10 Most Famous Pirates of the Marine World

Sea Pirates have made their presence felt in the marine world ever since the beginning of the industry. Despite their long association with the world of seas, the exact pirates’ story of most pirates is an enigma to the world.

Here is a sneak peek into the lives of some of the most famous pirates in the world. (Kindly note that they are not arranged according to merits or achievements, but because they were worth mentioning in the top ten list)

Famous pirates

1. Henry Morgan

Despite being one of the best-known pirates in the history of pirates, Captain Morgan’s status as a pirate is still unknown. Different accounts refer to him as a pirate, privateer or buccaneer at different places.

He is most famous for his attacks on Spanish ships and plundering of towns including the likes of Puerto Principe, a Spanish town that had to be completely rebuilt after Morgan and his men were done with it.

2. Thomas Tew

A notorious pirate, Thomas Tew looted a large Indian ship, plundering a treasure worth £100,000 followed by another attack on a Mughal Convoy. The latter attack cost him his life but not before he earned quite some treasure, teamed up with other pirates like others and enjoyed a rather heroic piracy career.

3. Henry Every

A fancy pirate who captained a ship called ‘Fancy’, he is famous for having made the most of his piracy career within a short span of time. He is known to have looted two major ships in quick succession, assembling a huge treasure to his credit. This indicates excellent strategic skills. But he is most famously known for never having been caught alive. He retired after the huge plunder and escaped into a world of oblivion, never to be seen again except in the folklore and legends.

4. William Kidd

A cold-blooded hardcore pirate, captain of one of the most famous pirate ships, captain Kidd was a privateer assigned to free New York and West Indies of pirates. But a change in circumstances meant he faced a mutiny from his crew. A loss of another choice, he made the first brutal act of his piracy career with a murder and then never looked back. His most daring act was to loot a treasure ship, almost twice the size of his own ship, along with the Malabar Coast of India. However, he was captured on his way to New York and executed painfully.

5. Edward Teach ‘ Blackbeard’

One of the most famous pirates of the world, Edward Teach ‘Blackbeard’ was rightly famous because of his notorious pirate ways. A rather living image of the devil, this pirate was a skilled fighter. Famous for his loots, he took whatever he could. His piracy career makes a glorious account of his life until he was shot by a bunch of men for a bounty.

6. Calico Jack

The list of names of pirates all over the world would be incomplete without mentioning Calico Jack Rackham. He became captain of the ship he was sailing with as a quartermaster when he stood up against a seemingly bad attack decision by the ship’s captain. This was the first glimpse of his leadership and a piracy career. He later went on to make his ship one of the most famous pirate ships of the world, not only because of its loot and plunder but also because of its refuge to two of the most famous female pirates of the world.

7. Francis Drake

More of an English wartime sailor than a full-time pirate, Francis Drake was most active in the Caribbean region during the 16th century. He was a gifted sailor with amazing sailing skills but was not so lucky in fate. Bad luck turned him on the road of revenge which ultimately set off his piracy career. But it was his intelligent strategies that earned him a place as one of the best-known pirates of the world.

 8. Anny Bonney and Mary Read

Presenting an extraordinary pirates story of female strength in a man’s world, these two female pirates were anomalies in the world of pirates. But they were headstrong, rational and definitely knew what they did not want from life. Fate brought them both into piracy and each other’s friendship but it was their skills as efficient seafarers that earned them the title of famous pirates of the world. They both found their way into the pirate crew of Calico Jack but left when the ship and its captain were finally captured. Legend believes that Anny and Captain Jack were in a romantic relation. Even friendship between Anny and Mary is believed to lurk on verge of something more.

9. Howell Davis

Having enjoyed a short career of piracy, this young pirate captured the entire Caribbean region with his seafaring skills and daring nature to take on ships larger than his own. A rather bumpy ride throughout his career that lasted all of a year, he made some bold decisions, saw some rough phases and ultimately got his name written on some of the most influential pirates of the world.

10. Bartholomew Roberts

A notorious yet intelligent pirate, he looted over 400 ships all over the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Chanced into piracy, he was a natural, to say the least. He was young when the burden of a pirate ship’s leadership was put on his shoulders due to the death of Howell Davie, the pirate he was working with. He was bold, daring and cold-blooded. He looted more than 20 ships, excluding a slaver that he set on fire with slaves still on it. He captured the entire region of the Caribbean and West Indies. He finally meted his end in 1722 when he was killed. His daring career makes him as famous as he is in the history of pirates.

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