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Raunek Kantharia is a marine engineer turned maritime writer and professional blogger. After a brief stint at the sea, he founded Marine Insight in 2010. Apart from managing Marine Insight, he also writes for a number of maritime magazines and websites.

Panama Canal’s New Toll Structure Reflects Value of the Route and Better Serves Customers

traffic at panama canal

Building on more than a year of informal consultations with representatives from various industry segments and after a formal announcement issued on January 5, 2015, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) held on 27th February, a public hearing on its proposal for a new toll structure.

7 Cool Ship Themed LEGO Sets For Sailors

lego sets

The very popular Lego construction bricks are not just for kids. If you are a Lego fan and love ships, then these amazing LEGO sets are just for you.

10 Amazing Time Lapse Videos Of Ships


Time-lapse photography is a great technique to experience the greatness of any process or phenomenon, which is generally subtle to the human eye. Watch ten amazing time-lapse videos of ships in this article.

10 Major “World’s First” Vessels Announced in 2014

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Several ground-breaking and “world’s first” maritime projects were announced in the year 2014. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy vessels that were unveiled this year.

10 Major Ship Designs and Concepts Launched in 2014


A series of interesting ship designs and concepts were launched in the year 2014. Take a look at some noteworthy ones in the article inside.