What Are Telescopic Cranes?

Telescopic cranes are another form of heavy cranes employed to transport and maneuver objects from one place to another. Cranes like the telescopic cranes are often used in day-to-day hauling operations but it has also to be noted that these heavy cranes are very important when it comes to carrying out maneuvering operations in ports as well.

Telescopic cranes are mobile in the sense that they transport goods and items in a flexible manner. Also since telescopic cranes are further equipped with height adjustments, when it comes to hauling and transferring the goods from one place to another, the problems related to height are completely eradicated.

In terms of ports, telescopic cranes offer one of the best servicing possible. This is because a port is a place that perpetually bustles with activity. Cargo embarking and disembarking is something that takes place in any port without a second’s pause. This being the case and given the disadvantages of several other types of heavy cranes, telescopic cranes offer premium support to the smooth functioning of the duties in a port.

Credits: sarens.com

Credits: sarens.com


Heavy cranes like telescopic cranes can be mounted atop a truck and then can be driven to those places where goods and cargo need to be shifted. In any port, one can find many of such telescopic cranes which enable the easy mobility and transfer of cargo to the right containers, thereby providing utility in the best way possible. The main difference between a telescopic crane and other conventional cranes is that the former has a hollow boom which contains several tubes fitted one side the other.  A hydraulic mechanism enables the elongating and refracting motion of the beam.

Considering today’s fast paced development, it is but natural that cranes have started to be used extensively. But in terms of the shipping industry and transportation of goods and cargo via the medium of ships, cranes have always been the primary technology used. This is because when it comes to hauling goods and transferring cargo from one area in a port to another, it is very difficult to use simple luggage racks, for the quantity and weight of the cargo at ports is quite heavy and thus requires help of such telescopic cranes to carry out the procedure of cargo transfer.

Telescopic cranes are very frequently used in ports because of the ease in mobility that they present and the height adjusting feasibility that they offer. They give flexibility a new name and also provide exceptional service at the same time. As heavy cranes, telescopic cranes are very popular and are highly demanded and easily visible in most of the ports across the world.

Heavy cranes are highly important equipments. And of all the variants of heavy cranes, telescopic cranes are unique because they not only offer utility but also mobility side-by-side. By acknowledging the contribution of telescopic cranes as one of the best devised gadgets to aid cargo transfer in today’s times, it is like giving these heavy cranes their rightful due of appreciation and credit.


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