The South Atlantic Anomaly: Understanding the SAA Phenomenon

The South Atlantic Anomaly, more commonly known as SAA is an occurrence that takes place due to something known as the Van Allen Radiation Belts. These Van Allen radiation belts are responsible for trapping radioactive particles near the coast of Brazil, which creates the SAA phenomenon.

However, one good thing about the South Atlantic Anomaly caused due to the naturally occurring Van Allen radiation belts is that, they do not cause any harm to humans and their bodies. The main effects of the SAA phenomenon are exhibited only in air crafts and air vessels which take that route while flying.

This aspect about the SAA affecting the route of the air crafts traveling over the Van Allen radiation belts is very important because when the planes fly over the South Atlantic Anomaly affected areas in the South American continent, they are forced to shut off all gadgets which are likely to get affected by the South Atlantic Anomaly. If the gadgets are not switched off, then the readings offered by the gadgets are absolutely likely to be wrong thus hampering the due process of the working of the gadget thus affected because of not switching it off. Prominent devices which get affected when they come in the SAA affected area are the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s MODIS satellite which was adversely affected and was laid defunct for over two weeks till it could be restored back to its natural course of operations.

South Atlantic Anomaly

Like the Bermuda Triangle which causes planes to disappear while they cruise over the triangle, the main ill-effects of South Atlantic Anomaly are seen on the gadgets than on anything else. This is a completely different perspective to what people generally imagine about the various naturally occurring magnetic fields on the earth’s surface. Happenings like the SAA and the Bermuda Triangle are reminders that in spite of civilization developing to such a vast extent, at the end of the day, the planet is still bound by its own rules and regulations and that in spite of development taking place over scores and scores of years there are still events which are beyond the control of our highly evolved minds and the best we can do with these occurrences is avoid them at any cost.

Additionally since it has been proved that the radio-activeness of the South Atlantic Anomaly caused due to the Van Allen radiation belts are too weak to affect the human body and since science has developed to such a great extent, the researchers can come out with gadgets which will work and pinpoint reading accurately even after coming in contact with SAA. These minor things are important because most of these gadgets that get affected are used for tabulating very important data and statistics. Therefore it is not feasible that these instruments are kept switched off every time an aircraft crosses the South Atlantic Anomaly affected area.
The SAA is a very important geographic occurrence that takes place on the earth’s surface which cannot be treated under any circumstance. Therefore it becomes important that every other alternative route is thought of and carried out successfully by the researchers so as to facilitate and continue man’s ever-continuous development programs.

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