World’s Largest Sailing Ship – “The Golden Horizon” Arrested In Dover

The world’s largest sailing ship, The Golden Horizon, was expected to be in Australia later in 2021, however, it has recently been “arrested” in Dover following the request of yet another company.

Operated by the Tradewind Voyages on behalf of owners and represented in Australia by Cruise Traveller, the ship had been pictured behind a fence against the dockside amid reports that Star Clippers claims owe up to $20 million.

The Golden Horizon
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The vessel was due for her inaugural voyage on Monday and also has bookings for sailings on July 24 and 31. It became evident that the issue is not one of Tradewind Voyages, but of Brodosplit, the original shipbuilders in Croatia.

Golden Horizon’s hull had originally been built for Star Clippers – an exclusive three-ship sailing line. But she had not been delivered and, per reports, the owner received $20 million in compensation after taking the yard to court.

It is this money that Mikael Kraft, Star Clippers owner, has been seeking. And because the yard is still the owner of the vessel, he had taken actions against the Golden Horizon.

Star Clippers said that it has suggested Brodosplit Group settle the debt, soon after which the ship would be released.

Yet another report states that a payment of $11 million would set the ship free.

Star Clippers’ statement on the Shipmonk website said that the English authorities have on instruction from Star Clippers and with leave from the Admiralty Mashall have arrested Golden Horizon in Dover.

The website said that a spokesperson for Tradewind Voyages maintained there has not been any outstanding debt and the ship would continue its voyages as planned.

The ship’s 140 cabins will be offering ocean vistas. The square-rigger will travel with the power of wind for about 70% of the time. All credits to more than 6000 square meters of billowing sails that are harnessed to the Golden Horizon’s masts.

Cruise Traveller is currently offering early bird tickets for the ship’s 2022 season. Fares for a nine-night package start from A$4,395 per person, twin-share.


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