Video: How to Wear a Life Jacket?

Life jacket is one of the most important personal protective equipment available on board ships. According to ship safety regulations, every seafarer on board ship is provided with a life jacket and he or she must know how to use it in case of emergencies.

Though the procedure of putting on a life jacket might seem an easy task, seafarers have often been found making mistakes in doing so, especially in case of emergency situations.

Read more about life jackets and important laws regarding them in here.

Not wearing the life jacket properly can hurt the seafarer while jumping in the water or it can even loosen and come off because of the forces of water. life jacket

It is therefore not only important that every seafarer knows how to wear a life jacket but also necessary that he or she understands how to put it on quickly and properly.

Watch the videos below to understand and remember the procedure to wear a life jacket.

How to wear a life jacket?

How to wear a life jacket in water?

Also, sometimes it so happen that because of dearth of time during emergencies or due to unfavourable circumstances, seafarer might have to wear the life jacket after jumping in the water.

Note that wearing the life jacket while in water is not an easy task. Putting on the life jacket in the right manner, while in water, requires good practice and training.

Watch the video below to find out how to wear a life jacket while in water.

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