What are Stealth Ships?

A stealth ship is a type of ship which is especially used as a war vessel and is concealed from the navy vessels of other countries. It is an important warfare tactic that is used by nations wide across the world.

History suggests that several ships have been attacked by oppositions at the time of war. Lusitania was an American warship that was destroyed by German submarines during World War I while American Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese army during World War II. In order to counter such attacks on ships, the stealth technology was adopted.

Stealth Ships

The main detectors that find out whether a navy vessel of an enemy country is in the oceanic water are the SONAR, the radar and the Infrared. Stealth ships are designed in such a way that they are invisible to the radar and other detecting technologies. Also, since they are invisible but the opposite navy vessels are not, it gives a very big boost and advantage to the stealth ships to successfully launch an attack.

The major feature that is taken into account while constructing a stealth ship is about right angles. Conventional ships are designed in such a way that they deflect and reflect the radar and infrared rays that hit. This reflecting surface is known as the Radar Cross Section (RCS). By not constructing the ships with any right angles, such deflection and emerging RCS are avoided, making the ship a stealth ship.

The technology for the stealth ship was first developed and used by the German navy. Over the years almost every country has adopted the technology quite successfully. At present, the Swedish navy is known to be the best designer of such navy vessels. The Swedish navy’s Visby Corvette ship is quite unique in its designing and is known as the market leader along with a few other stealth ships under the category of ‘Visby-Class.’

Some of the other navy vessels that operate as stealth ships are the British Type 45, Germany’s Braunschweig Corvettes, India’s Shivalik range of ships and China’s Houbei missile boat. The stealth technology used in these ships needs to be constantly updated for navies of countries around the world keep on updating their combating technology continuously.

Navy vessels using the stealth technology command a very high place in the hierarchy of naval vessels because of the sophisticated technology they use. Such a respect will not be commanded by them in the present but also in the days and years to come.

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