The Bourbon Evolution 800 IMR Ships

Bourbon Evolution 800 refers to the class of 10 IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair) ships, owned by the shipping company Bourbon. The Evolution 800 vessels have been built to address the complex needs of the maritime operations in the high seas and are thus completely different to the other operable IMR vessels.

Of the 10 ships, three Bourbon Evolution 800 class ships have been constructed and put into operation. Each 800 class ship bears the distinctive engineering style of Guido Perla and Associates (GPA), a well-known maritime architectural company based in the US. The reputed shipbuilding corporation Sinopacific undertook the construction of the Evolution 800 ships. The structural aspects of the Evolution 800 class ships are substantially noteworthy with each of the three 800 class IMR ships presently under deployment offering validation of its operational superiority.


The primary objective of the Bourbon was to build IMR ships that could operate efficiently up to water depths touching 3,000 metres. The construction of the Evolution 800 class ships thus revolved around this objective. The most significant technical specifications of the Bourbon Evolution 800 Class can be pointed out as follows:

  • Length of slightly over 100 metres with a breadth of around 21 metres
  • Depth of eight metres with a draft of six metres
  • DWT of over 4,800 tons with a GRT of over 6,000 tons
  • Nearly 940 square metres of freight storage area available on deck with storage of nearly 2,000 tons of load per square metre


  • Ample storage area for various liquid materials from potable water to various other solvents
  • Helipad for aid necessary copter requirements
  • State-of-the-art navigable systems including Class three Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS)
  • Hi-tech propelling systems to aid in efficient manoeuvrability including advanced engine and propeller systems
  • Optimal cost-efficiency ratio as compared to other IMR ships


The Bourbon Evolution 800 class ships can be deployed for various operations in the high seas. These include rescuing operations, transportation of fuel-based solvents, equipment installation and repairing operations and even appraisals of such installed equipments.

Evolution 800 IMR Ships’ Operational Details

The first Evolution 800 IMR ship was deployed in the year 2011. Christened as the Ungundja, the IMR ship is currently operating in the Angolan high seas. The next two Evolution 800 ships were launched in the year 2012 and 2013 and were christened as Bourbon Evolution 802 and Bourbon Evolution 803 respectively. The 802 IMR ship is operating in the Nigerian waters while the 803 IMR ship is presently being utilised in the Malaysian high seas.

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