Maritime Piracy – After Somalia It’s Western Africa

San Giusto pirates

While the security threats from sea pirates have considerably reduced off the Coast of Somalia, the growing numbers of maritime piracy incidents along the Western African coast undoubtedly reveal that anti-security measures in the region are extremely scarce.

18 Anti-Piracy Weapons for Ships to Fight Pirates

Dazzle Gun

Non-lethal anti-piracy weapons are now commonly used on merchant ships plying in piracy affected areas. Learn about some of the famous anti-piracy technologies that are or can be used to fight maritime piracy.

7 Important Shipping Routes Vulnerable To Maritime Piracy

The Suez Canal

Maritime piracy is one of the biggest dangers faced by the busiest shipping routes around the world. Find out seven most famous shipping routes vulnerable to maritime piracy.

The Story of Maersk Alabama Container Vessel


MV Maersk Alabama is a container ship which was put into operation for the very first time in the year 1998 under the Danish registry. The ship is famous for the spate of piracy attacks experienced by her. Know more about its story inside the article.

28 Online Resources for Maritime Piracy and Somali Pirates

piracy sea

With the increase in piracy at the sea, especially around the coast of Somalia, several maritime organizations and defense agencies have started providing online updates on events related to maritime piracy that are taking place around the world. Mentioned herein are twenty eight resources on maritime piracy and Somali pirates.