List of Post Graduation Courses after Marine Engineering

For some people one education degree is never enough. These are people who crave of knowledge, irrespective of the field they are in. If you have a degree in marine engineering/naval technology and are one of those who want to study further after securing a degree in merchant navy, then read on.

It is not necessary that after obtaining a degree in marine engineering one has to forcibly go on ships. If you have the patience and will to study further, there are several opportunities on shore which are equally lucrative. However, kindly note that not all post graduation courses would facilitate you with a land job, but yes, most of them would.


We have compiled a list of post graduation courses that can be done after a bachelor degree in marine engineering/ naval technology.

Post Graduation Courses  

  • MSc marine engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • MSc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management
  • MSc Marine Studies and Costal Resource Management and Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and ocean engineering
  • Marine drafting
  • Naval Architecture and Ship building
  • Coastal engineering and management
  • Masters in Shipping and Transport
  • Marine Transport design
  • MSc Technical management of ship operation
  • MSc in Offshore Floating Systems
  • MSc Marine and Offshore Power Systems
  • Offshore and Environmental Technology
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Subsea Engineering and Management
  • Sustainable energy technologies (marine)
  • Maritime operations and management
  • PG Diploma in International transportation and Logistics
  • Port Management
  • MSc Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) System and Design
  • Ship and offshore Structure
  • MSc Marine Sciences
  • MSc Marine Zoology
  • MSc (Marine Sc.) specialization in Marine biology, Marine geology, Marine geophysics, Chemical oceanography, Physical Oceanography, M.Sc. (Meteorology & Oceanography)
  • MSc Marine geology
  • MSc Ocean Life Sciences
  • MSc in Marine bio. Oceanography
  • MSc in marine biology

Maritime Industry provides a myriad of opportunities for those who want to explore different facets of the marine world. A post graduation in any of the above mentioned courses would open doors to a range of new opportunities in the maritime field itself.

Do you feel we have missed an important course? Let us know and we will add it to the list

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  1. Im a marine engineering student in his last year(4th). In which of these above mentioned post graduation courses the chances of getting settled outside are more

  2. I have completed hnd ( south tyneside college). now I’m interested to graduatio & post graduation degree.

  3. I’m a marine engineer currently on studies bt would be rounding up soon so my question is, can i take masters in naval architecture and shipbuilding with my certificate (Bachelor in technology )or would i need to enroll for a post graduate studies first.? before I’d be eligible for masters.

  4. I’m a graduate of mechanical engineering, HND. I want to enroll into the Pgd program in marine engrg. My question is, which among the listed courses will I do.

  5. Hi
    I am marine chief engineer.
    How can i continue my studies and get a job on shore.

  6. Hello
    i am currently pursuing B.Tech in mechanical . I wish to join navy but am confused . What is the better option after B.Tech ? Is it GME or post graduate diploma or masters ? and how to will affect the ranking and what will be the job opportunities ?

  7. what options do i have other than going into the shipping field
    i have completed my engineering and have also done internships on maersk container vessels

  8. I am doing BE in Marine engineering which is non DG approved college can I do Masters after Completion of Engineering

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