Crew Members Of Seized Greek Tankers “In Good Health”: Iranian Ministry

The spokesman representing Iran’s foreign ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, reported that the crew members of two Greece-based oil tankers it seized in the Gulf have not been arrested and are safe and sound. Per him, the ties between Greece and Iran have always been based on mutual respect.

In a veiled attack on the US aimed at asking Greece to seize an Iran-based tanker’s crude oil cargo, Khatibzadeh mentioned that the ties between Athens and Tehran must not be impacted by short-sighted miscalculations, such as highway robbery on the order of any third party.

Iran military’s ideological arm, The Revolutionary Guards, had earlier warned the US that it would be compelled to take “punitive action” if they experience a judicial intervention by the US authorities regarding cargo.

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Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation has reported that the crews of the Greek tankers have not been arrested, and crew members are safe, healthy, and are being provided protection, and necessary services onboard, complying with international law. Greece condemned Tehran’s detention of the two vessels.

Among crew members of the two vessels, per the Greek foreign ministry, nine crew members are Greek citizens. Comparing the tankers being seized to sanctions levied on Russia after it invaded Ukraine, Greece mentioned that Iran’s navy helicopters had landed gunmen on the tankers.

In 2018, the US had reemployed crippling sanctions on the oil exports of Iran after Donald Trump made a nuclear agreement between major powers and Tehran.

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