Ship Generator

Hydraulic Starting of Emergency Generator

Maintaining continuous power on the ship is one of the most important tasks while sailing. However, sometimes accidents are inevitable and due to some reason such as breakdown of machinery, technical snag etc. there can be a power failure on the ship. In case of blackout there should be an alternate source of power available and which should come on load automatically. Alternate source of power are taken from batteries and emergency generators to provide power to critical equipments. As batteries cannot provide power for a longer period of time, emergency generators are preferred.

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Oily Water Separator

How to Operate an Oily Water Separator (OWS) on Ship?

An oily water separator clears the bilge water of oily content to bring it inside the acceptable range to discharge it overboard. An oily water separator is machinery for such importance that it is handled by only the 2nd or chief engineer. (However, the duty engineer might also be asked to operate under supervision)

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