Marine Insight Launches “Know the Sea” Campaign

Sea is the cradle of the global maritime industry, one of the oldest and biggest commercial enterprises in the world. Since the inception of human civilization, sea has helped in transportation of people and goods. Many continents have flourished and developed as a result of the riches from the sea.

However, what surprises the most is that in spite of its vastness and global importance, the Shipping Industry, backed by the sea, hasn’t received the due recognition and necessary public image. Lack of awareness about the opportunities available in the field, significance of the industry at a global level, and the benefits offered are probably the main factors behind the low profile of the shipping industry globally.

To give the Marine Industry the importance and value it deserves, Marine Insight has launched the “Know the Sea” Campaign to educate and make people realize the importance of the Marine World.

To more about the campaign, see the campaign’s introductory video below

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