7 Cool LEGO® Ship Sets Everyone Must Have

LEGO®, the popular line of construction toys consisting of interlocking plastic bricks (Also called “LEGO® bricks”) that can be assembled and connected in many ways, has drastically expanded its fan base over the last few decades.

Though the initial thoughts of LEGO® indicate a favourite pass time for kids, the rapidly expanding “LEGO® Universe” clearly states that the LEGO®s are not just for kids.

Many adults are being pulled in by the addictive LEGO® sets, which have become so famous among older people that some fans say adults spend more than kids and account for almost half or more revenue at the LEGO® stores.

The sheer joy of building attracts adults and kids to these massively popular construction toys, which are now available in various themes, ranging from cities to trains to robots. Nothing is hardly left that has to be converted into a LEGO® set.

If you are from the shipping industry or have an infatuation for floating structures and a particular liking towards LEGO®, there are some super-interesting LEGO® sets that you must check out.

They are not just for kids but a great hobby during your free time on ships or during breaks at home.

No. Type Dimensions (inches) Buy on Amazon
1. Maersk Triple-E Container Ship 25 x 3 x 8 Buy  Now
2. Port 25.7 x 17 x 3.8 Buy Now
3. Ice Breaker Ship 18.9 x 3.7 x 14.9 Buy Now
4. Sealand Container Ship 18.9 x 13.7 x 4.7 Buy Now
5. Pirates Flagship 22.9 x 3.6 x 18.9 Buy Now
6. Transport Ferry 22.7 x 3.8 x 15.1 Buy Now
7. Coast Guard Patrol 21.3 x 11.1 x 3.1 Buy Now

Let’s take a look at each of these excellent LEGO ® ship sets:

1. Maersk Triple-E Container Ship LEGO® Set

This is one of the finest ship-themed LEGO® sets in the market today, featuring one of the world’s largest container ships – Maersk Triple E. Built from over 1,500 bricks, the model recreates the actual vessel in great detail.

The set includes rare colours such as dark red, sand blue and sand green. There are rotating gold-coloured screw blades leading to the brick-built twin propeller engines, which you can view through the window built into the ship’s port side. You can even customise it by adding or removing the containers.

This authentic set includes a display stand and fact plaque with detailed information about the ship, and, as a finishing touch, there’s the gold coin that is added under the mast of all Maersk Line ships for good luck on their voyages. This model is perfect for LEGO® fans!

Maersk Triple E Check out the Video Of One of the World’s Largest Ships, LEGO®, sets.

LEGO Creator Set #10241 Maersk Line Triple-E
  • Build the famous Maersk Triple-E (EEE) container ship in Lego form
  • At 25 inch (65cm) in length, the final model will impress you and your guests alike
  • Features include rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special ‘good luck’ coin
  • Includes rare medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green colored elements

2. LEGO® City- Port

Create a port, crane, and floating ship with this great LEGO® set. Includes two containers, pallet, cargo truck, speed boat, captain, fisherman, three worker mini-figures and many accessories!

In this LEGO ® set, you can use the massive pier crane and cargo truck to empty the cargo ship and prepare it for its next destination. The cargo ship floats and measures 23″ (58 cm) long. You can also raise and lower the ship’s anchor. The crane is over 19″ (48 cm) tall and spins 360 degrees. Crane’s arm moves side to side and up and down. Raise and lower the crane’s hook to load and unload containers.

lego port
Here is a video review of the city harbour LEGO ® Set

3. LEGO® Ice Breaker Ship

This solid LEGO® icebreaker set includes seven mini-figures with accessories: 4 explorers, a captain, a pilot and a scientist.

The Icebreaker features an anchor with winch and chain, a snow scooter, a removable bridge with a steering wheel, windows and steps, two bunk beds, movable ladders, two cargo containers with equipment and a helipad.

