7 Problems Seafarers Can Face While Traveling to Foreign Land

If you are a maritime professional or planning to become one, then sooner or later you will have to get used to traveling – an integral part of the shipping profession. Frequent traveling from one country to another to reach destination ports and ships makes lives of maritime professionals physically and mentally stressing. Moreover visiting new countries having different rules, customs, and traditions means dealing with a new set of laws every time.

We all have heard about horrifying stories of seafarers while they were traveling to new countries to join ships. One of the main reasons for such accidents is lack of common sense and inability to take some basic precautions.

The fact is most of these problems can be solved by being a bit aware of the situation you can get into while traveling in foreign lands. Learn about seven common problems seafarers can face while traveling to foreign lands.


Note: Before commencing your journey, ensure that you have checked your shipping contract , appointment letter  and ” OK to Board” letter properly. The contact number of local officer personnel,  foreign agents, and other important people will be issued by the company few days before joining the ship. Make sure that you note them down properly and keep them with you all the time. 

1. Loss of important documents

Losing important documents in a foreign land can be extremely scary. When you are moving outside your native country, official documents are your only identity. It is therefore important to take all necessary precautions to not only avoid loosing them but also to act without panic by keeping a backup with a set of photocopies in case you do lose them. While making sets of photocopies of documents, always keep one pair with your luggage bag and another back at your home. If you are a tech-savvy person (and we wish you are) then you can also scan the documents and put them in your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets. You can also keep them in a “cloud system” or “google drive” so that they are available from anywhere. There are several apps (both android and iphone) available, which you can take help of, to manage and save your important documents.

In case you lose your documents in foreign land, inform your agent immediately and also file a complain with the local police department. You might also be required to contact your country’s embassy in certain situations.

2. Missing of flights

In order to reach their respective ships or while returning to their home land, seafarers are required to take several connecting flights. Though a good transit time is always provided between the two flights, there have been several cases wherein seafarers have missed their flights because of certain reasons.

In case you miss your flight, immediately approach the airport administration and ask until what time you can stay at the airport. This is because some airports require transit visas after staying for a certain period of time at the airport. Contact your local office personnel of your country to explain them the situation and informing about the transit visas, if required. Most of the time, the officer personnel will be able to arrange an alternative flight or a return flight in case ongoing flights are not available.

3. Luggage stolen or lost

Cases of luggage getting stolen or lost is a common occurrence that can happen with anyone. In case your luggage is stolen/lost, file a complain with the airline and provide details of your foreign agent and shipping office. In case your luggage is found it will be delivered to the agent, who will then hand it over to you. Also, don’t forget to claim “stolen luggage” allowance once you are back on ship. For such unforeseen incidents, always keep a set of clothes in your handbag. You will be needing a fresh pair them until your luggage arrives.

4. Security check problem

Problems during security check at airports are increasing every year. There have been cases registered wherein seafarers were detained and and even jailed for not following the local laws. Visiting new countries means dealing with new laws and cultures. If is very common for seafarer to be not aware of the local laws while visiting or transiting new countries. This often land them in trouble.

As a matter of precaution, ensure that you check the laws of the country you are visiting in order to avoid any kind of trouble (Ask your company/agent). For e.g. Hong Kong does not allow to carry taser or stun guns, even in check-in luggage. Similarly, dubai does not allow carriage of poppy seeds. There have been cases when people have been jailed for long term when found with its possession.

Note: If your transit time is less and the security check is crowded, request the security personnel for a quicker access as you may miss to join your ship. However, never show aggression or anger and always cooperate with the security officers even when you are in hurry. (As being restless and aggressive can lead to further delay because of interrogation, thorough checking etc.

5. No agent to pick you up at airport

There will be times when you reach your destination on time but there is no agent to pick you up or are required to wait for him. In such cases, just wait for the agent before taking any steps. Don’t panic and take a taxi for your destination. 99% of the time the agent will come to pick you up. However, if no one comes to pick you up, call the agent using the contacts you have been provided by the company. Still if you don’t receive no response, call your local office personnel and explain them about the situation. They will arrange a replacement for your agent to pick you up.

