Are We Sleepwalking Back to Piracy?

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A shift in US foreign policy based both on changes to the threat landscape and improving domestic energy security could lead to an increase in threats to shipping within eighteen months according to David Hunkin of Dryad Maritime Intelligence.

Top 5 Must-Watch Somali Pirates Movies


The issue of piracy at sea has inspired several film makers to make movies based on somali pirates and real ship highjacking incidents. Mentioned herein are five such somali pirates movies which make an interesting watch.

The Story of Maersk Alabama Container Vessel


MV Maersk Alabama is a container ship which was put into operation for the very first time in the year 1998 under the Danish registry. The ship is famous for the spate of piracy attacks experienced by her. Know more about its story inside the article.

28 Online Resources for Maritime Piracy and Somali Pirates

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With the increase in piracy at the sea, especially around the coast of Somalia, several maritime organizations and defense agencies have started providing online updates on events related to maritime piracy that are taking place around the world. Mentioned herein are twenty eight resources on maritime piracy and Somali pirates.

10 Most Famous Pirates of the Marine World


Famous pirates of the sea have always enchanted and scared the marine world since the beginning of the marine industry. In this article we bring to you some of the most famous sea pirates who have left their mark on the pages of maritime history.