Scary Video: Tug Boat Falls into Water While Lifted By Ship’s Crane

This is a real scary video which shows how carelessly a ship’s crew handles a tug boat using the ship’s crane. It seems that the crew is either trying to put the boat onto the ship’s deck or into the water, but which miserably fails in the end.

What is more surprising is the crew’s inefficiency to control the boat, which swings uncontrollably as the crew tries to manage it using ropes. The in-charge of the operation even comes close to a near-miss accident as the tug boat swings into his direction but obstructed by the ship’s structure.


However, immediately after few seconds, the most scariest and unexpected thing happens. The rigging breaks and the boat falls into the water upside down. Luckily, the crew members were clear and no one was hurt.

Though not much information of the video is provided, it clearly shows the inability of the ship’s crew to properly carry out the operation, which should have done with more planning, preparation and safety.

Watch the video:

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  1. As far as I can see, a lot of things went wrong from the beginning. SWL of the lifting wires clearly was below the limit. Angle wrong. Crane operator did not get cranes hook over the center . Your could say many more thing regarding tuglines, banksman and the weather. There was no proper preparation etc. And there is a result. I’m sure that they didn’t even know the wheight of the tag boat . They were relying on famous Russian “avos” . Which means – maybe.

  2. Both the crews and the captain are very stupid to beging with,they dont even know the weight of the tug boat.
    i ve never see uncompetent crews as the russian crews.the weather was too much wind,or waves to say you can blame the weather.

  3. What went right is more te question, everything is wrong.
    Indeed no correct angle, no kranedriver who has knowlidge, not strong robes, windgust are not known, no correction of the lifted vessel while in the air. Al coms to one conclusion, what could go wrong went wrong here.

    but he, thats Russian style.

  4. without further of investigations, There is 3 main reasons for this accident ,
    improper lifting wires, seems like that.
    there is no spreader used, this vital for such as this long pkgs to avoid the stress on lifting wires & equips.
    also, they didn’t controlling the side guides ropes for distribution the weights along and avoidance the moment arm out the shipside.

    OR, they can performing that with 2 hooks at ford & aft the boat by cranes 2 & 3 if the boat have layed alongside the vsl if the length enabling that.

    the some body problem’s are useful for the others, for trail & error ” Arabic Old Aphorism”
    Ch. Off. Mushtaq Kamil
    Iraq, Basra

  5. That’s a good example as a case staudy for the crew on how to act before and after the incident.

  6. First off everybody is so quick to blame blame blame. Who here has heavy lift experience and has made a similar lift at anchor? Its tough enough to make lifts in a port with heavy swells let alone at anchor. The lashing broke period. Crane operator was doing an excellent job. Someone mentioned hook was not centered, Center of gravity was right where they rigged it , aft of mid ship , house + ME . He had total control of load after he got it up in air. The chain failed. Yes big mistake but could happen to anybody who make lifts like this often. Don’t judge, respect for the crew glad everybody was safe.

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