Watch: A Scuba Diver Was Lucky To Be Alive After Freighter Passes Over Him

Predatory marine animals are apparently the all-time worst nightmares of scuba divers. And, if someone finds a worst situation that should never happen to them when they actually dive, this would be that scenario: getting caught under a huge freighter.

A shocking video, which remerged on internet almost three years after it was uploaded on YouTube, shows how a Scuba diver was lucky to overcome a situation in which a freighter passed over him whilst he was diving.
The video caught attention of many now after it was posted as a gif to Reddit recently, raising quiet many eyebrows.

Image Credits: Mick Reilly – Youtube

Reports said the guy was diving in the St. Clair River, US, when he had a close brush with death, keeping himself away from a spinning propeller.

The video shows the diver maintains his position with the help of a rope that is secured to a bed of rocks in the water when the freighter passes over him with a terrific noise.

At one point, as seen in the video, he loses his grip on the rope, but was able to manage his balance immediately at the bottom of the river.

“If that was unexpected, I’d probably just up and die on the spot. Too much “Nope” for me to handle,” one person commented on Reddit.

“This is a channel somewhere and he almost certainly is not supposed to be diving there,” another responded in shock.

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