HamiltonJet Technology Powers Five Offshore Wind Farm Vessels In Major Refit

HamiltonJet’s innovation and expertise has seen the company quickly become the number one supplier to the world’s Wind Farm sector, supporting more than 80 offshore Wind Farm vessels around the globe.

“We’ve become the trusted experts in this arena,” says HamiltonJet CEO, Ben Reed.

HamiltonJet is currently collaborating with Norway-based Offshore Windservice AS to convert five vessels from CPP propeller to waterjet propulsion and advanced control technology.

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At project completion, all five vessels will feature twin HM721 waterjets coupled with HamiltonJet’s intuitive AVX controls.

Ben Reed says, “It’s the first time these two products have been paired together, and the first time we’ve put waterjets of this size into a Wind Farm vessel. It means these boats will really power along.”

For the Offshore Windservice AS project, HamiltonJet devised a creative solution to retrofit waterjet technology into the existing fleet.

“This clearly shows you don’t have to buy a new boat when a refit meets the brief. It’s the kind of thinking we apply to all our projects and one of the reasons people trust us to get the right result for them,” says Reed.

With one vessel complete and the second underway, Offshore Windservice AS is progressing the refit at pace.

“We actually ended up installing the waterjets on the first vessel ourselves, and it couldn’t have been easier,” says Billy Thøger Kristensen, Chief Operating Officer at Offshore Windservice AS.

“We were even more pleased that in the process of replacing the engines, gearboxes and CPP drivelines for new engines, gearboxes and Hamilton waterjets, we’ve saved around five tonnes of weight, including many kilograms of cables, which has significantly reduced the vessel’s draft.”

The vessel’s performance is now redefining industry standards.

“The speed has significantly increased on what was predicted, while the new set-up has far less vibration and noise than before. It’s resulted in a much more comfortable ride for the crew and turbine engineers. That’s important in a vessel regularly working out at sea for a week at a time,” says Billy Thøger Kristensen.

Offshore Windservice AS is also impressed with HamiltonJet’s future-ready AVX control system, equipment built to endure the harshest conditions.

“With AVX we’re able to access HamiltonJet’s JETanchor system, the best hands-free technology on the market. It’s two operational modes of Station Keeping and Virtual Anchor greatly simplify the job of our skippers in open water.

“It’s a life-changing tool for our skippers and crews,” says Billy Thøger Kristensen.

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