Secure Ship –Anti-Piracy Method: Can this Prevent Pirates from Climbing Your Ships?

A myriad of anti-piracy techniques have been seen in the market post recent attacks from pirates. Do doubt, the market of anti-piracy services is booming, but how many of these solutions come with a guarantee of preventing a piracy attacks? – We are yet to find this answer.

Our experts took some time out of their busy schedule to look and analyze some of the techniques that have managed to attract eye-balls in the maritime industry. Secure-Ship, a counter boarding system that promises to protect the vessel against piracy attacks, illegal entrances, and stowaways was the first one we had our eyes on. It uses high current carrying wires to prevent any kind of illegal boarding of the ship.

Secure ship system uses a collapsible electrical fence that is fitted on the periphery of the ship. As the fence is made in parts, a part of the fence can be easily collapsed when the ship comes to a port or a pilot wants to board the ship. The system also comes with sirens and flood-lights to raise the alarm whenever a boarding attempt is made.

Important Features

The electrical fence runs through it an electrical voltage of 9000 Volts, which is non-lethal but would do enough to prevent any kind of piracy activity.

The detection system is insensitive to all types of weather variations and influences of the environment.

The system comes with 5 main parts

  • The detection unit
  • The “Plus” detection unit
  • The Energizer
  • The Electrified Wire
  • Control Unit

Though the first look at the system might make it look a bit cluttered and obstructive for ship’s operation, we felt that the system surely has some future in the marine anti-piracy market. However, its final usefulness will only be know when it is tried and tested by a couple of ships and is found beneficial.

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  1. I agree, testing in real life would make recommendations easier, but like a gun….this makes so much sense you know it would work without all the bells and whistles …. It makes it impossible to board when at anchor without getting shocked….and barbs added to the wires even better….

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