The Best Maritime Colleges in the United States

Careers related to the maritime world are rapidly becoming famous because of the rise in awareness among people.

Whether it is marine engineering, ocean engineering, or any other specialization related to the marine world, getting a degree from a reputed university/college as well as enrolling in good online college classes gives a solid head-start to one’s career.

Several colleges have come up in the U.S in the past few years which provide a variety of courses related to the maritime world.

The article enlists some of the best maritime colleges in the U.S wherein you can pursue your dream of a successful maritime career.

Different colleges provide different types of marine courses and one should select the course that best fits his or her interest and future needs. Take a look at the top maritime colleges of the US and select the right course for you.

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The Best Maritime Colleges in the U.S.

Florida Institute of technology

The Florida Institute of Technology provides several courses related to marine and environmental systems. Some of the main courses include – coastal zone management, environmental sciences, ocean engineering, and marine science.

Some of the special courses of the institute include the integration of all the above-mentioned courses. Most of the programs offer Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and doctoral degrees.

Know more about the Florida Institute of technology here.

Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy is a small maritime institute but provides a big world of opportunities. Being a member of the International Association of Maritime Universities, its students participate in the student exchange program every year with colleges of countries such as Japan, China, Australia, Turkey etc. Raking top in the list of best placement maritime schools, Maine Maritime Academy provides courses such as marine engineering technology, marine engineering operation, marine transportation operation etc.

Know more about the Maine Maritime Academy here.

Maritime College – State University of New York (SUNY)

The Maritime College – State University of New York has been rated as one of the top maritime colleges in the US. In the past few years, it has received great recognition and ratings. The salient feature of the college is that it has its own 565-foot Training Ship Empire State VI on which students get an opportunity to travel different parts of the world and also procure hands-on experience. Moreover, the college also boasts of the best names in the maritime industry coming to them for recruitment. This is one college that shouldn’t be missed to be considered if you want a maritime career.

You can know more about SUNY Maritime here.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is one of the oldest maritime colleges in the U.S. The academy is located at the best strategic place for a maritime college and provides degrees such as marine engineering, marine safety and environmental protection, marine transportation etc. Some of the oldest and best maritime professionals serving the maritime industry are from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

You can know more about the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in here.

United States Naval Academy

The United States Naval Academy is one of the finest academies in the U.S for getting a naval architecture and ocean engineering degree. The academy has the finest technology and hi-tech support system to produce the best naval officers and engineers. The academy also has its own research facility which is also equipped with some of the best technologies in the marine world.

The University of New Orleans – Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department

The Department of naval architecture and marine engineering of the University of New Orleans provides Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and even Ph.D. in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering. The institute has the best laboratories for research and education.

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

The U.S Merchant Marine Academy is also almost a century old. Located near the famous city of New York, the U.S Merchant Marine Academy provides degrees in the field of marine engineering, marine transport, marine engineering systems, marine operation and technology, shipyard management etc. This is one academy that offers a large variety of courses in the field of merchant marine.

Texas A&M – University of Galveston

Texas A&M is one of the finest colleges in the U.S for learning marine engineering and marine engineering technology. The institute provides an interdisciplinary education in marine propulsion and maritime-related engineering. The courses offered to provide a perfect blend of marine and mechanical engineering to offer the best knowledge and training to its students.

Know more about the institute here.

United States Coast Guard Academy

The United States Coast Guard Academy provides naval architecture and marine engineering courses. The course is so structured that it provides a strong educational base to both the coast guard students and to those pursuing marine engineering and naval architecture.

Webb Institute of Engineering

The Webb Institute of Engineering provides the ultimate professional course for marine engineering and marine technology. The institute has a very well crafted syllabus for the four years engineering course which enables its students to absorb the engineering concepts gradually and efficiently. This is one of the institutes, which is not to be missed in case you are planning to do marine engineering.

Know more about Webb here.

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  1. Hi sir i’m a mechanical engg fresher i m interested to do masters in marine engineering so please guide me to the world’s best universities in marine engg thankyou

  2. please sir am from Nigeria and need ur assistance in securing a Maritime shool

  3. Dear Mukhtar,

    We do not offer any paid courses. All the information available in Marine Insight is free of Cost. Just read and Share the knowledge.


