Top 10 Shipbuilding Companies in the World in 2012

The shipbuilding industry is recognised as one of the most profitable industries around the world.

In spite of the recent financial slump, the introduction of new marine equipment for green ships and the rise in the level of sustainability along with innovation has put the shipbuilding sector among the top ranks in the global competition arena.

As ships are the key mode of transportation for countries around the world, the shipbuilding sector forms an integral part in the development of nations.

Moreover with the recent increase in demand of cargo and passenger ships, the requirement for economical and greener ships has also elevated. The future ships under development are sure to change a lot in the shipping industry.

All shipyards around the world are making their own efforts to deliver ships which meet the demand of shipping regulating authorities of being sustainable, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

The top shipbuilding companies around the world have recognized this need and have excelled in this area and have thus evolved as the biggest productive shipyard in the world.

In this article we listed top 10 Shipbuilders in the world in terms of Gross Tonnage:

10.  Shanghai Waigaoqiao – Shanghai, China

Shanghai Waigaoqiao shipyard is the number one shipbuilding company in China with the total gross tonnage production until date of 15, 096,900 GT, which includes164 ships of various types and sizes.

9.  Imabari Shipbuilding – Marugame, Japan

Imabari Shipyard built the world first vehicle Carrier –“American Highway” and has delivered VLCC of 300,000 DW. The Gross tonnage production till date is 15,692,687 GT which includes 393 ships.

8. Hyundai Mipo – Ulsan, South Korea

One of the most versatile production house in terms of conventional and specialised vessels, Hyundai Mipo is famous for delivering mid size chemical tanker and Panamax container ships. The Gross tonnage production till date is 16,715,650 GT which includes 618 ships

7.  Oshima Shipbuilding – Oshima, Japan

Oshima Shipbuliding has a specialisation in building bulk carrier ships with gross tonnage production till date of 16,983,004 GT which includes 539 ships.

6.  Tsuneishi shipbuilding – Numakuma, Japan

Tsuneishi is the leading shipbuilding company in Japan with specialisation in building medium sized Bulk carrier ships. The Gross tonnage production till date is 17,824,038 GT which includes 492 ships.

5.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industry – Nagasaki, Japan

Second in rank within Japan and 5th in the world, Mitsubishi H I has its specialization in commercial vessels such as oil tanker and cruise ships. The total gross tonnage production till date is 19,506,548 GT which includes 315 ships.

4.  Hyundai Samho – Samho, South Korea

Another Key player from Korea, Hyundai Samho is located in Yeongam with production capacity of approximately 40 vessels per year. The Gross tonnage production till date is 28,414,515 GT which includes 372 ships.

3.  Samsung Heavy Industry – Geoje, South Korea

Samsung H I shipbuilding company is one of the top three shipbuilders in the world with specialisation of special purpose vessels like FPSO, LNG etc. The total Gross tonnage production till date is 58,082,349 GT which includes 785 ships.

2.  Daewoo Shipbuilding – Okpo, South Korea

Another giant in this sector and second in the world is Daewoo Shipbuilding, located in Okpo and known for its sustainable and giant ships. The future delivery includes much talked about Maersk EEE class vessels. The total production of Daewoo shipyard is 68,284,087 GT which includes 834 ships.

1. Hyundai Heavy Industry – Ulsan, South Korea

The Leader in the Shipbuilding sector, Hyundai Heavy Industry is based on Ulsan with a record of 93,893,700 GT which includes 1428 ships of various types and sizes.



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    Wat is d cost of building a hospital on a ship with 50 beded rooms,2 doctor consulting rooms.


    What are the taxes applicable to a ship building company on ship repairs and general engineering works and ship building to promote its competitiveness..

  3. Ahmed adel says

    thank you for all information about shipbuilding industry . Please may send the list of Top 10 Shipbuilding industry Companies in the World in through years 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,and2015.
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