The helicopter features a cockpit for a mini-figure, turning rotors, turning the rear propeller and a winch function. Explorer’s base features an opening door and walls, radar and antenna, laboratory with a desk, microscope, fridge, bed, computer and ladder.

This is an excellent set for all LEGO® lovers.


LEGO City ice Breaker Ship 60062
  • We will ship from Tokyo, Japan
  • It will take 10 to 17 business days as your goods arrive since your payment.

4. Maersk Sealand Container Ship

Maersk container ships are favourite among LEGO® designers (Probably also because LEGO ® and Maersk are from Denmark). If you are a fan of the world’s number one shipping company and its container vessels, then get on the journey to build one of the most accurately detailed freighters among LEGO® sets with 990 pieces.

Maersk Sealand Container Ship

LEGO Maersk 2005 Sealand Ship (10152)
  • 988 Pieces
  • Measures 27 inches long when completed

5. LEGO® Pirates Flagship

Want to go back in history and build those magnificent ships with sails? Here’s the perfect LEGO® set for you.

This excellent LEGO® set of the pirate theme includes a ship’s captain, his daughter, a pirate captain prisoner with shackles, the ship’s cook, a lieutenant, and four soldiers; the amazingly detailed and realistic ship features three removable sections.

The ship’s main hull contains four firing cannons, ammunition crates, muskets, torches, cannonballs, a prison with a rat, a saw shark mini-figurehead, a moving rudder and a fully-equipped ship’s kitchen with fish, turkey legs and a carrot.

This is a highly detailed ship and a must-have for all LEGO® fans.

pirate flag ship

LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Includes 9 minifigures: The ship's captain, his daughter, a pirate captain prisoner with shackles, the ship's cook, a lieutenant, and 4 soldiers; amazingly detailed and realistic ship features 3 removable sections
  • Main hull contains 4 firing cannons, ammunition crates, muskets, torches, cannonballs, prison with a rat, saw shark minifigurehead, a moving rudder and a fully-equipped ship?s kitchen with fish, turkey legs and a carrot
  • Raise and lower the working anchor; open the front deck's working doors and play inside; Imperial Flagship is equipped with masts and rigging
  • Open the back house deck's doors to reveal the captain?s chambers complete with a map, poison bottle, organ and even a treasure chest filled with jewels and gold; features 6 opening windows, a telescope and sextant as well as 3 deck lanterns
  • 1,664 pieces

6. LEGO® Transport Ferry

Make your LEGO® ferry and load it up with vehicles using the working back ramp to transport your cargo safely across the sea.

Also, use the geared lever to open the front doors and unload at your distant destination. Turn the gear to lower the ramp to drive the car onto the ferry and then raise the ramp to set sail.

Unlatch the front doors, turn the gear to open the doors, and drive the car off the ferry. A ferry is on wheels so that it can move in any direction—this is an adorable set with some great details.


LEGO Creator Transport Ferry
  • Includes instructions to rebuild into a transport hovercraft or a cargo plane
  • Includes a car with trailer attached to load onto the ferry
  • Unlatch the front doors, turn the gear to open the doors, and drive the car off of the ferry
  • The ferry is on wheels to move it in any direction and measures 16" (41cm) long and 5" (13cm) wide
  • Contains 1,279 pieces

7. LEGO® Coast Guard Patrol

Build the ultimate Coast Guard Patrol boat with this LEGO® set. Launch the submarine and helicopter from the boat and rescue people with the life preservers.

The set includes three sharks and six mini-figures with accessories:

Pilot, captain, crew member, rescuer, man and woman. It also consists of a dog, crab, two life preservers, two life jackets, a walkie-talkie, a hat with headphones and ice cream.

