Tyco Resolute: The Mightiest Cable Laying Ship at the Sea

Underwater cables account for extremely beneficial communication and electricity lines. To carry out the process of cable laying underwater, certain specialised ships are used. These ships are known as cable laying ships.

Built in the year 2002 and bearing the Marshall Islands’ registry flag, the Tyco Resolute is one of the six ships belonging to the Reliance Class fleet of Tyco Telecommunications.

Tyco Resolute
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The shipping company operates on a widespread scale in the oceanic underwater cable laying operations across the globe. Other ships in the Reliance Class fleet include the Tyco Durable, the Tyco Decisive, the Tyco Dependable, the Tyco Responder and the Tyco Reliance.

Designed specifically to cover a wider oceanic underwater expanse, the cable layer is an engineering wonder whose specifications can be detailed as follows:

  • The cable ship has a speed of 14 knots. The high speed ensures faster and efficient cable laying operations
  • The ship measures 140 metres lengthwise and has a beam of 21 metres
  • The design of the ship ensures that there is no possibility of conflict while the underwater operations are being carried out
  • The ship covers a distance of over 25,000 nautical miles. In terms of days, this translates to about 60 days of active operation
  • The gross tonnage of the ship is 12, 184 tonnes while the dead weight tonnage (DWT) is 9,200 metric tonnes

Propelled with the help of five main diesel engines, the cable ship has a cable laying capacity of around 5,465.5 metric tonnes. Along with plows that enable the ship to carry out its cable laying operations primarily, the ship also comes equipped with dynamic positioning systems and a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) – a satellite used for marine wideband communication feasibility. A ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is also fitted on the ship to aid accurate cable laying operations.

In addition to the above features, the cable laying ship also has a manoeuvrability of a complete 360 degrees. This uniqueness in the ship’s manoeuvrability is because of the elimination of rudders in the ship’s architecture and built.

Along with its cable laying operations, Tyco Resolute also carries out extensive repairing to the existing underwater cables. The ship’s reach under the oceanic surface to lay cables extends to a distance of three metres.

The Tyco Resolute has been featured in one of the Mighty Ships documentaries. Owing to the nature of its operations, a cable laying ship has become an integral part in contemporary maritime activities. Also, in the midst of various vessels causing unexpected and unwanted problems, the cable vessel is a ship whose services cannot be done without.

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