Important Ports of India: Mundra Port, Gujarat

Privately owned by the Adani business empire, the Mundra Port of Gujarat has changed the face of the shipping ports across the sub-continental nation. Unlike various other governmentally owned marine ports, the port of Mundra, has in the over 10-years of its existence, gone on to become India’s leading private port with several awards and accolades to vouch for its operational authenticity.

Known as the APSEZ (Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone), the port Mundra gains its name because of the incorporation of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) within its porting facilities.

Mundra Port
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Although initially, the porting facility – then known as GAPL (Gujarat Adani Port Limited) – and the SEZ – Mundra Special Economic Zone Limited – were separate entities, the latter was amalgamated with the former in the year 2006, thus forming the MPSEZ (Mundra Port Special Economic Zone) syndicate. The name of the syndicate was later altered to its present title in the year 2012, following an initial proposition to the same placed in the year 2011.

Port of Mundra Facilities

  • The Mundra port is the first of Indian ports to have SEZ operations and facilities within a port
  • The port spans a total area expanse of about 13,500 hectares with the SEZ spanning an area about 6,500 hectares
  • The port boasts of operational handling of various kinds of container and cargo shipping operations with latest technological equipments to simplify and speed the shipping processes
  • The port of Mundra has a cargo shipping turnover touching almost two billion tonnes. The port’s exceedingly high cargo turnover figures have propelled and prognosticated its growth chart quite substantially
  • With a wharf length of around 6,500 metres, the port boasts of 22 berthing facilities including two single-point moorage systems
  • Excellent connectivity with international shipping ports, extensive road and rail networks, with proposed constructional advancements to incorporate airways networking

The most distinguishing facet about the Mundra port is its highly advanced infrastructural facilities that make versatile shipping operations right from fuelling to even extensive vessel refurbishing, possible. Similarly the SEZ is also one-of-its-kind, offering multi-commodity feasibilities.

Proposed Developments

Developmental plans for the APSEZ include port diversification in various other parts of the country. Expansion of berthing infrastructure is also prognosticated, so as to cement the place of the port amongst the world’s leading marine ports.

With specific endeavouring towards achieving high standards of efficiency nationally and internationally, the Mundra Port bears the hallmark of careful planning, performance and facilities’ execution and constant developmental augmentation.

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