Two Dead After Tragic Collision Between Water Taxi And Passenger Ferry In the Philippines

On January 31, 2024, a collision between the water taxi Hop & Go 1 and the passenger ferry Ocean Jet 6 off the coast of Verde Island, Batangas, led to the tragic demise of the Hop & Go 1 captain and third mate. Following the collision at approximately 12:30 PM, CG Admiral Ronnie Gil L Gavan, the commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), ordered an immediate investigation into the accident’s causes.

Hop & Go 1 was travelling from Puerto Galera to Batangas, while Ocean Jet 6, with 105 passengers and 19 crew members, was travelling from Batangas to Calapan. The vessel’s captain and third mate of Hop & Go 1, who were Filipino, lost their lives in the crash.

Video Credits: Manila Bulletin Online/YouTube

Two Chinese passengers on Hop & Go 1 were also hurt in the event. However, two additional passengers—a Swedish person and two more Chinese people—escaped unharmed. The two remaining Filipino crew members of Hop & Go 1 have given formal testimonies at the Coast Guard Sub-Station Puerto Galera as part of the ongoing inquiry.

Upon arriving at Calapan Port, Ocean Jet 6’s 105 passengers and 19 crew members were all reported to be safe and in healthy physical condition. The PCG is actively contacting the relatives of the dead Filipino crew members, and the injured passengers are getting the medical treatment they require.

Image Credits: Philippine Coast Guard/Twitter

The investigation into the collision’s primary cause continues while the responding team attempts to tow Hop & Go 1 to Puerto Galera, the location of its yard. According to the first reports, the smaller vessel was split open in the front and suffered extensive damage. The current investigation considers the weather, which may be misty or foggy with a low sea chop. The PCG seeks to resolve any safety issues with maritime activities and to uncover all relevant information regarding the occurrence.

Reference: PCG, PNA

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