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hazmat cargo

A Guide To HAZMAT Cargo Loading On Ships

As a maritime professional, it is important to know if there is HAZMAT cargo on your ship. Learn more about the responsibilities of the shipper, master and ship’s crew for handling HAZMAT cargo.

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Maritime Law

The ISPS Code For Ships – A Quick Guide

The International Ship and Port Facility Security code or the ISPS Code has played an important role in ensuring security and safety in the maritime industry after the gruesome terrorist attack of 9/11. What are these changes and what are the after effects. Find out inside the article.

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main fire pump
Marine Technology

A Guide to Fire Pumps on Ship

Fire pump on a ship is an essential machinery which helps seafarers to tackle extreme emergency situations involving fire. Learn more about marine fire pumps inside the article.

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ship security alert system
Maritime Piracy

What is Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)?

The Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is a method to strength maritime security by using a system which sends alert messages to maritime rescue departments. Know how ship security alert system is beneficial to prevent maritime piracy inside the article

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