This is a great LEGO® Set to Have Fun with.

coast guard

LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol 60014 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Features 2 water cannons, submarine launcher and radio antenna, helicopter, submarine, dinghy, lighthouse with rocks and 3 sharks
  • Accessories include a dog, crab, 2 life preservers, 2 life jackets, walkie-talkie, hat with headphones and an ice cream
  • Coast Guard Patrol boat and dinghy really float; deploy the submarine with a turning propeller; submarine measures over 1" high, 3" long, 2" wide
  • Lighthouse with rocks measures 6" high, 5" wide, 2" long; dinghy measures 2" high, 7" long, 3" wide; shark measures 2" long, 1" wide, approx. 1" high
  • Coast Guard Patrol Boat measures over 7" high, 15" long, 3" wide; helicopter measures over 2" high, 6" long, 2" wide

LEGO® Cruise Ship

Many great LEGO® Ship sets are still not in the market for consumers, especially those based on the LEGO® Cruise Ship theme. However, a few cruise ship companies and individuals have made their cruise ship LEGO® sets.

lego cruise ship

In 2018, the world’s largest LEGO ® cruise ship was made by Dream Cruises to mark the launch of its new World Dream Ship. The LEGO ® cruise ship model was constructed using more than 2.5 million LEGO ® blocks that weighed over 2,800 kg and measured 8.44 m (27.7 ft) long, 1.33 m (4.36 ft) wide and 1.53 m (5 ft) tall. Click here to learn about the most extensive LEGO ® cruise ship set. 

Similarly, in 2015, Cunard Lines made the then-largest LEGO ® cruise ship model of the famous Queen Mary Ship. The project took four professional LEGO ® builders over 250,000 LEGO ® bricks and almost four months to complete.

lego cruise ship

The Cruise ship set was set in the Shipyard and was surrounded by Bright Brick building stations where children and LEGO ® enthusiasts could make their version of the ship or anything else that comes to mind.

Additional LEGO ® Ship Sets:

1. LEGO ® Movie Metal Beard’s Sea Cow

A kind of pirate LEGO ® Ship set, this is a uniquely detailed set depicting the old age of wooden pirate ships.

LEGO Movie 70810 Metal Beard's Sea Cow (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Steer the ship with the mini MetalBeard with sword and treasure chest! Rotate the giant side turbines! Fire the cannons to fend off attackers!
  • Open the top to access the captain's cabin and check out the maps, treasure chest, MetalBeard portrait and more!
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action! MetalBeard's Sea Cow measures over 22" high, 24" long and 7" wide
  • The Micro Manager (large) measures over 3" high, 4" long and 4" wide. The Micro Manager measures over 1" high, 2" long and 1" wide
  • Mini MetalBeard measures over 4" high, 5" deep, and 5" wide. Double-decker couch measures over 3" high, 3" wide and less than 1" long

2. Seawolf Submarine


Do you know any other interesting LEGO ® set with a ship theme that can be added to this list?

Let’s know in the comments below.

References and Image Credits: Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the LEGO City boats float?

The LEGO City Speed Boat Transporter set has an excellent truck and a boat that can float. It is a fabulous building set for kids who love ships.

2. What is the largest LEGO boat set?

The 135 cm long LEGO Titanic set is the company’s most extensive ship toy construction set in size. The 1:200 scale model of the legendary ship makes it the ultimate building set that comes with 9,090 pieces.

3. What is the biggest LEGO Pirate Ship?

The Skull’s Eye Schooner is LEGO’s most giant pirate vessel ever constructed. It has everything a person can ask for. The 912-piece set is quite extensive and very detailed. It has six cannons, a captain’s cabin and nine mini-figures.

4. Which Cruise Line has a partnership with LEGO?

MSC Cruises is the only Cruise Company that has LEGO play areas on its ships, allowing passengers to play with free bricks and all LEGO equipment. The Sailor Walk About is LEGO’s official mascot onboard the cruise ships.

5. Why does LEGO retire its sets so frequently?

To keep the company’s brand image and values high, LEGO has to develop unique designs every year, as repeating the same old structures would get boring, and even the sales would go down. Hence, LEGO comes with new and exciting sets each year.





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