Watch: Cruise Ship With Thousands Onboard Slams Into Another Vessel In Mallorca

A cruise vessel loaded with thousands of British guests crashed into another vessel in Mallorca.

It is not yet known what resulted in the crash off the Palma coast; however, guests on the P&O Britannia vessel said that they believe it was due to unfavourable weather conditions and strong winds. On Sunday, Local publications reported that a storm suddenly hit the island with hail and heavy rain along with strong gusts of wind.

A guest on board, who shared photographs of the collision with Wales Online but wished to be anonymous, said that the vessel was anchored less than a mile from the shore following the accident. Photographs also reflect the vessel’s decks impaired, with chairs and tables in disarray.

All passengers were asked to assemble at key emergency points on the vessel, popular as muster stations. At the same time, the ship’s captain asserted that this wasn’t a drill after a loud bang.

A Welsh woman, with her two children and partner, said they were permitted to leave their cabins but not allowed to do anything on the vessel, and all the crew members were in their life jackets and doing their emergency tasks. The side of the ship looked battered.

Another passenger explained that they had been pulled out to the sea after checking there were no fires on the vessel; they were anchored. They said the guests could leave the cabins, and the passengers were waiting for more updates from the ship’s captain.

The speaker said they would likely get off the vessel and fly back. They will not sail back. As soon as the whole thing is over, they would get off and search for a hotel.

A spokesperson associated with P&O Cruises said they are aware of an incident involving Britannia on Sunday morning as the vessel was alongside Palma de Mallorca. They were working to assess the situation. The ship’s captain is keeping the guests updated.


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