  4. I am a mech eng student i lile merine eng so give for some information in merine eng

  5. How did The California Maritime Academy get left off this list? The Naval Academy isn’t something you just apply to either… I don’t even think their graduates come out with Coast Guard Licenses? The Coast Guard Academy is missing too.

  6. I cannot BELIEVE that you omitted the California Maritime Academy (a California State University Campus located in Vallejo, CA) from amongst your list of — “The Best Maritime Colleges In the US”! CMA was recognized by Forbes Magazine three years running as being one of “the 100 best colleges in the USA”! And it has been long recognized by the Maritime Industry and Waterfront Business Communities from across the land as a “valuable resource” for finding diligent, hard-working, talented, proven, and focused employees. You need to update your listings for “maritime colleges”, and PRONTO! This is an egregious omission….and yes, I AM a proud CMA grad (Class of ’63) — and a successful “maritime professional” (now retired) who would not have attained a 50+-years successful career in the Maritime Industry were it not for the training, discipline, and education I got at CMA…. You can check me out on LinkedIn…. Captain “Manny” Aschemeyer; Licensed Master Mariner (Unlimited); BS, MNI

  7. I echo Captain Aschemeyer’s comments about the omission of the Best of the Best Maritime colleges, the California Maritime Academy.
    I too am a proud 1965 marine engineering graduate and CEO of a machinery manufacturing company, with a successful career in Engineering and business management.
    Captian Bob Piazza, USN (Ret)

  8. i like the school it has always been my dream but i believe one day i will be there by Gods grace

  9. Sir, what about DMET ,now known as IMU kolkata campus in india for persuing marine engineering?
    Please guide me sir

  10. Hi

    I am 4th engineer on board tanker ship I want to appear class 2 second engineer officer examination in USA marine engineering college


  11. Hi

    I am 2nd eng on board tanker and carring 1st class certificat , also I have b.e in navl architecture , I would like to pass some extra courses in us which is your advices.remind that all my certifictes are recieved from iran collges.

  12. Yes! I support captain Aschemeyer and captain Bob Piazza…
    When I saw the list above about other schools and didn’t see CMA, I didn’t really buy it much cos of this great missing institution on the list.
    Well, even without it enlisted it is also a great known academy.


  13. Sir/Madam,

    My name is Tony Barry; I am interested in your PhD program in Maritime Engineering. I would like to know about which fields I can research on, and what options are available. I would also like to know if I am eligible for the program. My Experience and credentials are as follows:


    – I am currently a Dean and Professor in Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Pune.

    – Have been actively involved in the new ship buildings in the yards and guarantee checks and claims after delivery of new vessels.

    – Have been actively involved in the cadet training programs of cadets from Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore and have carried out on board training of several cadets from AMET, Chennai.

    – Have worked for world’s most reputed shipping company. Maersk group as Chief Engineer. I have worked in this field for more than 25 years.


    – Passed 4-years graduation in Marine Engineering from DMET (Calcutta) in the year 1982, securing “First Class with Distinction”. DMET is now called ‘MERI’ (Marine Engineering & Research Institute)

    – Passed HSC (10+2) securing “First Class with Distinction”, in the year 1978.

    Thanking you,

    Tony Barry

  14. Please can l obtain my ETO certificate of competency from this school. I need all your guidelines .
    Thanks and best regards.

  15. MORNING SIR, I will like to join the M/N of USA, pls anyone to guide me, just let me know what it will take me,

  16. hi
    i do like to get information on hat are the criteria in getting admission into the marine academy in the US and more so i have gained a diploma in marine engineering.

  17. I want to apply to Cal maritime university as an international student seeking for a second degree in marine transportation… How can I apply for the process???

