How to Become a Marine Engineer?

Marine engineering is a job that is very much sought after in recent years. The growth of the industry and the continued research and development in the field has rubbed off on the academic study of this engineering field and more people have started to opt for it. The increase in the commercial activities, across the seas also had a positive impact on marine engineering with unprecedented rise in the number of merchant navy vessels and trading. All this has had a positive impact on the job market in this dynamic sector. Certain attributes are pre-requisite for any job on the merchant navy or as a marine engineer, whereas there are other required qualifications which are different for different profiles.

There are colleges that offer both degree and post graduate courses in marine engineering. For someone who has ambitions of becoming a marine engineer, this is supposed to be the first base. The eligibility, required to take an admission in these courses is pretty much the same around the world and that is senior secondary certificate.

marine engineer

The length of the graduate course of engineering may vary slightly in some countries, but in general it is 4 years, wherein the student undergoes comprehensive training in both theoretical as well as practical aspects of the science. In some cases the practical sessions are conducted in-house and some of the sessions are also conducted at the real sites like shipyards.

The theoretical subjects include, apart from English, which is the most widely understood and used language in merchant navy, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, electronics and marine management. Besides these there are also many other topics that are covered and students are educated regarding environmental science, maritime commerce and control systems etc. These trainings are necessary for anyone aspiring to be a marine engineer or want a job in the merchant navy because it not only adds to the mental abilities but also inculcates physical attributes. Practical training of the aspirant includes Magnetic and Gyro compasses, electronic navigational aids like the Radar, Decca etc, Chart work, practical navigation and astronomy.

For better prospects in the existing job or the open job market, a Masters degree in marine engineering is definitely advisable. The training albeit enhanced is not that difficult, especially for a graduate student of the same discipline as it comprises mostly of lab hours that put into practice the various principles of engineering studied previously. Creating a portfolio helps anybody trying to climb the hierarchy of seniority in the merchant navy. In any case, the most successful in this field are definitely the ones who had a clear idea of what they wanted out of this industry and which of their characteristics suited it the best.

With the recent studies predicting a steady growth in the international trade, this industry is more or less set to keep on progressing. This is because ‘shipping’ is still the easiest and cheapest mode of transportation around the world. Therefore the profile of a marine engineer would remain a center of attraction for the youths for long time to come.

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  1. I m student of B.E 3rd year . After complition of my engg. I want to do marine engg. For tha what should i do ?
    What is the basic requirement for that i have to fulfil ?

  2. Good day! I am a graduate of mechanical engineering from the polytechnic. I have my HND certificate. Please how do i go for marine short courses to become a marine engineer. Thank you.

  3. sir i m persuing my mechanical engg how can i apply for marine engg ..
    what is the full procedure for marine engg plz let me knw

  4. Dear Saransh,

    Please find the link for your reference-

  5. Is marine engineering tough compared to petroelum engineering? Please refer me anyone one of this.

  6. What can i do for going in Marine Enginearing . and What thing i need for give that test plz explane me …..

  7. my passion is engineering I am untreated to be a marine engineering .

  8. I am completing my HND in Marine Engineering from Glasgow UK.
    What are my future prospects, please guide me.

  9. i would like to do marine engineering but i do not do physics. what other subject do i need in order for me to apply

  10. i’m student of class 12th
    i want to do marine eng. after 12th
    i want to make my carrer in sailor activity
    so what should i do……

  11. i m doing marine engg but its not dj approved what can i do plllsss help me

    rply on my mail plllsss

  12. i am a student of marine engineer.studying right now.can you please enlighten me more about marine engineers.i mean their salary and the job scale and place of work,

  13. Hello…..i m in class 12th & i have to become marine engineer for it what i have to do…..plzzzz tell me how can i enter in it

  14. I am a student of marine eng it have been my dreamed course work scope will I follow for my dream to come true plsss guide me true

  15. I am a diploma undergraduate in marine engineering. Doing my final semester but I was wondering what are the basic requirements of getting onboard and what level of responsibility will I be entitled to suppose I finish my course? And how else does one become a marine engineer without following the path of having to go to college? Thank you.

  16. Hi sir I complited my diploma course in mechanical ..then which corcese available in marine engineering

  17. I m going to appear 12 plz tell me how to enter any institute for marine engineering in india and in wat subjects I hv to be strong

  18. I like to do marine engineering is their a chance to do after Isc 12th…
    what to do fr it.. and what’s the percentage should be brought frm bihar board fr it……… guide me ,plzzzzz

  19. Gd day. I want become an engineer. I had sail about 14 year. Now I’m 38 y/o. How to start it..? How to get it..? If possible I want study online if available. .maybe some one know where it. ? Thanks

  20. Hello sir,
    I want to become a marine engineer I love that job it wat I see as my feature am. senior secondary school 2 am frm Nigeria nd after my degree I want to do my masters nd Ph. D abroad pls someone should help me pls tank u.

  21. my name is ranga. I am doing maths physics n technical graphics. is it possible to be a marine engineer

  22. Hi sir,am a guy who wants to become a marine work.thus dis marine have any short course dat can be offered.thank you

  23. sir iam want how study marine engineer after finish BE .electronics and communication? please explain

  24. my son is studing in machanical enginerriing second year, if he want to join marine engireenig what is procedure

  25. Just finished my secondary school and i want to do marine engineering. Do marine engineers earn well.

  26. pls sir I want to become a marine engineer
    and that is what I have be dreaming for long so what is the procedure

  27. I like marine engineering but I completed my graduation from commerce stream so can I do this course

  28. @Dinesh: You cannot apply on the basis of your commerce background. If you had PCM in 10+2, you have a fair chance (considering the age eligibility factor).

  29. Hello sir,
    Iam currently doing mechanical engineering final year.I like to join in marine jobs.Is there any chance for me to get direct training.

  30. dear sir,
    i am in mechanical i want to work as a marine engineer
    how can i enter in this organisatons.
    kindly guide me.

  31. Hello sir i am in civil engineer i want to work as a marine engineer
    how can i enter in this organisatons.
    kindly guide me sir,,

  32. You cannot join merchant Navy on the basis of your Civil Engineering degree. Either you have to enroll yourself for Junior Ranks Course (GP Rating) on Matric Basis, or you go for Diploma Nautical Science 1 Year / BSc Nautical Science 3 years on 12th Basis

  33. Am a second year marine engineering student in Philippines. Though am of Indian decent and i am a Indian national, i wanted to enquire if i can take my licensure exam in India? Or maybe in US or singapore or UK?? Because i recently came to know that i cannot take the license in Philippines as per their rules which state that the applicant should be a Filipino National. So now that i will finish my academics next year am a little concerned about my license.

  34. Sir,i really want to be a marine engineer I love it so much but am still a secondary school student ss3…what are the procedures or groups I need to join at this early stage to know more

  35. Sir, am still a secondary school student ss3 and I really want to be a marine engineer I want to know all the procedures and any group I can join to know more about it

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