Top 10 largest Catamarans in the world

Characterised as a multi-hulled watercraft, a catamaran is a marine vessel comprising two proportioned hulls giving her greater stability and manoeuvrability. Catamarans also have a shallow draft which enables them to enter unexplored regions beyond the reach of sailing yachts or cruise ships.

Their invention is attributed to the Austronesian peoples of Southeast Asia, while the first European Catamaran was built in the 16th century by scientist William Petty. Capable of attaining greater speeds, catamarans are used for recreational sailing, cruising and racing. Modern Catamarans have luxurious features and marvellous design, which makes them enticing.

Let us have a look at the top 10 biggest catamarans in the world.

1. Hodor ( 217 Ft.)


Renowned as the world’s largest floating toy box, the 66.2 m long SHADOWCAT Hodor was built by Astilleros Armon in Spain. Incat Crowther and YCTS. Ltd worked on her functional design and naval architecture, while the interiors were chosen by Oliver Design. Painted grey with vibrant orange lines running across its hull, the catamaran is as robust as it looks.

Launched in 2019, she has a maximum sailing speed of 22.5 knots derived from two MTU diesel engines. With a 14-metre beam, she has a gross tonnage of 1525 tonnes respectively. In terms of LOA, she ranks among the top five per cent in the world. She defeats her counterparts both by average speed and volume.

She is donned with aluminium; her hull, deck and even superstructure are made of this malleable and corrosion-resistant metal. Presently sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands, Hodor is a treasure-house of water sports gear, filled with nine jet skis, four water bikes, laser dinghies, snorkelers, fishing equipment etc.

The empty space below the main deck is reserved for the Seamagine Aurora-3 submersible which will be delivered soon. Its main attraction is the 17-metre Nor-Tech 560 sports centre console attached to a hydraulic lift system for putting it in water. The largest catamaran is managed by 20 crew members and staff.

2. Sunreef 49 Power Cat ( 160.8 Ft)

Sunreef 49 Power Cat

Constructed by the Polish builder Sunreef Yachts, the multihull was fitted in Gdansk and delivered in 2021. Flaunting a classy white exterior, it is an embodiment of cutting-edge marine technology and fresh naval design.

It has three decks and expansive outdoor areas, including an open bar, a swimming pool, a helipad and a forward terrace. Its sun deck lounge has a spa pool, sun pads and even a saloon. With a broad beam of 16.85 metres, the yacht has 8 cabins which comfortably sleep 17 crew personnel and offers luxury accommodation for 11 guests. Five bedrooms on the main deck are equipped with a private balcony.

Low drag, a consequence of the specially designed twin-hull, makes the catamaran glide gracefully on the water while optimising efficiency and low fuel consumption. It has a 90,000-litre fuel tank which enables the power cat to cover 5000 nautical miles without a stopover. Driven by two 3400 HP engines, the superyacht has a top speed of 21 knots and carries three tenders, water sports gear and several jet skis.

3. Charley ( 150 Ft.)


Charley was launched in 2016 as a support yacht to serve the superyacht White Rabbit Gulf, both constructed by the shipbuilding company Eco Yachts. The 46 m long and 14 m wide catamaran has a white exterior, three teak decks and modern fittings. Its naval architecture, interiors and exterior design were taken care of by LOMOcean.

Labelled as the largest composite resin-infused yacht made in Australia, Charley was carefully assembled near Fremantle. With a volume of 702 gross tonnes, she has spacious interiors and outdoor entertainment areas to keep her guests engaged.

However, her most attractive feature is the 12-metre long tender catamaran called Vicky, equipped with a platform located at Charley’s stern. It can store some RIBs, tenders, personal watercraft and one hovercraft.

Propelled by two 2,700hp Cummins QSK60 engines and two propellers, Charley has a 60,000-litre fuel tank which enables her to travel 2,500 nautical miles at the cruising speed of 16 knots.

She has a 3.2 m draft which allows her to traverse shallow bays and narrow canals or even cruise near the shoreline. Possessing a GRP hull and superstructure, Charley has three suites for taking in 5 guests.

4. Moecca ( 148 Ft.)

Image for representation purpose only

The catamaran motor yacht Moecca was constructed by Oceanfast yachts in Australia. Designed to provide a luxurious sailing experience with moderately-decorated functional spaces, it has a simplistic classic exterior. Delivered in 1992, it underwent maintenance and repair in 2006. Refurbished in the same year, Moecca is fully air-conditioned, having expansive outdoor areas for sunbathing and relaxing.

Her curves are spectacular, thanks to Bannenberg Designs Limited, which crafted her exterior while Phill Curran was responsible for naval architecture. Having a 13 m or 42.7 feet beam, she has seven suites that conveniently accommodate 12 guests and six small yet well-furnished cabins for 11 crew members.

Its spacious salon has two seating areas, a home-theatre set-up and a 12-seater alfresco dining room connected to a bar and a refrigeration room. Her aft deck is enriched with circular sofas and side tables. More open space is provided on the upper deck, which incorporates an open pool and a small workout space. All these amenities are curated by the English design house Bannenberg and Rowell.

She can travel 2200 nautical miles at a maximum speed of 25 knots, achieved by two powerful MTU diesel engines. Moecca is sturdy yet elegant, with a green aluminium hull and a GRP superstructure. Her sides are panelled with mildly-fragrant wood. She has a 1.8 m draft and water tanks capable of storing 15,000 litres of fresh water.

