10 Things You Use Every day are Shipped by Cargo Ships

The shipping industry makes the world a smaller place. It is because of the efficient transportation using different types of ships, goods of one country are used by people of the whole world. Shipping industry is the reason that Chinese electronic goods are used around the world or oil from the Gulf Countries can be made available in the farthest corners of the earth.

In this article we are going to talk about the importance of shipping in our day to day life. How the very basic house hold commodities we use come from a totally different part of the world and yet made easily and widely available in our local market.

Sometime, amongst the routine of life it isn’t hard to get used to things that are actually quite a wonder in themselves. Take the little things in your household, for instance. These are the things that are so embedded in your lifestyle that you tend to overlook how far way they have come from and what went into getting them to you. Giving a little notice to the little things with huge impacts, here’s a list of ten items which are extensively shipped by dry cargo carriers and which form an essential part of our day-to-day life.

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1. Salt: It is hard to assume something as essential as salt would need to be made with so much effort. But it is indeed true. The salt you use daily, almost for granted is transported to places all over the world. Salt makes an important shipping cargo with it being transported from USA (its major producer and exporter) to all parts of the world.

2. Cereal: Your refreshing morning cereal in all different forms comes from all over the world through several bulk carrier ships. Theshipping cargo of all the cereals is handled under IMO’s ‘Code for Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk’ that ensures all the grains are transported safely with maximum stability and minimum wastage.

3. Sugar: Yes, another commodity that you overlook in your quick scan of kitchen shelf and daily life. Sugar is manufactured majorly in Argentina, Brazil and Thailand from where it makes way across the globe and into your kitchens!

4. Electricity: This is something we rely on day in and day out. And for that, we need to thank the bulk carrier ships. These ships play a major role in transporting everything from copper to coal from different parts of the worlds to the power plants and then into your homes. And you thought all you had to do was flip the switch on.

 5 .Drinks: Probably one of the most surprising items on this list would be this. Your drinks, including soft fizzy ones and the hard drinks owe their transportation to bulk carrier facilities. The raw materials for drinks like barley, fruits, rice and other ingredients are brought from different parts of the world. And it’s not just raw materials that travel through the freights. Even finished goods make it across the globe on these bulk carrier ships.

6. Oil: Oilseed used for manufacture of oil is one of the most important cargo ships shippinggoods. The oilseeds like soybean and cotton seeds are used to make oil for human consumption along with the residues being used as animal feed. United States of America happens to be one of the largest producers of oilseeds which are majorly transported to parts of Asia, Africa and Middle East.

7. Soaps: Soaps are indispensable part of daily lives, used innumerable times per day and manufactured miles away. The raw material used in soap manufacture majorly includes potash which is produced in largest quantity in Canada, Brazil and Belarus. From here, potash is majorly shipped to all other parts where potash production is much lower. And that’s how you begin to get your soap.

8. Books: Books or paper, as a broader term comes from forest products i.e. woodchips. And these woodchips come from all over the world. Australia and Brazil are the major producers of wood chips and wood pulp in the world with their larger stocks of plantations. From there, they are exported to China, Japan, the United States and Western Europe. Since woodchips would ideally be a bulky commodity, it is only fair that bulky carrier ships transport them to different parts of the world.

9. Iron and steel products: Everything from huge iron rods for construction to cutlery, when it comes to iron and steel use, cargo ships are of humungous importance. Iron ore, which is used as a raw material for most of these goods, is found in maximum amount in mines of Australia and Brazil. From there, it makes way in different forms (refined, modified, crude ore or finished products) to different parts of the world. China, the European Union, Japan and South Korea are amongst the chief importers of iron ore and its products.

10. Minor cargo ship shipping goods: Besides these major categories, there are several other items that you can cover in just one glance on any shelf in supermarket that have been brought there with help of a bulk carrier. Things like cement, cables, aluminum foil, vegetable oils, value added products, paints, cosmetics etc. all contain many ingredients. All the constituents like alumina, bauxite, gypsum, copper, nickel etc are brought to one place from different parts of the world. And that happens due to bulk carrier ships.

Dry bulk commodities form a major part of international trade in the world. Keeping aside the seasonal fluctuations, on average,bulk carrier ships carry an equivalent of over 8 billion ton-miles of commodities every year. Everything from fuel to cosmetics is transported with help of cargo ships. These are just a few items that you will find in every living area all over the world. And when you do find them, rest assured it got there from miles away, from another corner of the world.

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