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Seafarers are continuously travelling, leaving them with minimum time to get their professional queries resolved by an expert maritime professional. This is when online forums and discussion boards come into the picture. Online maritime forums provide seafarers opportunities to get their queries resolved from any place in the world, provided they have the internet connection to log on in to these websites.

Moreover, since the marine world often thrives with bee-hive of activities, the online marine forums cater to a very important necessity of spreading and sharing of recent maritime information and trends. This thereby creates awareness amidst maritime people and professionals who are in need of these discussed information data.

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Given below is a list of forum and discussions boards online that are focused on the maritime world. Share your views, ask questions, show your opinion, and discuss about important news regarding maritime world on these forums and get illuminated in return.

Oil Companies International Marine Forum

Known as the Oil Companies International Marine Forum, it is a coming together of oil companies advocating environmentally sound cargo-carrying of oil tankers. Established in London in 1970, the membership to the forum is voluntary i.e. any company or maritime professional that wishes to join in the safe marine oil transportation can become a member.

Marine Safety Forum

The Marine Safety Forum, as the name suggests has been created to practice and promote marine safety for the crude oil and gases’ sector in the oceanic areas of Northern Europe.

Marine Talk Forum

Marine Talk is one of the most active maritime forums online, providing discussions and information for maritime students and those seeking marine technical knowledge.

Accident Investigators’ International Forum

An acronym for the Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum, the MAIIF seeks to enhance accident investigations in marine areas along with developing a better co-ordinated relation between maritime accident investigators across the world.

Marine Forum

The forum’s main purpose is to offer daily relevant marine news from across the world in the form of notes and updates in tandem with the time of the news being published on the internet platform.

Officer Cadet

This is a forum created for the purpose of merchant marine officers and trainees. It’s a very unique site as at present it’s the only such site which caters as a merchant marine portal dedicatedly for maritime professionals.

Australian Merchant Navy

This forum specifically caters to providing news and other necessary details about the industry proceedings in the high seas and merchant navy sector, from Australia and New Zealand in addition to acting as an information and discussion source for the same sectors across the globe.


A wide and encompassing forum, it covers even naval architecture and international employment prospects as a part of its discussion theme.

Marine Forum -UK

A detailed forum, it covers all major areas in the marine industry in terms of job searching, types of ships and rigs, educational information and data about shipping companies across the world.

Mercantile Marine

The mercantile marine forum is dedicated to honouring the memory of those merchant navy sailors who were a part of the Second World War. It’s a one-of-its-kind forum.

Gcaptain Forum

This forum is helpful when it comes to technical queries and areas of boats, rigs and ships. Also licensing and crew information listing are posted on the forum on a daily basis. It is one of the most active maritime forums online.

ITF Seafarer Forum

The forum is a part of the International Transport Workers’ Federation and as such covers all the necessary areas pertaining marine transportation like honouring trade unions, respecting human rights requirements, providing aid to workers in need amongst other features. The forum is also available in Chinese and Russian.

Best Seafarers

It’s a site devoted to enthusiasts who want to discuss and debate the core issues in the marine sector along with the recent exploitations in the field.

M-i-link Forum
This forum is a platform for people who want suggestions and advices on queries pertaining to marine jobs and the threats looming in the marine world.

Shipping Worlds

An all-in-all kind of marine forum, which provides discussions on maritime intelligence and overall marine operations.

Merchant Navy

This is a forum that provides a discussion base for all enthusiasts and members of the British merchant navy.

Naval  Architecture

This forum attempts to and provides a wide array of technical and realistic inputs to marine engineers and architects in terms of development of software and the materials available at their disposal.

Cruisers Forum

The Cruisers Forum is a platform for boat owners to discuss technicalities while also getting relevant information about latest boats. Additionally, the forum also acts a place where information about crew listings for boat owners and openings for crewing job-seekers is provided regularly.


This is a forum that offers a complete array of information especially for students who wish to join a merchant navy career or maritime professionals appearing for competitive exams.

Boat Design

The boat design forum offers a very wide platform for people who are interested in the creation aspect of boats. From simple construction inputs to major technicalities, the boat design forum is a one-stop shop for interested boat creators and architects.


This forum is a data source for the latest happenings in the world of yachts in terms of yacht model launching and other relevant events.


It is an information house serving as the handy yachting and boating guide to owners and enthusiasts across the world.

Dieselship Forum

The DieselShip forum is specifically designed and qualitatively acts as a basic connecting source for enthusiasts and people passionate and keen about the marine sector.

Maritime forums tend to make things easier and help people move at a faster pace in their professional lives. Like search engines that churn-out hundreds and thousands of data to the searcher, forums are designed to pass the message, the person (medium) passing out the message not being a primary priority.

If you feel we have missed out any important forum, let us know and we would be happy to add it to the list.

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