Top 10 Inspirational Nautical Quotes Of All Time

Many people turn to motivational quotes for a bit of inspiration, whenever things get tough in life. Some such nautical quotes are so powerful that they have stood the test of time, inspiring thousands of people from different cultures, regions and industries.

For seafarers and those working at sea, these famous nautical sayings have provided courage, hope and motivation in difficult times.

Mentioned below are the ten most famous nautical quotes of all time in no particular order.

sea sayings

sailor sayings

seaman quotes

Nautical Quotes

sailing quotes

seaman sayings


sea sayings

ship quotes

nautical sayings

nautical quotes

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  1. Red sky in the morning sailors warning. Red sky in the twilight sailors delight.

  2. Another seaquote: ‘you can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the sea.’ (Tagore)

  3. Why young man seaman nowday alike a bullshit seaman !

    No respect were seamanship alike such spirit .

    I read some new a big room still occur accident at sea .

    What happened expert in marinetime now not address any thing some advice related this issue ??

    Old Salt

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