Video of the Ultimate Eco-friendly Cruise Ship of the Future by STX Europe

The horrendous memories of the worst oil spill of the century that took place at one of British Petroleum oil rigs is still very fresh in the minds of the people. The incident has raised several questions for maritime environment policy makers and authorities. But the damage has already been done. The whole marine sector has now been drawn under the scanner and fingers will continue to be raised unless and until some substantial contribution is made by the marine industry as a whole towards conserving the environment.

Some of the shipping companies have already taken initiatives to contribute towards protecting the marine environment. From cruise ships to fishing vessels makers, all seem to be grasped by the concept of “green shipping”.

STX Europe, a prominent name in the cruising industry and the company behind the biggest cruise ships – Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Sea, has come up with an ultimate “green ship” concept, which if successfully gets into the making, will change the way ships have been built and used until now.

The “green ship” concept is called Eosas and it features some of the most sophisticated technologies mentioned below:

  • Energy management and conservation will be done by 12,000 m2 of innovative sails plan, air lubrication system, innovative propulsion system, solar panels, and double skin concept.
  • Energy and air emission management will be done by trigeneration energy power plant, which will have an innovative LNG storage system.
  • The vessel will help in substantial air emission reduction of Co2, No2, and Nox.
  • It will feature a unique waste and water recycling – waste to energy system.
  • A sustainable design and recycled materials used for the making will make the cruise ship a “green ship” in the true sense.

Checkout the video to see the concept of this REAL beauty.

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STX Eeurope

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