Deciphering the Mystery of Vile Vortices

Vile Vortices are areas on the earth’s surface which have naturally occurring anomalies due to the planet’s natural electromagnetic fields being stronger in these parts than anywhere else in the world. Vile Vortices are supposed to be spread equally in 12 parts across the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn and include the North and the South Pole.

Since each vortex is spread equally across the world’s surface, the entire collection of the Vile Vortices forms a geometric figure known as Icosahedron. An Icosahedron, is a geometric figure which is a polyhedron (poly meaning multiple and hedron meaning faces) comprising of 20 plane faces.

The main reason, each Vortex of these 12 vortices is called Vile because they cause events which hamper the routine course of one’s life and thereby forcing the affected party to check out alternative measures which are not as feasible as one would want them to be.

Locating the Vile Vortices

The most famous of the 12 Vile Vortices is the Bermuda Triangle. It is a known fact that the Bermuda Triangle contains a Vortex made up of strong electromagnetic fields which sucks up aircrafts passing through that aerial route in the Atlantic. Another well known Vortex which is equally Vile is the South Atlantic Anomaly, which occurs near the coast of Brazil in the South American continent.

Vile Vortices

It is very important to note that the Vile Vortices’ occurrences because each Vortex of these 12 Vile Vortices causes problems in the course of the physics and astrophysics aspect. And while, not every Vortex is as vile as the Bermuda Triangle, the loss incurred due to their natural interference is nonetheless huge and exorbitant, not to mention Vile too in the nature’s own way.

The locations of the Vile Vortices located across the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn and excluding the North and the South Pole are as follows:


  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • At Mohenjo -Daro
  • The Devil’s Sea (Also known as the Dragon Triangle)
  • Hamakulia (Hawaii)
  • The Megalithic Ruins of Algeria


  • The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA)
  • The Megaliths of Zimbabwe
  • Wharton Basin
  • Hebrides Trench (Fiji Islands)
  • The Easter Islands

The allure of the Vile Vortices is therefore increased by leaps and bounds because of the fact that many places on the surface of the earth are bound by the traits of being Vile as an act of nature. Additionally the fact that lack of adequate knowledge about most of the Vile Vortices makes people misconstrue and misinterpret a simple, naturally occurring scientific anomaly into something far more Vile and volatile.

The best part however behind the occurrences of each Vortex in the Vile Vortices compilation is that is gives researchers and scientists a far comprehensive ground to cover. Each of the vortexes is not as potent as another, yet each Vortex is vile nonetheless. An extensive study could help researchers tackle the occurrence of Vile Vortices and thus help mankind advance a bit further in matters of physics and other aspects of science.


Mankind, has, this far managed to identify and pinpoint the reasons behind the failings of otherwise brilliant and standardised equipments like the compass and the gyroscope. But just tagging the reason as the presence of Vile Vortices will not solve matters for the long term because in terms of emergencies, we depend on instruments like the compass and in case they fail just because an aircraft carrier comes in contact with a Vortex which is Vile, it could prove to be a loss for the existence of the entire mankind. Therefore, it is important and necessary that scientists, physicists and researchers start spending more time to invent and decipher ways and means to tackle the Vile Vortices by facing them head-on instead of going in a roundabout manner and avoiding them.

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  1. I have an idea that triangles may be holding the earth together . I have found what looks to be a very large impact crater at just over 1300 miles accross I do have much more info on this and on how to find it. its not easy to see. ??

  2. Another name for “Vile Vortex” is Negative Vortex. Palm Springs, California is the location of a negative Vortex. This is why Palm Springs is a mecca for homosexuals; and in years past–gangsters and criminal underworld figures.

    But positive vortexes also exist. The world’s most powerful Vortex is the great polar Vortex, centered at the north pole. It’s southern boundary is given by the jet stream. To the north of the jet stream it is always colder than to the south of the jet stream. In the winter, the polar Vortex is at its strongest, and the southern boundary occasionally dips as far south as Cuba, north Africa, central India, and North Vietnam. In the summer, the polar Vortex retreats to mid and upper continental United States, Southern England, and Northern Japan.

    Sedona Arizona is said to have four positive vortexes, and this is probably true.

  3. Very interesting topic indeed. It has really sparked my curiosity. I would like to follow any developments or receive updates on this topic. Iz possible?

    Lastly, cheers to the people that make such phenomenons a priority to their daily work, for the world to know🍻

  4. What about ICS Vortex from bands such as Borknagar and Dimmu Borgir?
    Can people themselves be a vortex?
    Also, I have a SEDONA brand toilet… And I have had some strange pooh happen to me while using it. Strange shifts.
    Vile Evil Elvis lives on the royal flush psychic death shifts. Mad dukes of hysterical hysteria. Flushes me red, and takes me to Ire-land.
    In light of the Sun, I turn red man. Psycho psychic psychedelia. Physical physic physics.

    Is time a vortex? Is gravity and orbit a vortex? A spiritual spiral?

    I could go ’round and ’round this topic.
    The Sun is at the heart of the circuit.
    ♥️ Beating down; battery.
    Symbiotic symbology. 😈

    Karana 🤘 (With a thumb stuck out).
    Eudaemonic Agathodaemon. EA!

  5. Hi all just seen the docu film devils graveyard about the 12 vile vortexes around the world – it is def worth a watch eye opening – Hitler was on the case too – the ending is shocking through

  6. Definitely worth watching, the documentary ‘Devils Graveyard’ is an eye-opening film about the 12 vile vortexes around the world

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