Note: Don’t leave the airport premises at any cost. It is always the most secured place in a new country.

6. Immigration problem

The most common problems that are faced during immigration checks are errors in joining, appointment, and “ok to board” letters. Don’t forget to check these documents thoroughly once you are assigned with them. Always keep your seafarer’s documents and passport in good condition as some immigration authorities can create problem if the passport is torn or is stapled or pasted with company sticker.

Note: Always ask you company not to staple or paste any kind of document with your passport.

7. Accidents or injury

These are rare cases but they do occur. Injury or accidents in foreign land can lead to unfortunate situations wherein the authority is not able to identify the victim. Always keep an identity card or a photocopy of the same in your pocket while traveling. Also, note down all the important contact numbers on a piece of paper or diary, along with your name and company details so that the country’s authorities are able to identify you and your purpose of visiting the country in case you are unconscious and not in a condition to talk.

Getting into a problem in a foreign land is extremely dangerous and seafarers must take extra precautions in order to avoid such situations. The above mentioned problems are some of the most common ones that seafarers face while traveling. Do you know any other problem that seafarers can face while traveling to foreign lands? Let us know in the comments below.
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Raunek Kantharia is a marine engineer turned maritime writer and entrepreneur. After a brief stint at the sea, he founded Marine Insight in 2010. Apart from managing Marine Insight, he also writes for a number of maritime magazines and websites.

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  1. This is a great website and I think you guys are doing a great job. I sailed from 1972 – 1995 and had no access to the information you now provide considering that communication then was what it was…
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  3. Local Currency–
    Most of the shops at airport accept USD., whereas the shops outside airport may not.
    I faced a problem to buy food., when I was traveling with the agent from Port to airport. It was a 4 hr drive and we have to pass through small towns., where people are unaware about USD. So it better to have an International Debit card or some local currency in hand.

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  5. differences in language is also one the proplem seafarer are facing when travelling to a foreign country.

  6. Last time I signed off from Monrovia (Liberia ),the immigration officer forced me to bribe him, as my agent had dropped me and left so I had to pay him otherwise I would have missed my flight and all connecting flights after that….
    Having agent standby for u is good if he stays…..

  7. “One of the main reasons for such accidents is lack of common sense and inability to take some basic precautions.” This is a main reason only for out-of-the-school-cadet flying 1st time.

    Main reason ( i would put it on 1st place) – sometimes seaman have to travel to an a*****e of this world there government nearly does not exist, let alone immigration rules & so on.

  8. Nice write up….
    Though I’m just new to becoming a seafarer(graduate of Transport Management:maritime B.Tech (Hons))
    I just got my STCW and EDH Certificates and looking forward in sailing and riding the waves

  9. I am currently doing my pre sea training at Institute of maritime studies Goa. I find your site very informative and i feel it will go a long way to help me in the future.

    Thank you Mr. Raunek

  10. I totally understand the problem faced while traveling. But now for the loss of documents there is a solution. There is App called Zoomlee, in which you can store all your documents and keep your original documents safe. Must try app!

  11. I so much agree with the last point Accidents and Injuries. I have faced the same problem when i had traveled to Australia. Later I got to know about the Travel Medical Insurance by MCIS Multichoice Insurance Services. It is so helpful that now whenever i travel I am safe with Travel Medical Insurance and worry free. I suggest to have Travel Insurance by MCIS while you are traveling abroad to have safe and worry less vacation. For more info you can visit there website : http://www.multichoiceinsurance.com

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  15. I forgot my important documents back at the ship. Is there any way I could get them back? please help

  16. Contact your company officer and inform about your documents. They can easily arrange their retrieval via an agent and later on, it can either be sent by post or in person during sign off of a crew.

  17. I have my college address printed on passport ,while on CDC permanent home address.Will it create any problem in future or it is ok?

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