering course, how can I admitt in merin engineering college at very low price, please let me know

  220. @Abul: Pricing and fees depend on colleges and are almost similar all over the place. Avoid going to unapproved institutes who are offering cheap courses. You will not have a job after completing the course which will be an expensive investment otherwise.

  221. I want make my career at merchant Navy…
    I had completed my 12 th science
    what I do….

  222. It will depend on the level of your allergy and it’s effect. Please contact a DG shipping approved doctor for a clear opinion.

  223. sir thank you for this post,
    i m doing ME 3rd year .
    how difficult it is to get job in ship after completing GME course?
    plzz reply

  224. Hello sir, I have done 10th with 70% marks and then done diploma in mechatronics. so can i join the marine engg. course if yes then what is duration of my course as i have done a diploma.


  226. I am currently studying B-tech. in Mechanical Engineering. can I apply for the GME course after completetion of my degree?

  227. sir i want to join the marine engineering. iam complete the with 65% please suggest the cources

  228. Sir I have clear b tech in mechanical engineering. I have a safed daag dieses in my legs can I recruite in marchant navy

  229. Sir I have clear btech with 66% I have eye sight (1.5) can I make it to marine engineering..

  230. What could be the estimated expediture in doing a marine engineering course after mechanical engineering degree ?

  231. Hi sir,I’m Ragupathi J,from Tamil Nadu I have completed my HSC IN 2018,iam willing to join in mechanical engineering and I have a another thought that is after finishing my mechanical course I am going to take GME course whether if I am completing my GME course can I get job quickly or should I want to wait. Or I should complete any other exams

  232. I had an accident few years back and after the fracture my little finger is slightly shortened in that an obstruction?

  233. Sir, i have completed BE mechanical engineering, if i study the GME course, there is any conformance for getting job, if i get the job how is my salary

  234. Sir my self parvin kumar s from tamilnadu. I study final year automobile engineering i really interested study GME course sir. Any. Entrance exam are available in thi course pls replay sir

  235. Wonderful article! I have been looking for some information on career in marine engineering & it’s scope. Here after reading your article i am glad to know all vital information about engineering career. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  236. The information given in this article is very useful for students having confusion in their mind about mechanical engineering career. Thanks for sharing this information.

  237. Sir. My name is gaurav pant from nainital(Uttarakhand). I have done my with 65%.. I had to do Gpr course but I want to do GME pls sir tell me what I do.. I do job according to Gpr course or not….

  238. Sir i hv 68% in mechanical engineering but i hv a 50% aggregate in 12th std i want to join gme please tell me can i able to join the Gme or not .

  239. What is the fees of doing marine engineering, and I have a eye sight of 1.6 so can do Marine engineering or not.

  240. Can anyone help me?
    I am Samba from Africa (republic of Congo) I am actually studying mechanical engineering 3rd year in India, I would like to join marine engineering field next coming years, unfortunately GME is only for Indian students, as I am international student which school do you suggest me?
    Kindly help me out.

  241. I am completely B E mechanical but. My SSS result 60%and my 12thresult in English 49% you suggest me. I eligible Marine grudute engineering course

  242. I am a 38 year old female with S4 mechanical engineering but I don’t have strength of materials what can I do to be a marine engineer

  243. @Noxolo: Every country has an age limit criteria for merchant navy course, please check yours.

  244. Sir, I have completed Hsc (58%) PCMB, plus done Diploma in Mechanical engineering (61%) can I get admission for GME course or suggest me a new idea for my future.
    Thank you in advance.

  245. Sir jst i now im starting btch nd i am taking mechanical engineering branch……..will it be a good decission to take it……nd if i will take can i join in merchant navy…??

  246. @Chinmay: You need to do a 1 year GME course after mechanical engineer. Please read the article for details

  247. @Joseph: Yes, you can. The criteria is to complete diploma with at least 50% marks and Diploma College should be approved by AICTE. Maximum age limit should not exceed 28 years.

  248. sir now I’m going to plan for duck cadet 1 year program through 12th call qualification
    sir what is age limit for that one
    actually 20/11/1999 this is my DOB can I eligible for that…?

  249. Hello sir I am Abhijit,I have recently completed my BE in Mechanical engineering. Seabourn marine India Pvt Ltd is going to conduct interviews for various positions for fresher and experienced professionals. Is it true or fake company that would be hire only basis of BE mechanical education. They don’t charge anything from us. please suggest us regarding this matter.

  250. @Abhijit: Never heard about them.
    Are they manning company or agent? Do they manage any shipping company or ships?
    There have been similar cases in past where a 3rd party comes for interview and get the student admitted in regular maritime colleges (which you can directly get admission giving IMUCET).
    Regarding the charges, Please clarify with them as the charges always comes later in terms of joining /medical/ extra fees.

  251. Respected sir/ma’am,
    I have done my B.E in mechanical engineering from the batch 2015. I have completed all the semesters in the mechanical department but due to some issues I am due one subject till the year 2020.I will be rewarded my degree certificate in may 2020. I have a CGPA of 65% in my final year.I have 85% in (10+2) and 85% in 10th.I have more than 75% in English (both 10th and 12th). I am very interested in persuing my career in the Marine services. I wish to do my GME course in Indian Maritime universities. Will I be able to apply for the one year GME courses offered as I have taken 5 years to finish my B.E mechanical engineering.If so could you please suggest institutions for the same. Looking forward for you valuable reply.Thank you for your time.

  252. @Uthaiah: you will most likely not have an issue with that, however, few reputed colleges may not allow you to join. Please do note that the current job situation in the sector is pretty bad and you don’t want to join any institute and end up with no jobs in hand.


  254. Does Tolani offer the GME course? And also do brief us about the current placement scenarios please. Thank you!

  255. I want to do GME course but i am confused in these three institutes:
    IMS GOA,
    Great Eastern and
    Samundra Institute of Maritime studies.
    Which is best among these?
    (Not eligible for AEMA)

  256. @PankaJ: Go with that institute which is ready to provide sponsorship of the first ship as getting job as fresher without that is extremely difficult.

  257. @Swapneel: Tolani doesn’t offer GME course as of now.
    The job market in maritime industry is very bed and freshers are struggling to find their first ship for training.

  258. Sir, i have completed B.E in Mechanical Engineering. May i get admission in GME? please let me know.

  259. If Lack of money for completing Gme then any other source to work in marine, only having mechanical qualification sir help….

  260. Sir,I completed BTech Mechanical Engineering with first class.Now I would like to get a job in merchant Navy.So I would like to do gme course.But now I am 26 years am I eligible to do this course? Is it good for me… please reply ..

  261. Hello sir ,
    I am doing mechanical engineering (2nd year) but,
    In my 12th std only 49 Mark’s in English subject…
    And 10th std 70 Mark’s in English subject…
    Can I eligible for this course…?

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