5. HeySea Vista ( 140 Ft.)

HeySea Vista

Launched in 2020, the golden hulled Vista is an amalgamation of absolute royalty and finesse. Constructed by the Hey Sea Yachts Group, a prominent yacht manufacturer in China, Vista is a fully custom-designed project built in a 66,700 square m shipyard lying in the Pearl River Delta region near Hong Kong. One of the most challenging aspects of its construction was to attain a perfect shimmering gold finish, achieved by delicate yet continuous polishing.

Her stylish appearance and functional naval design were crafted by the Heysea marine architects and interior designers. The twin-hull allows for voluminous interiors carefully chosen by Horizontal Design to match her stunning fibreglass superstructure.

Vista is adorned with beautiful paintings showcasing marine life, modern art pieces and metallic fittings. She has five bedrooms that comfortably sleep 10 people. The yacht is managed by a 15-member crew.

Coming to the technicalities, she is driven by two Volvo 725 HP engines allowing her to reach a top speed of 15 knots. The vessel can go up to 4000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Vista has been the biggest project of HeySea, which brought her international appreciation.

6. Sarha ( 137 Ft.)

Image for representation purpose only

Registered at the Port of George Town and sailing under the Cayman Islands Flag, Sarha is a 40 m motor yacht built by Sea Management, fabricated in Australia and launched in 1989. With its sleek white exterior and blue windows, she is a piece of sheer beauty and class.

She was designed by John Winterbotham & Partners while her interiors were done by H2 Yacht Design. Refitted in 2002, she boasts a steel hull and an aluminium and steel superstructure complemented by a fine teak deck with spacious seating areas.

Sarha can travel 3000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots, and her top speed is 13 knots. She is fitted with two 2340 HP diesel engines that generate 1722 kilowatts. She is driven by two propellers and Koopnautic thrusters. Her home port is Abu Dhabi, and her water tanks carry 20,000 litres of fresh water.

Sarha can accommodate 30 guests and 11 crew members in beautiful, well-ventilated cabins having double beds. She has a gross tonnage of 726 tonnes and a 500-tonne displacement. Having a wide beam of 12.9 m, she has a shallow draft of about 2.7 metres.

7. Royal Falcon One ( 135 Ft.)

Royal Falcon One

Flaunting a modern naval design, Royal Falcon One is a stunner of the Singapore-based yacht builder, Royal Falcon Fleet. Curated by the renowned Porsche Design Studio, she has been described as a Spaceship on Water by her makers, while some compare her to a sports car. She has an aluminium hull and superstructure and three teak decks.

Enriched with appealing aesthetics, this dual-hulled yacht offers the highest comfort and luxury. She has five cabins to accommodate 10 guests, three master suites and a lounge on the main deck. Its main attraction is the saloon which offers a 360-degree ocean view due to its glass walls.

The 12.5 m broad beam allows for more entertainment and relaxation space. Its sundeck has a jacuzzi and a steam sauna. The crew cabins are located near the stern, concealed by the ship’s twin hulls. Delivered in 2019, it has a maximum speed of 35 knots, a 1.7 m draft and a gross tonnage of 499 tonnes.

8. Silver Cloud (134 Ft.)

Silver Cloud

Portraying exemplary marine engineering, Silver Cloud was constructed by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany. Infused with a small waterplane area twin hull, commonly called SWATH, its distinguishing feature is smooth sailing in harsh waters, especially the North Sea.

It was sold for 16 million dollars to Alexander Wallace Dreyfoos Junior, an American businessman based in New York. As per news reports, the vessel will be renamed Nurja. With a 58 feet beam and a 13.5-foot draft, she has a maximum speed of 14 knots.

Silver Cloud is the two-time winner of the World Superyacht Award, owing to its highly trained crew and world-class reputation. It has five cabins that comfortably sleep 12 guests, equipped with televisions and private bathrooms. The main attraction is the saloon with large windows and glass doors, designed by Michael Kirschstein. It also contains a spa, gymnasium, diving equipment and a helipad.

9. Zenith ( 131 Feet)


Constructed by Australia-based Sabre Catamarans in 2012, the 40.5 m Zenith is a luxury motor yacht which redefines sophistication and style. She has a 10.5 m beam, a 1.5 m draft and an interior volume of 461 gross tonnes. She was sold in 2018 for a whopping 19 million dollars.

Her luxurious cabins can take in 10 guests, designed by Water Line, while her eye-catching exteriors were chosen by Incat Crowther. Having an aluminium hull and superstructure, she can attain a top speed of 29 knots due to the powerful MTU engines. Her fuel tanks can hold up to 51,800 litres of diesel, while freshwater tanks can carry 3790 litres.

American rock maple was used for interior panelling along with Queensland Maple. It has a spacious open lounge with four sofas. The main deck features a lavish dining area attached to a fully equipped media room and a cocktail bar.

10. The Beast ( 129 Ft.)

The Beast
Image for representation purpose only

Described as somewhat different and unique by her owners, the Beast is true to its name. Having a military-type camouflage exterior, she is not easy to spot among other sailing vessels. She belongs to the entrepreneur, Sir Michael Hill and has several interesting features, the first being a 13 m fishing boat fitted on its main deck, known as Baby beast.

Winner of several awards, the Beast is 39.2 metres long and has a volume of 493 gross tonnes. She was delivered in 2019 by Profab Central Engineering Limited, and her decor was styled by the famous Oceania Interiors. She has a master suite and five cabins for sleeping 12 guests and accommodation for nine crew members.

Known for her outstanding seagoing capabilities, the Beast is available for charter in the South Pacific. Having a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, she is loaded with the latest water gear such as four kayaks, paddleboards, and fishing and diving equipment. She can reach a top speed of 15 knots while her cruising speed is 10 knots.

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