Procedure for CO2 Bottles Level Measurement onboard Ships

CO2 system onboard ship is one of the important systems used for fighting fire in both engine room and cargo spaces. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance on Co2 bottles at regular intervals of time. One such important aspect of maintenance includes level measurement of the CO2 bottles.

Level measurements of CO2 bottles is done every month, in which, a specified number of bottles are checked each month in such a manner that by the end of the year all the bottles are checked.

The level measurement of CO2 bottles is done by a qualified engineer and is generally done in cold climatic conditions for during hot climate it is possible that the readings might be erratic.

Before carrying out the process proper permission has to be taken from chief engineer or second engineer onboard the ship. Generally chief or second has the keys for the CO2 bottle room to restrict unnecessary entry of any crew member.


Tools Required for CO2 Bottle Level Measurement

  • A scale to measure height.
  • Measuring device
  • A marker to mark the point.


  • Check the temperature of the room.
  • Check if the level instrument is working fine and have good battery.
  • Take out the instrument and switch it on.
  • There are two main parts in the instrument – one is body, which is at the bottom and the other top part forms two third part of the bottle.
  • In cold climate the level is generally in the top part so we select top.
  • Put the sensor on the bottle and keep moving it up and down until it indicates 100 on the panel.
  • Make sure that the sensors of the instrument are touching the bottle properly.
  • When the reading reaches 100, mark that point and continue with the other bottles listed as per the monthly plan.
  • Now measure the height of the mark from the bottom of the bottle.
  • Note and record the value.
  • Put the values in the calculation sheet present onboard to find out the weight of the bottle.
  • Bottles having wrong reading will be out of normal value range in the calculation sheet and will have to be checked again.
  • In case of obtaining same reading after the 2nd attempt, report the chief engineer and replace the bottles as soon as possible.

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  1. Anyone could indicate a good measuring device, type, model and maker? I need to make a requisition of a device for my vessel.

  2. How would you go about cooling the cylinders to a suitable temperature in a short period of time?

  3. please revert where i can get it and also the technical specs of the it approved by class?
    we r approved shore firm authorised to do maitenance of fixed co2 system onboard.
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