What are Seismic Vessels?

Seismic vessels are ships that are solely used for the purpose of seismic survey in the high seas and oceans. A seismic vessel is used as a survey vessel for the purpose of pinpointing and locating the best possible area for oil drilling in the middle of the oceans.

Companies engaged in the oil drilling process make use of such vessels so that they find the best possible subsea areas to drill oil. Another major reason such seismic vessels are so important is that if oil drillers do not get the best subsea location to drill the oil and gas, then it could lead to dangerous and threatening consequences for the marine eco-system. The usage of the seismologic vessels prevents such inadvertent mistakes.

Seismic Survey and Seismic Vessels

For the purpose of seismic survey, seismic waves are the main components that are analysed. The process involves a seismic detector that shoots such seismic waves to a selected underwater point. The time taken for the waves to refract back to their origin point determines whether that particular subsea area is feasible for the oil drilling purpose.

Seismic Vessels

A survey vessel is the one that helps monitor such seismic waves. It is the primary requirement for any shipping concern engaged in or planning to engage in the process of oil and gas excavation from the oceanic reservoirs. A seismic vessel is fitted with all technological gadgets like GPS, computers, nautical charts and any other equipment that would enhance the process of seismic survey.

Such vessels are built very carefully and only in selected locations across the world. This is because the entire ship-building process for seismic vessel involves fitting all the necessary gadgets (mentioned above) without missing even a single one. Seismic vessels are more in demand in today’s time considering the amount of subsea drilling that is being carried out. They are also known as research vessels because in a completely different way, they do help research the oceans and seas.

Additional Benefits

In addition to being vessels that survey underwater seismology, seismic vessels are also used to study the geology of the oceans and seas. This aspect includes the formation of rocks, oceanic trenches and many other details that are important and could affect the lives of humans and marine creatures alike. Thus it can be seen that the main USP of seismic vessels lies in the fact that it helps not just scientists and researchers find out relevant oil and gas but also helps them to prevent any other major catastrophe in the form of natural calamities from occurring.

Seismic survey is a must. In fact it can be said that every underwater operation requires a seismic survey with the help of seismic vessels. A seismic vessel is one of those technological developments that have the ability to enable more successes than failures in fields where losses are far more costly than wins. And for this purpose alone, a survey vessel can be regarded as the pride of modern technological invention and initiation.

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  1. can u help me find the following::::::

    One of the shipyard got “SEISMIC VESSEL” started building in. KEEL LAID IN 2007 and ready to be shipped in 2012,

    DNV I’d D26238,
    classification DNV, +1A1 E0 HELDK SH

  2. Seismic surveys destroy marine life. They are greed built for greed. It is like driving through a pristine beautiful neighborhood and setting off dynamite charges across 1 kilometer by 5 miles deep. It is the worse kind of technology for dirty oil to continue to rape Earth for what? To build more of the same horrors? When will it be enough? When the seas are nearly dead? When your grandchildren are mutated to the point they can barely breathe or see? Every part of the dirty oil industry is about egos and wealth on the backs of stupid desperate others while murdering the innocent wonders of the oceans.

  3. I have been offered to work on Research survey vessel. I am a 3rd engineer with Indian class 4 coc. I wanna know, will it make any positive or negative difference to future ahead in this shipping field . I have experience in offshore fleet only. Please advise me

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