What are SSB Radios?

SSB radio is used by boats or yachts for communication at sea. The full-form of SSB radio is Single Side Band radio. SSB radios are an essential feature when it comes to important marine radio channels. The SSB radio was first used as a part of the marine radio system after World War II. The main reason for the introduction of the SSB radio system was because of the problems caused by the AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio system.

One of the main disadvantages or problems of the AM radio system was that it absorbed a huge amount of unwanted power and space. Also, the AM system was not fool-proof. The messages and information passed through the AM system could be listened and monitored by unwanted channels leading to important information being passed on and emergency situations being created.

SSB Radio

The SSB radios offer a wide variety of services like a two-way communication marine radio system with the captains of other boats, yachts and the coast guards. Apart from this the SSB radios are not affected by distance. They can be NordicBetin kasino kuulostaa siina maarin hyvalta, etta pakkohan siihen on tutustua. easily used for calls and messages between yachts or boats that are located far away from each other without the message being disrupted or distorted. In addition to being a marine radio system that offers fool-proof communication channels, the SSB radio system also provides with entertainment in the form of music to the crew of the boat.  The SSB radio thus provides an all-round marine radio communication system to the shipping industry.

However, in order to receive and send messages through a SSB radio system, a specific transmitter needs to be equipped in the boat. If this transmitter is not fixed to the boat, then routine radio communication transmitters like the AM radio channel would be used for receiving the SSB radio signals. The voice modulation in such AM radio frequency channels will be vastly different because of the difference in the transmitting channels. This could lead to the messages to become much distorted leading to further confusion and chaos.

The appropriate systems that need to be used in order to correctly read the messages sent via the SSB radio system are the Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) or the Carrier Insertion Oscillator (CIO). The system of SSB radios is a very important development in the field of radio communication. In the days to come, this development will only increase further helping the seamen to navigate and communicate even more effectively than ever before.

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