One Crew Member Killed And Another Missing Following Ship Collision Off Nagasaki

A dry cargo vessel recently collided with a much smaller ship off Sasebo in Japan’s southwestern Nagasaki prefecture. The incident led to one death while another man continues to be missing.

2 Ships Colliding
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The incident took place around 3:30 am (local time) on Sunday. The small ship had overturned as a result of the collision. The rescue workers who had arrived at the scene saw the body of a man. The death was confirmed by medical personnel. Besides the man, there were two more aboard; including a boy aged 12 years. The child has been rescued by a ship that was passing by. The third individual is still missing.

In a similar incident, three persons had gone missing after a Japanese cargo ship sank. This incident took place in May. The vessel had collided with a larger foreign vessel in the Seto Inland Sea.


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