Video: How to Use Maritime Distress Flares & Signals (Pyrotechnics)?

Maritime distress signals are used in case of extreme emergency situations at the sea. Also known as pyrotechnics, these emergency flare and signals are the best way to inform a nearby ship for immediate help.

Pyrotechnic is a visual distress signal which is widely used even amidst today’s highly advanced ship navigation and communication systems. In fact, the history of maritime distress signals states that such visual form of aids have been used by ships to send “SOS” signals since ancient days.

According to shipping regulations, every ship is required to carry a set of Pyrotechnic equipment on board ships. These set mainly includes hand flare, rocket parachute flare, and smoke signals.

Every sea-going professional or seafarer must know the important of both pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic maritime distress signals. They must also know how to use these signals in a safe and efficient manner.

Moreover, as there is limited stock of signals and flares, it is necessary that they are used in the right way and at the right time.Moreover, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) has also put forth certain requirements and guidelines regarding Pyrotechnics which are to be followed by all ships.

In this article there are two important videos mentioned which would not only explain the importance of pyrotechnics on ships but would also explain when and how to used them in the most efficient manner.

Pyrotechnics –General Overview Video

Video – How to use Maritime flares and distress signals (Pyrotechnics) on Ships?

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