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One of the important merchant marine jobs on oil rigs is that of a pump man. In terms of merchant marine employment, the absolute requirement of a pump man to work on oil rigs has been proved time and again because pump man helps to maintain a steady and smooth functioning of the entire pipelines fitted in an oil rig or oil tankers.

The pump man’s job is something that requires continuous vigilance and alertness because he is the main person in-charge of the pipelines of an oil rig and oil tanker vessels like VLCC. His job is to ensure that all the cargo oil or drilled oil flows smoothly into the required pipes and is collected as required. If there is any problem of sludge (dirt and waste materials) accumulating in any of the numerous pipelines then the pump man has to make sure that all such waste material is duly cleaned so that no problem or hitch in the oil drilling or oil transferring process occurs. He is also responsible for repairing of damaged pipelines before any accident stands to occur.

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This is why the pump man is a part of the engineering hierarchy of an oil rig. His duty necessitates that he is physically present all days of a week for work hours that vary anywhere between eight to 12 hours per day. This is the reason why as a part of merchant marine employment, pump men get paid around US $ 50, 000 as their starting pay scale.

Another very important feature about this particular profession when compared to other merchant marine jobs is that their work schedule is generally drawn for a longer time that could extend to several and long months in a year. However, when compared to other merchant marine employment, the profession of a pump man does not offer any safeguard measures or security with respect to the job.

A pump man, in addition to keeping an eye on the pipelines also has to be very efficient while responding to emergency situations. To put it simply, the duties of a pump man can be explained as being threefold: supervision, maintenance and critical-situation response.

Experience is an important factor that counts more than educational qualification in order to opt for merchant marine employment of that of a pump man. The more experience a person has, the better it is while handling the operations on oil rig as a pump man.

Being a pump man is again one of those professions that are unique and singular. Out of the various merchant marine jobs, the profession of a pump man offers a person the chance to enjoy and be a part of the oil drilling process and also simultaneously understand how the entire technical and engineering aspects function on an oil rig.

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