Facts About Man Over Board Rescue System

The man over board rescue system consists of an absolute rescue gear which is apt to pull up a person thrown overboard, back onto the boat. It is designed to be enduringly placed on top of the rail. It is made up of a floating mechanism by means of a safety buckle that is linked to a bag measuring PVC: 50 x 30 cm all the way through a 40 m rope.


Features of man over board rescue system:


  • The innovative man over board recovery system gets rid of the necessity to start on a recovery boat.
  • This product incorporates an inflatable boom which is apt to supply buoyancy and this lends a hand in the recovery process.
  • It is amazing as it is useable inside all the wind strengths in addition to the diverse sea states.
  • It incorporates a luminous technology to assist boom lighting, and this is noticeable till 3 nautical miles.
  • The rescue system is a superlative product as it consists of manifold harness points which are ideal to give a hand to the “self-help” possibility of the survivor.
  • The ideal way to use the man over board rescue system is to launch it after which you must steer it, then surround the survivor and rescue him.
  • It is ideal to use as it adheres to all the insurance protection and marine law requirements.
  • The man over board rescue system is attuned with the mini Launch systems and Restech PLT maxi.
  • It ensures that the survivor can be rescued in a vertical manner, up the ship’s side or else the platform.
  • The recovery system launches distances of 30 to 50 meters by the Restech launcher
  • There is also an extensive launch range comprising 100 meters at what time the Sea Sam is in addition used.
  • Markus Rescue Systems include MOB boats that are lightweight, and simple to put away, and comprise a luggage bag or else container.
  • The Sea Marshall® AU9 digital personal locator beacon is a superlative product and automatic Man Overboard. It ensures adequate protection for you and your crew.

The innovative and latest man over board recovery system, by Sea Saver is aptly designed to do away with the requirement to launch a rescue craft and it also proffers distinctive capabilities that appreciably perk up the possibility of a safe recovery.   You may also like to read- Image Credits:

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