  18. Am looking for sponsorship in maritime knowledge specifically in navigation officer of ship above 500GT.
    For now I possess mandatory certificates that I obtained from Dar es salaam maritime institute in Tanzania.
    Am a Ugandan by nationality of majority age 29.
    Looking forward to your kind positive response towards my request

  19. Hello am an international graduated student from marine engineering assistant…please kindly link me with any affordable institution that can admit me for mandatory course in u.s

  20. The Course fee won’t change much but The hostel fees may vary.Please check with the Institute for the fee structure.

  21. Good day sir ,
    M Pradeep Singh , 3engineer , sailing in Anglo eastern company. Actually I would like to do MBA after getting my class 1 coc . I am practising GMAT as well but I would like to know name of some maritime business school in India and abroad , can they take directly chief engineer into MBA programs or we have to give TOEFL for them?

  22. Back when I was a freshman, women were not even allowed in certain engineering colleges, and forbidden strictly from Marine Engineering / Maritime academies. Women were not allowed on offshore rigs or vessels, either. Not much has changed, here I sit after 30 years with my Mechanical Engineering degree, and no work in sight for the last year and a half. (Houston’s economy is just awful.) So tell me about why executives overwhelmingly say when surveyed, that they are not doing enough to promote women in this field? It’s because they actively discriminate against them. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

  23. good day sir/madam i am a graduate with a Master in Arts in Ports and shipping Administration from the Regional Maritime University in Ghana and wish to perused a PhD in any maritime field related to my master degree please if you can help me to locate a program it will be of great help to me thanks my email address is

  24. On which one of the listed universities I can get answer why is it called dead weight not dead mass. If I load cargo of 200 tons on ship, is that cargo mass or weight? What is the abbreviation used for cargo and masses of the ship? In physics momentum equals force × lever. Force is mass x (velocity / time). In ship stability we use same equation so why mass becomes weight? You do not load 200 weight on the vessel, but 200 mass. If it is in kg or pounds or tonnes it is mass, not weight. ????

  25. maritime is very good
    Am a prospective Engineer because am studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering, but I will love to go into Marine worker.

  26. Am Omowaye Joshua by name presently studying electrical and electronics engineering in Nigeria but am interested in joining the United state naval academy.. How can I enroll for admission into the United State Naval academy..

  27. I am basavaraj,from India am doing diploma in India. I heard that there is free education for all weather it also for merchent navy and other county student’s have rights for it . plz Reply me sir .

  28. @Basavaraj: I am not sure about the information you have acquired. Can you please share more details about it so that we can assist you better?

  29. Good day sir, i will to apply for mandatory courses but i dont went it to be an online course, so is their any how possible for one to be present? and also am a foreign student from nigeria…,Pls i still have contact of the that can grant me visa…Thank you

  30. Dear Sir, I’m Olusegun James Ayanlola, a Nigerian. Holding chief mate Nigeria licence greater than 3000 GRT since 2011, with Diploma in marine surveying secured at UK. Presently I have 17 years of experience at sea, I intend to upgrade my licence at USA. I want to enquire how to secure elegibility for greater licence such as chief mate unlimited or equivalent. Kindly advice.

  31. Hello, I’m an 8 yr CG Vet almost ready to use my GI Bill. I’m gathering old transcripts and in my younger years I wasn’t mature and had poor to just enough grades. I then joined the Coast Guard and had a family which quickly matured me and changed my life. How likely would it be for me to be able to attend one of these top ranked schools? I’m more mature and am strongly dedicated to complete an enginereing degree with my wife and 3 kids backing me up along the way. I belong in the water and have a passion for the ocean. Chasing a dream.

  32. Elias, I would reach out for Maine Maritime. It has a long history of working with non-traditional students who are veterans with families. It also helps that they are the best of bunch. Good Luck to you and your family.

  33. Hello I am a Lecturer in a Maritime university, and am interested in Maritime courses or Training.
    I studied Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration.

    I would be very grateful if I am been notified of any such available trainings.

  34. Don’t forget the California Maritime Academy on the West Coast. One of the best out there for sure!

  35. I’m Adeyemi Emmanuel Tobi from Nigreia I will like to been in US Marine course am interested in it ….

  36. I am working as a AB seaman onboard oil camical vsl 16 years, now I want to do 2nd mate function in USA, is there any Acadamy in USA for 2nd mate function classes,

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