Ship Arrival Checklist for Engine Department: What to Do When a Ship is About to Arrive at a Port?

As a mariner, you must know that there are important jobs to be performed when a ship arrives at or departs from a port. These things are necessary for a smooth sail of the ship. Failure in carrying out any of these duties might lead to hindrances in sailing and maneuvering. In this article we have brought to things that should be done without any fail while the ship enters the port. The article is in the form of a checklist and thus can those who want can take a printout for their personal use.

Arrival Procedure /Checklist of Engine Department

container terminal

‘Things that are to be done by the Duty Engineer on Receiving One hour notice from the Bridge

  1. Inform chief engineer regarding arrival.
  2. The bridge will start reducing the speed to maneuvering speed.
  3. Start additional generator in parallel.
  4. Stop the steam turbine and shaft generator if fitted.
  5. Ensure the power is available for deck machinery and bow thruster.
  6. The bridge will also start additional steering gear unit.
  7. Take a round of steering gear room and check oil level linkages and motor current.
  8. Start the boiler and raise the pressure, if exhaust gas boiler was running previously.
  9. Close the dampers for exhaust gas boiler and open bypass.
  10. Stop the fresh water generator.
  11. Shut and lock sewage direct overboard discharge and start sewage plant or open valve for sewage holding tank.
  12. Close the sea chest valve of the side of the ship which is going to face the berth.
  13. Change over to high sea suction from low sea suction.
  14. Drain the air receivers.
  15. The engine is tested for ahead and astern direction from bridge.
  16. The steering gear is also tested for full rudder angle.
  17. When maneuvering ends, sea passage flow meter counter is taken for calculation of oil consumption from full away to end of sea passage.

Things to do After the Ship Has Arrived at the Port

  • When finished with engine is given from bridge change over from bridge control to engine room control.
  • Stop additional running generator. However make sure that the generator that is running is able to take all the load.
  • Close main air starting valve.
  • Open indicator cock and turbocharger drain valve.
  • Engage turning gear and turn engine for 10 minutes.
  • Open vent for exhaust gas boiler.
  • Activate the arrival program if UMS to stop the lube oil pump, cross head pump, shaft bearing and stern tube bearing pumps etc or stop manually in manned engine room.
  • If manned engine room, stop pumps after 30 minutes of running after arrival.
  • Open heating for jacket water of main engine.
  • Take round of the engine room.
  • Inform bridge or ship control center that you are going to your accommodation or handover watch to next duty engineer in case of manned engine room.

Apart from these, perform all the duties as directed by the chief engineer.

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