Top 5 Zero Emission Ship Concepts Of The Shipping World

Shipping companies across the world are trying to come up with innovative engineering ideas and green technologies to tackle the stringent regulations about fuel emissions from vessels. The advancement in technology has helped these shipping companies to bring forth multitude of ship designs each exceedingly resourceful. New ships are being designed using a variety of technologies which would help to reduce the carbon emissions to a great extent.

Several Shipping Companies have gone a step ahead and designed ships which are 100% environment friendly with zero emissions. A variety of green energy sources such as wind energy and solar power will be used to improve energy efficiency and propel these ships in future.

Five singular ship concepts which would be zero emission ships are mentioned below:

1. E/S Orcelle

Built by the reputed shipping conglomerate Wallenius, the Orcelle green ship concept is truly a one-of-a-kind car carrier vessel. The car carrier utilizes three different propelling systems for its day-to-day operations.

ES Orcelle

Electrical systems, wind and wave power and fuel panels incorporating hydrogen have been effectively integrated to provide the vessel with incomparable operational successes and the zero emission ship status.

2. Super Eco Ship 2030

Built by NYK, the Super Eco Ship Concept is earmarked for operational start in the year 2030. The cargo ship’s designing is completely streamlined with utilization of solar and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) cells to aid its maneuvering on water.

Super Eco Ship 2030

The ship’s construction has been thoroughly meticulous with several well-known European companies providing technical and technological assistance. The absence of conventional fueling systems and electronic-based freight loading and unloading processes are regarded to be the USPs of the Super Eco Ship 2030 which will make it one of the few zero emission ships of the future.

3. Container Feeder Vessel ZERO

Still being conceptualized, ZERO is being touted as the “next-gen” container feeder ship with zero emissions. According to the GL shipping company, the ship would function extensively on LH2 (Liquid Hydrogen) and hydrogen-powered fuel panels.

Container Feeder Vessel ZERO

GL is also aiming at a constructional aspect of reduced operational speed so as to enhance the viability of the vessel in the Northern European water zone. Once the vessel is put into operation, there’s no doubt that ZERO would be a trend-setter for generations to come.

4. Futureship Zero-Emission Ferry Concept

Futureship’s Zero-Emission Ferry Concept for the shipping company Scandilines is a totally emission-free ship of the future. The ship uses a variety of green energy technologies such as photovoltaic systems, fuel cells and Flettner rotors. The double-ended ferry has been designed to have space for 1,500 passengers and 2,200 lane meters for vehicles.

zero emission ferry

5. B9 Cargo Ships

The fleet of B9 vessels constructed and operated by the B9 shipping company is yet another maritime engineering novelty. These vessels don’t utilize any kind of conventional fueling systems but instead are operated through methane fuel (biogas) and energy derived from winds.

B9 Cargo Ships

Their size is also quite smaller when compared to the conventional freight vessels and allows for greater operational effectualness. The main constructional component is a kind of steel alloy that is naturally derived. This component has also helped the vessels achieve greater operational successes and set revolutionary trends to change the future of the maritime freight transportation domain. A zero-emission ship concept, the B9 green ship concept has received great accolades from the maritime world.

Additional Mention

Emerald Ace

Constructed by the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi, Emerald Ace is truly an ace of its ilk and is already sailing the high seas. Though not totally a zero-emission ship when at sea, the car carrier ship holds the unique distinction of being a vessel that doesn’t emit any noxious gases while berthed. The incorporation of solar fuel panels along with lithium-ionised batteries helps to power the ship at all times, even while moored.

Emerald Ace

The solar panels constantly generate energy to power the ship while it is operational. While the ship is not at sea, this energy generated is adequately stored in the batteries with the help of generator-assistance to power it effectively thereby enhancing its overall engineering appeal.

Do you know any other zero-emission ship concepts which we have missed here?

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  1. There are also traditional tall ships that use electric engines with solar panels and wind turbines. For example, SAILCARGO INC. is building a new ship in Costa Rica right now that will transport 350 tons in 2021.

  2. Dear Anish,

    thanks for the article – zero emission shipping is not only important, but could be implemented already today as you show.

    Please find also my proposal for Zero Emission Shipping Concept – you can find all detailed information on my website Basically it is the use of Renewable energy –> Power-2-Gas –> Hydrogen Liquefaction –> Use on-board by using matured steam-turbine-generatorset technology (‘turbo-electric drive’) in the scale of >12MW. By the scaling effect, the whole Power-2-Gas infrastructure could be paid off by savings on fossil fuel bunker bills. After amortisation period, million Euro savings per vessel and per annum on fossil fuel bills can be booked as profit.

    Maybe you could help me that decision makers will listen to that idea.

    All information is for free as it is for the good cause and as there’s no better way to start zero emission shipping today. If you need any calculations, presentation or more answers – don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Kind regards,

    Matthias Kempen
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    Anybody interested in joining a young start-up shipping company with 3 zero emission RoRo Steam Ferries running triangles between Spain – Ireland – Netherlands?

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