China Merchants Shekou And Viking Cruises Announces Formal Signing Of JV Agreement

On November 25th, China Merchants Shekou and Viking Cruises announced the formal signing of a joint venture agreement. The two parties will follow the principles of “mutual benefit, mutual trust, win-win cooperation, and common development”, and through the establishment of a joint venture company, they will work together to build a customer group that serves China’s high knowledge. It has become the world’s leading high-end cruise operator as a featured medium-sized luxury cruise travel product.

Relying on China Merchants Group’s strong comprehensive strength and Viking Cruises’ rich experience in high-end cruise operation, the joint venture company takes the responsibility of building the world’s first cruise operator with a five-star red flag cruise fleet as its mission and will continue to promote China’s cruise industry toward the global value chain mid-high part.

The luxury cruise ship “Viking Sun”, rated as one of the world’s “Best Small and Medium-sized Cruise Lines” by the industry’s authoritative Berlitz Guide and Cruise Critic, will become the first ship under the joint venture company and will be replaced with a five-star red flag.

China Merchants Shekou And Viking Cruises Announces Formal Signing Of JV Agreement
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The company plans to launch a high-end domestic sea cruise with destination experience as the core in 2021, which is designed to provide in-depth cultural tours for Kochi travellers who have a strong interest in nature, history, folk customs and food culture.

Adhering to the service concept of highly respecting Chinese consumers, the company will upgrade and transform on-board logos, catering, entertainment, etc., organically integrate simple Nordic style with Chinese culture, and provide high-end cruise travel experience and exclusive services.

Xu Yongjun, chairman of China Merchants Shekou, said that my country’s high-end cruise products are in a vacuum and the market prospects are broad. The impact of the epidemic on the cruise industry is temporary and staged, and the fundamentals of the cruise industry’s long-term improvement remain unchanged.

As the carrier of a better life, China Merchants Shekou has achieved a networked layout and business model replication in the national cruise port city; the joint venture to establish a five-star red flag high-end cruise fleet is in line with the country’s new development pattern and will further help “Qiangang-Central District-” The unique comprehensive development model of “Houcheng” has given new vigour to promote the integrated operation of “ships, ports, cities, tourism, shopping, and entertainment” in coastal and riverside cities in China, and build a leading domestic tourism real estate and home port economy, A high-end tourism service ecosystem integrating the cruise industry.

The chairman of the board of directors of Viking Cruises, Torstein Hagen, said that the China Coastal Cruise Project of the joint venture company will bring a new cruise travel experience to the Chinese market.

He pointed out that the company’s cruise ships have a Nordic design style, aiming to create the most comfortable and comfortable travel experience for only 930 guests-from the full Chinese service provided by a well-trained Chinese service team to the preference of Chinese travellers Onboard facilities, room supplies and dining options.

Mr. Hagen added that the comprehensive fitness and spa facilities on the cruise ship, the catering of global cuisine with local delicacies, and the culturally enriched boat entertainment are enough for guests to experience the fun of “slow travel” in the “mobile hotel”; The meticulously planned shoreline itinerary of coastal cities and characteristic islands will make guests feel that even if they have already visited some destinations in the route, it is still worthwhile.

He concluded that the warm service and elegant and comfortable guest rooms on board will allow guests to feel at home every time they board the ship; this iconic Viking product feature will continue to be reflected in the cruise ships operated by the joint venture company.

Hundreds of horses are striving to sail for thousands of miles, bravely marching into and enlightening a better life. The launch of the first five-star red flag cruise ship of the joint venture will become an important milestone in the history of the development of China’s cruise industry, marking that China’s cruise industry has officially entered a period of in-depth market expansion, complete industrial structure, and continuous innovation to drive golden development opportunities.

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