KSME Receives Won382.6 Billion Order For 4 LNG-Powered Large PC Ships

Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, an intermediate holding company of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, won an order for four LNG-powered large-scale PC ships worth a total of 382.6 billion won.

Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering announced on the 25th (Mon) that it had recently signed a contract with a Middle East-based shipping company to build four 114,000-ton class large PC ships.

The vessels ordered this time, measuring 239m in length, 44m in width and 22m in height, will be built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan and delivered to ship owners sequentially by the first half of 2024.

Image Credits: ksoe.co.kr

Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding has won orders for a total of 61 LNG-powered ships, the largest number in the world so far, and is leading the market by winning orders for 40 out of 67 medium-to-large PC ships of 40,000 tons or more ordered this year.

“As the global paradigm shift towards eco-friendly ships is accelerating, inquiries about eco-friendly fuel-powered ships are continuing across various ship types,” said an official from Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. “We will build high-quality ships based on advanced technology to increase customer satisfaction,” he said.

Reference: ksoe.co.kr

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