D-Rescue: Multi-Rescue Life Guard

Conventional personal life saving equipment can be used to save life of only one person at a time. Such life preserver is inefficient for usage in accidents at sea where several lives are involved. Wouldn’t it be great to have a life saving product which can be used simultaneously by multiple persons during emergency situations?

D-Rescue is a multi-rescue life preserver that can be used for simultaneous rescues.


Having the shape of a rugby ball, the life saving  equipment can be separated into two pieces, to which, multiple people can hold onto.

D-Rescue working process

The two pieces separate in the form of a stringray, providing two floating life saving equipment for use at the same time.


D-Rescue is two products into one, it is extremely portable and easy to throw, and it reduces time required for rescue in a simultaneous accident.


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  1. Good day,
    I have an idea/concept of equipment that can make a real impact on saving lives in any swimming area.
    I nearly drowned in sea and the idea arose when reflecting about the situation afterwards.
    Would like to discuss if possible.

    Cell nr 0836355951

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