Watch: A Seafarer’s Tale – Life Of Loneliness And Danger

Life at sea is not as easy as it seems. No one knows this better than the seafarers. Staying away from family for months together and working in hostile environment conditions, seafarers know that they are in a profession which can be difficult at times.

It’s not easy to beat stress and stay motivated at sea especially if your mind is somewhere else. Dealing with personal and family problems at sea, away from loved ones is even more difficult in spite of the latest advancements of internet technology at the sea.

Moreover, people have several myths about seafarer’s lives. Fighting pirates, a girl in every harbor – those are the tales of adventure and romance that are associated with seafarers. But the real challenges seafarers face are something not many are aware of.

Take a look at these informative videos by Life Link, which provide a glimpse into the challenging lives of seafarers.

Note : Kindly note that by no means we are trying to say that a career in maritime industry is not worth the efforts. In fact, we feel that a career in merchant navy is the best opportunity one can get.

Jeroen, Alamgir and Paul work on ships. It’s hard work and long hours with little pay. The romance of the sea is lost on them. Each of the young men has a job that’s taking its toll.

What do you think about the life at sea or your experiences away from the shore? Let’s know in the comments below.

Reference: DW/YouTube

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy. This video is for information purpose only.

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  1. It is advice to youth of any nation, not to think of working in merchant navy, i am myself in mid- thirties and working since when i was nineteen, it is full of exploitation, in terms of training, more training, and never ending training to keep you update for ship and most of which has to paid by you, surveys and more surveys and never ending surveys, clock never stops here on ship,whether it is day or night… is work time. On average no seafarer work less than 12 hrs but most of them not even paid one hour wage labour of developed country, and in this nexus everybody is involved, every govt, every union, and even many ex- seafarers. Here there is no job security, as long one is young, shipping companies call you, a day you feel unfit…….you are f–ked, you are useless for this industry.

  2. Hiii….sir I wants to join merchant navy as a
    Marine engineering (BE) so pls give me advice about this.

  3. Sir,
    With all due respect to your views on maritime industry
    But sailing is like loving a woman its tough but its the thing that drives you, Life in no sector is easy.
    But i believe if only we respect overselves and our profession we would expect others to respect it and understand it.
    Life is full of uncertainities.
    I would too not advice anyone to join the maritime industry not if u believe your family has enough capital or you yourself are extremely bright.
    But one thing i know is that when i am away from ship at home for months…i do miss sailling alot.

  4. Been away from home and from loved ones is the worst thing about this industry. I hate the industry with passion

  5. I disagree with the negative comments. Perhaps it’s the companies you’ve worked with? I come from a developed nation with a high cost of living. I’m working at sea internationally with a reputable company, and I love it. I work ten to twelve hours a day, and get paid for them all. I could make even more if I worked on a domestic vessel.

    Your experience is not the norm, and by painting the bleak picture of the industry as a whole based on it, you’re only hurting the maritime industry by turning away potential new seafarers…

    Anyone who’s considered a life at sea, I strongly recommend giving it a shot. If you’re able to get training and licenced as an officer, do it. If you’re in the entertainment industry, consider cruise ships for a few years… There’s so much opportunity on the water, it’s crazy to competently pass it up

  6. Each profession has pros and cons. I am yet to come across any profession which is only full of roses without any thorns. I have been out at sea for 16 years. There were good times and bad times. The life at sea is certainly not easy. But it has given me a lot and taught me a lot in life. I am proud to be a seafarer.

    I also agree that in the present days its even more tougher. Hence its each ones perspective and requirement which will determine their choice. O’cos anybody looking for a desktop-like job in an conditioned room, from 9-5, with weekends off – please avoid this path.

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